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JJ wants female Harry/Barty Crouch Jr. with "jealousy"

Viola Jaime Potter was jealous and that's all there was to it. It wasn't normal teenage girl jealousy, oh no.

Viola had a secret lover, Barty Crouch Jr. He touched her where no one ever has, making her feel new and wonderful things.

You might be asking why was the girl-who-lived was having sexual relations with a known death eater. It's a very simple answer. She wasn't the messiah of light everyone believed her to be. She was in fact the heir of Lord Voldemort. The dark lord is the only father she knew and loved. He had given his blessing to the blossoming love between his heir and follower.

You all probably want to point out that I promised that the jealousy wasn't normal teenage girl "He's Mine!" jealousy. Don't worry. It isn't.

Her love was free from Hogwarts. The only person he had to answer to was her father. Although her father could be quite frightening when angered, she did not feel bad for him. Viola, on the other hand, was stuck on Hogwarts' grounds, pretending to be something she loathed with her entire heart. She had to play nice with the buck-tooth know-it-all, the temper-tantrum throwing red-head child, and the twinkling Dumbledore who was working her last nerve. She could spend time with her best friends, Millie and Theo. She missed them terribly.

Barty seemed to gloat whenever they were able to see each other. He actually had the guts to tease her about her anger and resentment about being forced to stay here when her father was alive and gathering more followers. He learned his lesson when she withheld sex. She could be a very vindictive bitch when she wanted to be.

It was the end of 6th year, and Viola was forced to listen to her 2 "best friends" ramble on and on. She spotted Millie, and her eyes rolled to indicate her annoyance with her present company. Millie giggled behind a hand while Theo smirked knowingly.

They had just arrived at Hogsmeade when cloaked forms swarmed the area. Viola saw the skull masks and became giddy with excitement, but was careful to hide it under a mask of fear. Her eyes scanned the crowd for a familiar face, but then she remembered he'd be wearing a mask too. She rolled her eyes at her own stupidity. She managed to slip away from the other two-thirds of the trio. She saw Professors racing to duel the death eaters, Dumbledore going to protect the younger kids. Her father wasn't here; otherwise, Viola was sure he would have ignored the frightened first, second and third years.

No one seemed to noticed that their precious girl-who-lived wasn't participating in the battle. An arm suddenly came around her thin waist. She was pulled against a strong chest that she knew very well. A husky voice whispered in her ear, sending delicious shivers throughout her body. "Are you ready for your long desired freedom?"

Her eyes still on the battle, she question with hope, "Really? My father said I don't have to come back to this wretched place?"

She felt the nod. "He feels you suffered enough. He wants the light to lose hope and the best way for that to happen is for them to lose their precious savior."

"By death or the truth?"

"Viola!" A fierce voice shouted from the left. She lazily faced the red-faced Hermione Granger. "Why do you think you're doing? Get away from him!"

"I guess the truth will have to do." She could hear her lover's smirk even though she couldn't see it. Viola wandlessly and silently enveloped the two of them in a protective bubble; they could still hear the battle going on around them. The mask was removed and their lips met for a deep kiss that made Viola's toes curl.

She pressed her curvy body to his hard chest, feeling her nipples harden. Barty's hand cupped her ass, pressing his straining cock harder to her front. Viola whimpered, wanting more, needing more. She arched her back to put more pressure on her vagina, already feeling it become wet.

A throat cleared making them come out of their reverie and reluctantly pull apart. The battle had stopped by now. The light side was gazing at the scene shell-shocked and angry. The death eaters still had their masks on, but Viola could sense their amusement. Lucius' voice could be heard nearby. "I believe you made your point Ms. Potter, but not of us what to see the two of you have sex."

Barty chuckled while Viola flipped him off. The meaning was lost to the purebloods though. Barty pulled his younger lover closer and activated the portkey, relishing in the cries of dismay coming from the light. He wanted to celebrate and knew just how to do. His lord had given him and his heir permission to miss the meeting.

They were portkeyed straight into Barty's bedroom. Before Viola could even get her bearings straight, her enthusiastic lover was all over her.

When they drifted into dreamland, Viola sighed in contentment, snuggled into her lover's arms. She finally had no reason to be jealous of Barty. She got the freedom she so wished for.

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