Title: Hiraishin Reborn

Author: AaronTT71

Genre: Adventure/General

Summary: One mysterious man advises Naruto to stop playing pranks and joking around. Naruto will take his Shinobi training seriously from a young age and utilize his true potential to its fullest. A simple low rank technique will be modified into something that will rival even the famed Hiraishin.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. If I did, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this fine piece of Fanfiction, rather I would be on a beach sipping an alcoholic beverage and laughing at all the losers who don't own Naruto. Yup.


Chapter 1: Introduction

"Look, brat, you don't understand how strong the Yondaime really was. You vowing to surpass him is like me saying I get free kisses from Kami-sama herself," said the hooded man.

Uzumaki Naruto, the villages scorn and scapegoat glared at the man before him. This guy had heard him proclaim to surpass his hero and then all of a sudden starts pestering him about how his dreams are stupid and unrealistic.

Naruto looked at the hooded man as if he were a hated enemy. "Shut up! I'll be the greatest Hokage there is and then the villagers will stop hating me and I'll finally be respected!" Shouted the indignant blonde.

The hooded man chuckled. "Is that why you want to 'Surpass the Yondaime?' Because you want respect? I can tell you right now kid, even if you become ten times stronger than Yondaime-sama, You will never be Hokage if all you want is respect," said the man nonchalantly.

Naruto turned from angry to confused-angry. "Oh yah!? Why is that!?" Naruto yelled defiantly.

The man took on a look of seriousness even though Naruto couldn't see it. He turned to the young blonde sitting near him. "Your reasons are selfish. No Hokage would declare you their successor if they knew you only wanted respect and attention. To be a Hokage, you must throw away any and all resentment for the people of Konoha and swear to protect every one of the villagers with your very life if necessary. The job requires much more than just being a powerful ninja. You need a lot of important things to even be considered a possible candidate for the position."

Naruto was taken aback by the explanation. He had never even considered such things. He was of course only a child and a young one at that, but all he ever thought one needed to be Hokage was power and strength. He never truly knew how devastatingly powerful the Hokages really were. He only knew that he would take that hat one day after becoming strong. That was pretty much it. Now that he thought things through a bit more clearly, he could easily see how ridiculous he was truly being.

Naruto knew it was possible for him though. Even though he resented the villagers for their hatred of him, he was sure he could put it in the past once he got the job. He always wondered though. Why did the villagers hate him? It was Naruto's universal question. He had other questions but that one question took the cake. He would lay awake at night just wondering the reason. But alas he never got an answer. Even when he tried to ask the man he thought of as a surrogate grandfather, the man would only smile sadly at him and tell him he didn't know. Naruto might have been loud and boisterous, but that didn't mean he was stupid; quite the opposite actually. He knew the Sandaime Hokage was hiding something. The man let it show through his body language that he was lying. Naruto's trust in the man had been slightly diminished when he first asked.

The blonde could tell there was something going on behind his back that seemingly everyone knew about but he himself. The innocent criminal, Naruto would often refer to himself as. The young blonde was brought out of his thoughts when the hooded man put his money on the counter to pay for his ramen. The man looked at the blonde for a second and finally turned around to leave.

Right before the man left, he looked over his shoulder at the young blonde. "Remember what I said kid. And if you truly want to become strong, be serious about things. Act like a ninja and then be a ninja. Don't strive for attention, strive to become strong," said the man.

With that, the man left the young blonde to his ramen, heavily in thought. Naruto couldn't stop thinking about the advice the man had given him. Who was the mysterious man anyway? He got up from his stool, paid for his small meal and walked home. It was getting late and he couldn't risk running into any shady characters in the night. It was around the time he had set his own bedtime when he arrived home. As he finished his preparations for the night and eased himself into bed, he couldn't help but remember his conversation with the mysterious man and what it all exactly entailed. . .


That next morning, Naruto enjoyed a much welcomed day off from his Shinobi teachings. The academy had given the class two days off like they regularly did every so often. As he thought about his time at the academy, he couldn't help but sigh sadly. So far, his first year was not turning out for the best. The teachers would very often neglect him. He still didn't know how to read and thus whenever he got homework, he couldn't complete it to the best of his ability. He had asked the Hokage if he could help him learn but the man was just too busy. He did give Naruto a bit of base knowledge but it wasn't nearly enough. The teachers of course were suppose to refine his knowledge and teach him further but they would often find reasons to kick him out of the classroom or just plainly ignore his requests for help.

