Title: Hiraishin Reborn

Author: AaronTT71

Genre: Adventure/General

Summary: One mysterious man advises Naruto to stop playing pranks and joking around. Naruto will take his Shinobi training seriously from a young age and utilize his true potential to its fullest. A simple low rank technique will be modified into something that will rival even the famed Hiraishin.

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Chapter 4: The Harder it Gets

Naruto never would have guessed Intermediate level Fuuinjutsu training was as difficult as it was. The basics of the art of sealing weren't that difficult considering the circumstances. All one really needed to do was memorize all of the different purposes for the many different lines, shapes and patterns and the most generic occurrences of what would happen when putting those markings together in certain ways. There was also the understanding of a few basic seals like exploding tags and low level containment seals placed on sealing scrolls. It only took Naruto, with the help of a clone in constant work, about a week to master the basics. Intermediate level, however, was taking much longer.

The scroll kept on giving him 'problems' to solve. It kept showing him seals that were faulty in some way and made him try to identify the problem. As Naruto finished the first few, he noticed that as they came, they increased in difficulty. The problems within the many seals would become less pronounced and harder to locate.

Naruto got a bit frustrated with this, but he could tell he was improving. He could look at many of the lower level seals and easily and instantly identify problems within them or tell if they were drawn out correctly on the spot. Some of the more advanced seals gave him trouble but he always eventually managed.

He was in the middle of the intermediate part of his Fuuinjutsu training. There was still another half of training. The second half would deal with the creation of one's own seals as well as some of the finer details such as molding chakra into seals and absorbing them onto things or making them smaller to form distinct shapes. It even went further to describe how to automatically apply seals with the use of hand signs. Naruto was a bit confused when he skimmed through that section; he never would have guessed one could form seals with hand signs.

There was a bit more to it and Naruto already knew he was going to dread advanced Fuuinjutsu training. The young blonde's determination didn't waver at all however as he thought about it. He was close to finishing his training and he had only started half a year ago. The intermediate course was way longer than the basics course. It was the majority of the scroll and the first half of the course dealt with about a thousand sealing formulas one had to solve before they could start the second half of the intermediate course. Even with his clone working constantly to practice and finish it, it had taken much longer than Naruto had ever guessed.

He was somewhere in the nine hundred-seventies if he had to think about it. The sealing problems became unnervingly difficult long before that point. Sometimes, it would take a clone as long as a full day to solve just one problem. There was also no answer key; you had to reform the seal so that it was correctly drawn and then place a small amount of chakra into it and if you reformed it correctly, it would momentarily shine; if not, nothing at all would occur.

Based on everything, Naruto suspected another month to the end of the first half of intermediate training. He sighed in relief, thinking about how his clone would be done with figuring out the annoying sealing formulas. He was glad he had extra time with the use of his clones but while he got back the knowledge, there also came the annoyance his clone gathered while trying to figure out the difficult sealing formulas.

Naruto sighed once more as he thought about how his life had been going. His class standing wasn't really better, but Naruto didn't care. His skipping of classes proved to be excellent time to train. He had pretty much perfected his aim to a tee if the object wasn't moving. His Taijutsu training proved fruitful as well. He hadn't developed a definite fighting style yet but he was still knowledgeable of the fighting arts and could effectively hold his own if need arose; at least that's what he thought. The young blonde had also managed to master the leaf chakra control exercise, within the first few weeks no less.

His meditation was a sore subject but also very helpful as well. It proved to definitely calm him down and put things in perspective. He couldn't sense the natural energy and he knew why but unfortunately had no way of improving upon it. His problem was sitting still. He needed a way to teach himself methods to help solidify his concentration and how to firmly keep it in place so that he could achieve sitting perfectly still. He was content though to go slow with it and find ways to gradually make it work. The idea behind meditation had a lot to do with patience and sensing natural energy had to be no different.

As Naruto mused, a chakra signature outside his door made itself known. He hadn't really gotten the hang of sensing chakra at all yet but he was getting there. After the Hokage had told him of the benefits, it seemed like another skill he would need to learn. And so he experimented and went on what the Sandaime told him and sure enough, when he was meditating, a small tingling sensation occurred on his shoulder. When Naruto looked back over his shoulder, which happened to be at an angle towards the window in his apartment, he spotted what looked like a Chuunin jumping across buildings.

At first, he was puzzled but then he realized his meditative training was unknowingly chakra sensing training as well. He was happy that he got that far already but he was also annoyed that he couldn't reach his main goal—sensing natural energy. In any case, he was at least getting somewhere

Suddenly a few knocks on his door brought him from his thoughts. He knew the person was aiming to come to his apartment specifically; the person's chakra seemed to grow closer while Naruto waited for them. The young blonde quickly gathered all of his sealing work and the scroll and hid it away just in case. He wasn't technically supposed to have the scroll after all.

