Hope doesn't think he's good at expecting the unexpected.

So when he offers to wake Lightning up in the morning while she's staying over at his house in Palumpolum, he doesn't expect anything to happen, other than the usual morning blues that everyone gets.

He pushes open the door to the guest room where she's sleeping, and attempts to nudge her awake.

He certainly does NOT expect her to lunge at him, grab him in a bear hug and launch a massive tickle attack.

Hope is ticklish. He doesn't last long against Lightning's onslaught.

He deduces that it is not worth the risk to his life to wake Lightning up in the mornings, since she is obviously very capable of doing that on her own.

Lightning of course thinks it's funny to ambush him this way. Hope is very inclined to disagree, but a tickle attack tends to leave one breathless.

Oh well, lesson learnt.