Naruto would often forget about his studies when they continued to ignore him and gain their attention by paying them back with pranks. He would act like a clown and do stupid things because no one would listen to him at all otherwise, not even the other kids. Naruto was completely alone and he knew it. He often felt as though he had nothing at all to lose and so didn't mind his reputation being tarnished if it meant he could get people to just acknowledge his existence.

The mysterious man though had brought up some valid points. Why should he care about attention? Sure he was utterly alone, but did it matter? No. His resolve was strong as his new goals were made up in his mind. He would strive to gain strength and knowledge and then when he was ready, he would show his strength to the world and earn the peoples' respect. He was still wary to forgive anyone, even the Sandaime for withholding information from him; but he figured he could get around to that.

He would stop his attempts to gain attention from those who only laughed at or ignored him. He would now devote his time to becoming strong and gaining knowledge.


The first step to accomplishing his goals, Naruto thought, would probably be learning how to read. The only way to learn how to read would probably be going to ask the Hokage. Naruto knew the man was very busy but he was confident that the elderly Hokage would think of something. With a new resole to learn, Naruto discreetly made his way to the Hokage's Tower.

Upon arrival, Naruto noted the secretary working tentatively on some papers before her. The woman looked over as Naruto entered the tower and she tensed. The woman didn't hate Naruto but she was still apprehensive. Just thinking about the fact that the boy held the strongest and most evil of worldly beings ever known frightened her. She knew the Hokage had liked the boy and that eased her fears to at least be around and address the boy.

"Hello, Naruto-san. Would you like to speak with Sandaime-sama?" Asked the secretary.

Naruto nodded and smiled at the woman. He could tell this woman was a bit wary of him but at least she didn't outright hate him. The woman nodded her head and allowed him entry.

The Sandaime Hokage was tired from his job, oddly enough. One would think being one of the most powerful Shinobi in the world would condition you for the work of a Kage but sadly that was not the case. The tiring work, of course, was his infinite amount of paperwork and documentation. He had put his mind to trying to figure out a way past his work but sadly he could never seem to come up with any solution. He prided himself on being a wise and intelligent fighter instead of a brawler, and so when he found he could not figure out a way past his problem, it was a definite blow to his pride.

The Hokage was brought out of his thoughts as someone opened his door. Normally, Sarutobi would be angry that there would be someone who would be so rude as to blatantly walk into his office without so much as a knock, but when he saw the short, blonde child, he was instantly a bit happier. Naruto was the shine on a dark day for the elderly Hokage. He pitied the boy for the things he had to go through. It always hurt him to tell the boy that he didn't know why the villagers hated him or that his parents died in the Kyuubi's attack and he didn't know who they were. Naruto was so curious about the things he never got to have and it hurt to not be able to even give him a hint to his questions. If anyone were to find out who the boy's true parents were, he would be in constant danger. Sarutobi knew it wasn't the least bit fair but he had to keep it a secret, at least until the blonde was mature enough to handle the news, and even then, it could be dangerous to tell him everything for fear he would become hateful of the village and its people as well as the old Hokage himself.

Sarutobi tried to make his life better by enacting laws and trying to give him a decent living, but his plans failed miserably. Every person on the civilian council hated the boy with a passion and some of the Shinobi council weren't much better. He couldn't give the boy a decent living because all of the orphanages refused to house him. He then had to try to find an apartment complex, though the elderly Hokage was wary of doing this just because the boy was so young. Sarutobi tried to find a decent and well kept apartment complex but no landlord accepted the young blonde. He eventually found the boy a home, though it was possibly the worst possible. The apartment complex he had to live in was rundown and pretty much due for demolition. The building was located in the slums of Konoha and the landlord was poor and only allowed the blonde to stay because of the money he brought to him. There were only four apartments in the complex and only Naruto lived in the building because of where it was located and the fact that he lived there made people avoid it at all costs.