Naruto walked to his door and opened it with caution. He knew there were people that hated him and it wouldn't be beneath some of those people to try to hurt him, though the Hokage had made examples of the people that did try to hurt him so it was not probable. On the other side of the door was a man with short and spiky dark hair. The man's eyes matched the dark brown color of his hair, and, as if to match his eyes and hair, the man's clothes were particularly dark and bland. He had on dark, loose fitting pants and a brown, long-sleeved shirt. The man was about 5'10" if Naruto had to guess.

The unknown visitor smiled at Naruto with his oddly normal features. The man's skin was a light brown and based on how he looked, he was no older than thirty. It was odd for Naruto to get visitors and now the young blonde was even more on his guard. He forced his features calm and blank in the face of a potential enemy.

"May I help you, sir?" Asked the young blonde respectfully.

The man's smiled wider. "No, I just wanted to meet my neighbor. I just moved in here. It was definitely the cheapest place around. I was wondering why no one else besides you seems to live here, though," stated the man with a look of curiosity.

Naruto was shocked. Never had anyone, at least to his knowledge, lived in his apartment complex while he himself lived there. On the inside, Naruto was trying to frantically find reasoning for the change of events while on the outside, his calm exterior never escaped him. There was only one possible reason for the change of events and Naruto needed to know if his guesses were correct.

"Are you from this village sir?" Asked Naruto with his earlier politeness.

The man smiled sheepishly back at the young child. "Heh, actually no. I've come here for work and I needed to find the cheapest place to live until I could return to my home village. This place seems a bit run-down but otherwise fine," replied the man nonchalantly.

Naruto nodded in understanding, his guess proven correct. "Well, I'm the only resident of this complex mostly because not many in the village like me and also because, like you said earlier, the state of the apartment building. It's located in a poorer part of Konoha and its rooms aren't too big either. That's about all I can think of," said Naruto, not noticing that he was rambling on a bit.

The man regarded the young blonde with amusement. The child seemed pretty smart, considering he looked no older than eight. The man cleared his throat, signaling he wanted to speak. Naruto looked on at the newcomer expectantly.

"Well, I believe introductions are in order," stated the man with a smile, "I am Ayumu Daichi. I'm from the land of water."

Naruto looked on quizzically at the man before recognition flashed in his eyes. "Oh, umm, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. I'm from Konoha."

The man nodded his head. "Well, Naruto-kun, I live in the room directly below yours. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask," declared the man with yet another smile.

Naruto nodded back to him and was about to close the door when his eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of the man's hands. They were calloused, scarred and looked even a bit burnt. Naruto would have shrugged the man off as a carpenter because of his hands if it weren't for the man's body language. The man looked confident and walked smoothly and seemingly quietly. Daichi's chakra source from before was also pretty large. Based on all of the clues, the man was definitely not a civilian.

Daichi was looking at him confused. The boy was just staring at him now, as if sizing him up. Suddenly the blonde looked upon his face. "You are a Shinobi," stated Naruto with a blank face.

It was not a question and Daichi knew as much. His eyes widened ever so slightly as he tried to digest how a young child could have found out. He had gotten in with official papers as a civilian; in front of Chuunin guards no less. He also suspected there were hidden ANBU as well. He had made sure to suppress his chakra as much as he could while in their presence and once he was in the village, he felt he had accomplished his infiltration attempt successfully. If a mere child caught him with not so much as a long stare, it said something about his skills as well as the skills of the Konoha ninja, and not in a good way.

The man lost his smile while a look of practiced confusion appeared on his face. "What would make you think that?" Asked Daichi with a look of puzzlement.

Naruto wasn't fooled. The man's earlier hesitation and surprise was hard to spot, but Naruto was used to looking for things like that. He made it his hobby to read peoples body language. He could usually and easily spot a well-concealed lie, or truth for that matter. It was easier to spot lies if you knew the person but still, Naruto had inwardly studied peoples' facial expressions from a young age and from there, it developed into reading people for clues or hidden emotions.

Naruto turned back to the man. "Your body language is one give away. Your hands are also scarred and calloused which suggests long uses with weaponry. And the biggest sign was your chakra source. I didn't get that much time to size it up because I'm only new to sensing chakra, but from what I did sense, you're definitely no civilian," declared Naruto with a blank face.