Sarutobi knew that what happened to Naruto was one of his worst mistakes, possibly on par with him letting Orochimaru leave the village. He tried to help the young blonde whenever he got the chance but his duties constantly got in the way. The short boy walked up to his desk with a contemplative look on his face.

"Hey Jiji-san," muttered the blonde.

Sarutobi smiled at the young boy. "Yes, Naruto-kun, did you need something?" Asked the Hokage.

Naruto furrowed his brow in thought, trying to figure out the best way to go about things. He eventually nodded to himself and looked on to the village leader with determination. "Yes Jiji, I do. I want you to teach me how to read," replied Naruto firmly.

Sarutobi's eyebrow rose at the blonde. "Don't you already know how to read, Naruto-kun? The academy instructors were supposed to teach you," replied Sarutobi confusedly.

Naruto nodded. "Yah, but every time I asked them to help me, they ignored me or didn't help me with what I asked for. They don't like me there," said Naruto with a scowl.

The Hokage's features hardened as he learned of this. He was surprised to hear that the academy instructors would go so far as to sabotage Naruto's learning. He should have known something like this would happen. He sighed as he looked on at the young blonde. "I'm sorry Naruto. I didn't know they would do such a thing. I will have to find you a tutor to help you catch up," replied Sarutobi.

Naruto scowled at the Hokage's offering. "I don't want a tutor, Jiji-san. They will only do the same thing as the Academy teachers," proclaimed Naruto firmly.

The elderly Hokage sighed as he thought of a way to accommodate the young blonde. "I don't know what else to do, Naruto-kun. I can't teach you because of my duties. If I could be in two places at once to help you the—" the Hokage abruptly stopped his response to Naruto as realization hit him.

Kage Bunshin. The Hokage smiled knowingly as he stood up. "I know just the thing that will help you Naruto-kun," informed Sarutobi.

The Hokage brought his hands into a cross shape Ram hand sign. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," said Sarutobi softly.

An exact replica of the elderly Hokage popped into existence next to Sarutobi. The Jutsu effectively caught Naruto's attention. Naruto looked on at what just happened. Shadow Clones? He had never heard of such a thing. He remembered one of the academy instructors saying something about the Bunshin no Jutsu but the technique Naruto saw that man perform was called the 'Bunshin no Jutsu,' not the 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.' Naruto wondered if there was a difference in them.

Sarutobi smiled as his clone walked forward. "Come with me, Naruto-kun. I will help you learn how to read," proclaimed the clone.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the clone. "How can it teach me how to read if it's just a Bunshin?" Asked the blonde.

Both the Hokage and said clone chuckled. "This is a 'Kage Bunshin,' Naruto-kun, not a regular Bunshin," replied the real Hokage.

Naruto's brow furrowed in thought. "What's the difference?" Asked Naruto.

"Well, for one, Kage Bunshin are solid clones. They also can think and move on their own, though they only follow the instruction of their creator. The weakness of the technique is that the clones can be dispelled quite easily if one is to be hit or touched roughly or if they are caught by a blunt, sharp or jagged object," explained the Hokage thoughtfully.

Naruto's eyes were wide at the end of the Hokage's explanation. He was thinking of the uses for such a technique. He could actually be at two places at once. Naruto was about to ask the elderly Hokage to teach him the technique, but his common sense told him no. The Hokage couldn't teach a first year academy student a Jutsu. From what Naruto could gather of the technique, it was probably a high level Jutsu too. He decided he would try to figure out how to do it later.

With that, Naruto and the Hokage's clone went off to another room to help Naruto learn to read.


Naruto continued this routine with the Hokage's clone for 2 months. Every day after the academy, he would head to the Hokage's Tower and spend approximately 3 hours learning. They studied and practiced reading comprehension and writing. At the end of the 2 months, Naruto was finally adept and experienced at the practice of reading and understanding what he read and writing as well. Sarutobi was surprised at how quick the young blonde picked up both practices. The elderly leader noted Naruto definitely had great potential. The blonde would learn things quickly and then practice what he learned nonstop until he grasped and mastered the concept.

Naruto noticed Sarutobi was a good teacher. The old man would explain things in a way that just made you want to learn what he was trying to teach. It was a good experience for both. Naruto also learned a bit more about the Shadow clone technique. He found out after one of his reading sessions with the clone that somehow, the actual Hokage knew everything the clone and Naruto did. When asked about this, the village leader explained the 'Kage Bunshin' technique in detail and the fact that it was a technique primarily used for scouting and intelligence. He explained that it could also be used to overwhelm an enemy, but that usually no one used it for that purpose. The Hokage told Naruto of the fact that it was a forbidden technique because of the huge amounts of chakra it requires.

Naruto was astounded to hear of the applications of the technique. Every time he went to the Tower to practice his reading and writing, he would make a point to analyze everything the Hokage did while performing the technique. He noted the seal used, the way the Hokage's chakra seemed to push out from his center and the way his body would tense while uttering the name of the technique. Naruto made sure to write everything he knew and analyzed of the technique down in a spare scroll so that he could practice and perform it.

Naruto's class standing didn't really go up after learning how to properly read and write. The teachers would often give him harder assignments than the others of the class and many times, they would neglect to help him with the difficult homework he was given. Naruto never once gave into the oppression of the teachers. He made a solemn vow to keep strong through their jibes and hate. The teachers would often mock him for his poor homework grades as well as his poor standing in the class.

Naruto was trying to think of a way to get past his problems as he headed to the Hokage's Tower. The Hokage usually found ways to help him through his problems and was basically the only person who seemed to care for or acknowledge him. He made his way to the Tower as he usually did on his off days and walked into the building in thought. The secretary smiled at him as he walked in. She had gotten to know the boy a bit better and didn't tense up anymore when she saw him. She saw how kindly the Hokage would regard him and how happy and serene the boy would act while around the older man. She got to distinguish the boys fake and forced smiles between the ones of genuine happiness when he was around the Hokage. The Secretary felt a bit ashamed of how she used to regard the boy. She saw that there was no correlation between the boy and the Kyuubi when it came to Naruto's personality at all. She felt sad when she saw how many others seemed to hate the boy.

The Secretary sighed as she allowed entry into the office for Naruto as she usually did. The young blonde was just a child and to have to carry the burden of the demon along with the hate of the villagers simply was unjust. She often regarded the Yondaime Hokage a great hero, but as she got to know Naruto, she felt a bit of resentment for sealing the demon into the young orphan. She knew that there was likely no other way but she couldn't help it. It just wasn't fair.


Sarutobi stared down thoughtfully at the young blonde in front of his desk. "I don't see why not. You are an academy student and you will eventually learn the techniques, but why not just try to go to the library instead of asking me?" Asked the Hokage.

Naruto stared on blankly at the Hokage. "They don't allow me to go into the library," replied Naruto.

The village leader frowned. How cold could his people really be? Did they truly deserve to be saved if this is how they treat the one who protects them every day? Sarutobi sighed and nodded. "Alright Naruto-kun, I will give you the training scrolls on how to perform the basic three academy techniques," exclaimed the Hokage.

Naruto smiled. "Also, Jiji, I would like to ask for any scrolls that explain scenarios in battle and Jutsu theory," informed Naruto while rubbing a hand on the back of his head and smiling sheepishly.

Sarutobi's eyes widened in shock. 'What? Battle Scenarios and Jutsu Theory?' thought the elderly leader confusedly. "Why do you need scrolls on those things, Naruto-kun?" Asked Sarutobi.

Naruto scowled. "It's my homework. The teachers won't help me with it so I wanted to read about it so I could do my homework right," replied Naruto.

The elderly Hokage frowned once more and his fists hardened on his desk. 'I know for a fact they at least don't teach Jutsu Theory at the end of the first year in the academy,' thought Sarutobi bitterly. His features softened as he looked upon Naruto's determined face. 'At least I know you aren't letting them get to you, Naruto-kun. You will take what they give you and more.'

The Hokage smiled at Naruto. "Alright Naruto, Is there anything else you might need?" Asked Sarutobi.

Naruto rubbed his small chin thoughtfully. "Well, next year we will be working on throwing kunai and shuriken, so I might need something that can help me with that. We'll probably work on Taijutsu too, so I'll need a scroll that can explain academy Taijutsu. We will work more on history too but I don't really care much for that," informed Naruto.