By the end of the explanation, Daichi couldn't hold back his surprise. His eyes grew wide and his mouth hung slightly. He was trying to find any possible reason for a mere child to be as skilled and observational as Naruto seemed to be. Naruto remained calm and in place while looking on at the man warily. The young blonde had a kunai prepared behind his back, waiting for the man to make a move.

Daichi schooled his features as he calmed down. He was now frowning at the child. He coughed. "Well, uh, you're a definitely a skilled one now aren't you? Yes, I am a ninja, but I'm only here to work for money so that I can help save my younger siblings back in water country. There is a civil war going on over there and there is no work to find. I've come here in hopes that I can support them from afar. I ask that you keep my secret safe, for Konoha wouldn't allow a foreign ninja to do what I'm doing. Can you help me with that?" Asked the man with as much sincerity as he could muster.

Naruto remained calm with a look of thoughtfulness but he internally scoffed. That explanation was definitely rehearsed. The man just said it all so quickly that there was no way he didn't think of what to say beforehand. However, Naruto knew he could get something good out of this. Whatever the man's true motives were, Naruto would definitely be wary of, but he knew from his experience around shady people that there was always something to gain from situations just like these. Whether Naruto would have to blackmail the man or not was unknown but he knew he could get something from him.

Naruto smirked at the man. "What was, or is your rank?" Asked Naruto.

The man inwardly sighed in relief. Trust kids to forget about important matters in the face of more appealing things such as status or how strong one is. Daichi smiled down at the blonde. "I'm a Jounin actually," stated the man with a hint of pride.

Naruto nodded with a smile. "Alright, I won't tell anyone if you can train me," declared Naruto causing Daichi to gape at him.

Daichi coughed as he regained his bearings. The young blonde was smarter than he'd initially anticipated; using his status of secrecy as a means to gaining something in return. That wasn't something much different from what he would do himself; smart kid indeed. He could just kill the boy but that would ruin his mission. He needed to stay in Konoha for awhile and he had already rented the apartment. He couldn't take the risk of killing the boy because of the unknown repercussions.

The older man smirked at Naruto. "That's pretty low kid but definitely smart. I didn't expect there to be much talent among you little leaf kids but it looks like I was wrong. Sure, I'll only be in Konoha for awhile until I've sent and raised enough money. I'd estimate around a couple of months," stated Daichi.

The older man was impressed with how Naruto manipulated the situation in his favor. He'd underestimated the young boy just because of his young and seemingly weak appearance and he wasn't so arrogant as to not admit that. He was both looking forward to what the blonde could do and also dreaded it. The boy would no doubt get in the way of his infiltration mission if he wasn't careful. Daichi sighed as he smirked at Naruto.

"So when do you want to start?" Asked the older man.

Naruto rubbed his chin in thought. "Hmm, well, we can start tomorrow. It'll be Saturday so we'll have all day. On the days I have to go to the academy, we can train after I'm done. Sometimes I won't go, so if you're free, we can just spend those days training more. I'll show you what I know how to do and I'd like you to help me improve what you think I lack in," informed the young blonde.

Naruto made sure to still not trust the man in the least. For all he knew, the man could try to somehow sabotage his training or something. He already was formulating ways to keep safe from the possibilities. He felt a bit guilty that he was basically using the man for his own benefit, but the man was technically an enemy and this way, they both got something out of it. He also felt bad for not just immediately going to the Hokage to tell him that a foreign ninja had managed to infiltrate Konoha.

The man left after that and Naruto was back to meditating while his clone worked to complete yet another sealing formula in the large Fuuinjutsu scroll. Not that much later did Naruto finally cut his meditative training off and go to bed. His clone was still heard in the background as it tried to frustratingly solve a sealing problem.


There wasn't much that Naruto benefitted from Daichi's odd training, or at least that's what Naruto himself thought. The man made him work on the very basics of being a ninja. He would tell him about how to see through deception and look for hidden meanings as well as perfecting his skills in stealth and how to suppress his chakra.

The man would constantly stress how important those basics were. He would often talk to Naruto and tell him certain things that would have hidden meanings and see if the young blonde would catch on to his tricks. Much to the older man's growing surprise, Naruto only didn't catch a few. The boy was unnervingly observational, much to Daichi's delight at not having to teach Naruto such things. He made sure to reinforce those skills as well.

Daichi would tell Naruto to never be off his guard and to be paranoid of everything. Naruto was a bit reluctant to do things that way but after Daichi's explanation of how being that way had saved his life countless times, as well as the training he provided on how to be subtle about being paranoid, Naruto agreed. The man was good with the fundamentals of being a Shinobi but Naruto felt he wasn't getting much further toward his goal. If he wanted to be Hokage, he would need to always work hard.

Naruto could plainly tell Daichi was an espionage and infiltration specialist based on all of the things he taught him. The man was adamant about perfecting Naruto's stealthy capabilities as well as to be careful and cautious even in your own home. He trained Naruto in how to see through words and find the hidden meanings—a thing that a ninja specializing in espionage must know to a T. It was plain obvious and now Naruto knew the man wasn't just in Konoha for money. It just seemed a bit too convenient for the man to be an infiltration specialist.

Naruto was fairly certain the man was observing something or someone while the two were away from each other, waiting for an opportune moment to take 'it' or 'them,' or even just to spy on enemy forces and then leave most likely. The blonde was a bit concerned; he was risking his own village for personal gains after all. He knew though that it wasn't the right time to act. Naruto could tell that Daichi wasn't that close to being done with whatever it was he was doing. He would be ready if the need arose; at least that's what he hoped.


"Alright, good job. You're much more proficient with what I've taught you so far. I'm impressed," stated Daichi with a smile, "I'd say you're ready for more advanced chakra control than that idiotic leaf exercise they teach you at your academy. I know you've mastered that already so I'm going to get you started on tree climbing and then water walking. Both of these exercises will add to your control as well as aid your stamina levels, not that you'd really need that, and it would also help you hone your stealth and chakra suppressing abilities to a higher degree."

Naruto beamed with pride at his newly acquired sensei's words. He would finally move past the boring old leaf exercise he had used. It was an annoying exercise that he didn't really feel he was getting anywhere with. He was a bit confused when his new teacher mentioned tree climbing and water walking. He didn't really know what climbing trees had to do with chakra control and water walking just seemed to be random and confusing. Although he was confused, he supposed Daichi would explain anyway.


When Naruto learned of the chakra control exercises, he never would have guessed them to be what they were. Chakra was indeed very difficult to control at the soles of one's feet and Naruto didn't think people could walk on different surfaces aside from the ground. He never thought such a feat possible and he absentmindedly wondered who it was that even connected those things and came up with the practice. But none of that mattered now. Two weeks of hard work amounted to him finally learning and mastering both exercises. Daichi had stated that, yet again, he was impressed. He told the young blonde that not many could juggle the chakra control training and their simultaneous work in the academy at once. It had been difficult but Naruto only saw it as another obstacle toward his dream of being the Hokage. He knew he had a great deal more to learn and experience before he was even a fourth of the way there, but he couldn't help but feel that with everything he did learn, he was getting that much closer.

Daichi never stayed and observed while Naruto was practicing his chakra control. He told him how to do the exercises and then showed for visual support but after that he declared that Naruto knew enough so that he could do the training on his own. Naruto didn't mind it but hoped that Daichi wasn't doing anything bad while he was away. A month had passed from the time Daichi had arrived and Naruto could easily say he learned a lot.

The blonde had cursed himself when, after the end of his chakra control training, he went home and his clone had just dispersed in front of him, giving him the knowledge of how it had finished one of the last sealing problems. He cursed himself because he realized he forgot about using the Kage Bunshin technique for his training in chakra control. He had been so focused on trying to maintain his already lowering grades and the finishing of both of the chakra control exercises that he didn't remember he could have used his clones to probably help him get everything done quicker.

It seemed he was still a bit of an amateur with the technique. He sighed as he laid down on his bed. He was definitely tired with how his days had been going. He hadn't even had time to meditate with all of the time he spent trying to complete the two chakra control exercises. The kids in class didn't seem to notice his tired appearance those two weeks and they also didn't question all of the time he had missed. Naruto had spent more time out of class to train than he usually did. He wanted to learn something more significant than chakra control from Daichi and he had to finish the current task before he even tried the next.

Tomorrow would probably be the day he would finally learn something cool; not that he didn't like perfecting his chakra control and walking on surfaces besides the ground—it just didn't interest him as much as learning something powerful and flashy. It was a childish thing, Naruto knew, but he shrugged that off since he was basically still a child, even though he'd matured past that of a child's thought process.

The young blonde sighed as he decided to cut off his thought process and go to sleep.


Daichi smiled as he looked down at his temporary pupil. He was intrigued with the boy and all of his tendencies. At first, he'd suspected that Naruto was just a talented kid but he realized it went farther than that after observing the boy. He had seen Naruto's determination and couldn't help but admire it but he was also confused because of it. So many people seemed to hate the boy and Naruto would always keep a blank face through all of the glares and comments thrown his way.