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow at the end of Naruto's commentary. "You don't care for History? Naruto-kun, do you know how valuable the past is to us?"

Naruto shook his head and so the Hokage continued. "That which happens in the past directly effects what happens in the future. For example, if the first Hokage didn't create the Kage Bunshin technique, it is likely you would still have problems with your writing and reading. Do you understand, Naruto-kun?"Asked Sarutobi.

Naruto nodded his head but still seemed as though he didn't care for history. The elderly Hokage sighed. "Well, you can learn about all of the powerful and 'awesome' techniques created by ninja's of the past," informed the Hokage with a hidden smile.

Naruto's eyes lit up as he thought of what the Hokage had just told him. He made a point to definitely study history more often. "Alright, Jiji-san, that is all I need," replied Naruto with a smile.

Sarutobi smiled back and nodded his head. "Come back tomorrow and I will have what you need ready, Naruto-kun," informed the Hokage gingerly.

Naruto nodded and headed home to wait for the next day.


Naruto smiled as he looked through his basic three academy Jutsu scroll. The techniques seemed simple enough and he was happy with now having a chance to not just barely pass the academy. He sighed. While the basic 3 academy ninjutsu techniques were highly valuable, the history homework took priority. He pulled out said history homework and a scroll containing the historical information and got started. As he read through his homework, one question caught his eye:

4.) Describe the technique the Yondaime Hokage was most commonly known for.

He skimmed through his history scroll for the information and as he found it, his eyes lit up in interest.

The signature technique of the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure earned him the nickname, 'Yellow Flash' and it is also what turned the tables in the Third Great War. Namikaze Minato, otherwise known as the Yondaime Hokage, was the one who created the legendary technique. He named it the 'Hiraishin no Jutsu' for unknown reasons. The technique was rumored to have allowed the user to travel at the speed of light. Namikaze-sama was known to have taken out large groups of enemy-nin in mere seconds using the technique.

It is still a mystery as to how to perform the techniques although it was confirmed that Fuuinjutsu was the primary means of performing the Hiraishin. There have been many Fuuinjutsu specialists that have tried to recreate the technique but all attempts have been futile. Many have declared that the technique involves a bloodline limit but tests were administered to determine whether or not the Yondaime truly had one and nonetheless, the tests were negative. In the Third Great War, Iwagakure ninja were most fearful of. . .

As Naruto finished reading, his eyes were wide in shock and his lips came apart in gradual awe. He quietly contemplated to himself the power of such a technique. It described the Jutsu as a teleportation technique that used space-time ninjutsu, an art that only a handful of Shinobi in the world could even come close to understanding and even less could utilize the art to a good level.

That's when it came to him.

One of the easiest techniques a Shinobi uses, a Jutsu that every ninja out of the academy knows and utilizes often, a Jutsu that he, Naruto himself, learned of and read about recently while in his academy class one day: the Kawarimi no Jutsu.

The technique was supposed to replace you with an object nearby. It was a low-level teleportation technique similar to some technique called Shunshin. It said that it was time-space ninjutsu at its lowest level. But it was still time-space ninjutsu nonetheless and that's what caught Naruto's interest. A technique that dispersed your body into nothing but chakra as well as the object you wish to replace yourself with and then, instantly, you are where the other object was. Naruto couldn't help but think about the technique and how it reminded him of the Hiraishin.

The Hiraishin was rumored to have allowed the user to teleport instantly over vast distances. Wouldn't the Kawarimi do the same technique except for the vast distances part and the fact that you'd need something to replace yourself with. It was with that thought that Naruto made another promise to himself: To create a Jutsu that would utilize speed and time-space ninjutsu to a high degree; just like the Yondaime.

He would be that much closer to his dream.


Well, there you have it.

Pretty cool idea, eh? Though I can't say it's totally original.

I wanted to try something like this when I read a story similar to it though I believe my story will include a little more details and better grammar (*cough*).

It will also have totally different occurrences as well as a different plotline. There will be other characters and the storyline will be a lot different than the story I found similar to this one.

I hope you guys like it and I'll be looking forward to your opinions of it as well. (That means review.)