Daichi's only guess was that the boy's parents were evil or traitors or something; it would explain why he was an orphan too. It actually made Daichi pity the blonde. Naruto was a very smart kid. Daichi knew he would become a great asset to the village when he was older. The older man just shook his head in disappointment. It was like a good, large, healthy piece of meat being thrown away. He had to get rid of that though because Naruto was smarter than that.

The boy got around his troubles and either taught himself from scrolls or tried figuring things out on his own. Daichi had to grin at that. Naruto was talented and hard working it seemed; two traits invaluable in the world of Shinobi.

The older man though was getting a bit worried. He had taught as much as he could without further honing the boy's skills. He had taught Naruto the basics and known concepts of being a stealth specialist and Naruto had flown through everything so quick. He couldn't train the boy more because it would be like helping the enemy prepare to kill you. Naruto wanted to be a Konoha ninja and Konoha wasn't an ally of Kirigakure. All he had been teaching the boy earlier had been stuff he would eventually learn, especially if he chose to specialize in stealth and infiltration. If Daichi were to train the boy in his field further, it would become a bit more advanced and he couldn't risk training someone who probably had the potential to sneak into his village in the future and learn all of its secrets.

He sighed as finally decided his course of action.

"Well done with everything so far. I don't have much time before I'll have to go back home. Therefore, I'll be giving you this to copy down," said Daichi as he handed Naruto a book.

Naruto looked at the black, nameless book. "What's this?" Asked the blonde.

Daichi smirked. "That, Naruto-kun, is a Bingo book: a journal that holds within it information on some of the world's most powerful ninja as well as dangerous criminals and missing-nin. There are two hundred-eleven pages; each page holding information on one person. It could just list physical characteristics or it could hold a potential enemy's fighting style and Jutsu arsenal. This one Bingo book is one that I've compiled from many other ones. It holds information on Shinobi B-rank and above, though there are a few notable C-rank ninja," exclaimed Daichi with a bit of pride, happy that he'd been the one to create the book.

Naruto was happy to receive it but was still confused as to how it could help him. "Umm. . . thanks and all, but what will I be able to do with this?" Asked Naruto.

Daichi smirked once again. "Oh? You don't know? This book is like any other weapon, Naruto; it can be the key to saving your life, even," stated Daichi with a bit of comical seriousness.

Naruto became a bit more confused at that. "How?" Naruto asked with a look of puzzlement.

Daichi sighed. "Think about it Naruto. Say you encounter a random ninja while on a mission. This ninja is against your mission and decides to fight to keep you from succeeding. Now, what if this ninja happened to be an A-ranked missing-nin from Kumo or something; you aren't at this guy's level and would die in the first few minutes of battle, and if you knew that, you wouldn't have decided on fighting him. Situations like these can be avoided by memorizing the ninja in the Bingo book. If you encounter someone weaker than you—say he's just a good C-rank but you're B-rank—you can fight and probably get past him. Or if you see an A-rank, but the Bingo book holds information on his techniques and fighting style, you can quickly come up with a way to counter his attacks and use the knowledge of his techniques or style to your advantage."

Naruto's eyes widened in realization. Yes, the book would definitely be an invaluable asset. He looked back up to Daichi who was waiting for him to take the book. Naruto grabbed the book and put it in his pocket. The blonde then waited for what Daichi had to say next.

Daichi looked on nonchalantly. "Usually I wouldn't give a Bingo book to even a Genin, much less an academy student. Usually, ninja villages only supply skilled Chuunin and Jounin Bingo books. The higher skilled ninja will usually need them for hunter missions or if they might encounter one of these guys while on a mission. You can't reveal that you have one, especially one that extensive. I'll show you a document transferring Jutsu once we get back to the apartments. After that, your assignment is to memorize every single person in that book and after you do, I'll quiz you on a random bunch," stated the older man.

Naruto gaped at what Daichi wanted him to do. He had to memorize 211 people! It definitely wasn't going to be fun but he could realize the importance of doing such a thing. He would be a lot more prepared. He sighed and his shoulders slumped as he nodded. Daichi smiled and started walking away with Naruto following behind.

The man was content with what he was doing. This way, he was only making the boy more aware of possible enemies. It was essential for an infiltration specialist to know who was who of a village as well as other threats. It was weird to have Naruto work on such a task but Daichi just shrugged it off. He wasn't really giving him anything that would make Naruto even better; after all, with the boy's skills, Daichi didn't think it impossible for the blonde to become a pretty skilled Chuunin within a few years. He would receive a Bingo book soon enough.

The night ended calmly as the two figures retreated to their apartment complex.


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