A/N: Guess what? Someone has taken an interest in the Second Generation wolf pack of The Alpha's Imprint. This is the first chapter so please go visit her profile and show her some love. This story will focus on the offspring of Quil and Claire.

Quil's son, Walker Altera, is a hot-tempered werewolf who is mad at the world and blames everyone in it for messing it up, especially Embry's daughter, Tamera Call.

The Name of the story is Once In a Lifetime by WolfClub.

Chapter One: Dead Wishing
Walker POV

My name is Walker Altera, and I am a werewolf. I'm six feet tall which makes me the shortest in the pack. My hair is black, short, and spiky. I have dark brown eyes, full lips, and thanks to the wolf gene, I'm very muscular. Most people avoid me because of my hot temper and it's rare that anyone has ever seen a smile on my face since I was a child.

I hated life as a werewolf, shape shifter or whatever you wanted to call it. I hated vampires for making us this way. I hated the Imprints that were supposed to be made for us to reproduce the gene, and most importantly, I hated Tamera, Embry's daughter for taking the Messenger Call.

I became resentful of the pack, vampires, the imprints, and Tamera a few years ago. Tamera Call was the love of my life. She was supposed to be my soul mate, my imprint, but it never happened because of the call of the messenger. When she accepted the call, it rejected the imprint. I've hated her ever since she rejected the imprint and me. I try to drown my pain and forget her by chasing after random woman that I flaunt in her face whenever I can.

"Walker, it's time to go patrol." Charles yelled.

Charles Ephraim Black was one of my friends, along with William Jacob Black and Conner Call. I walked to the woods and phased. We patrolled around Forks and La Push. A familiar burning sensation crept up my nose and knew that vampires must be near by. I went against my Alpha's orders and didn't howl for back-up like I was supposed to do. Instead, I attacked the blood-sucking leech. He dodged out of the way and began to taunt me.

"Come on pup, you can do better than that can't you?"

I snarled and lunged for his leg, but he was fast and I missed. A female vampire came out of the nowhere and said, "Carson, are you playing with the dogs again?"

I snarled, leapt toward the female leech, and ripped her leg off, but before I could do any real damage, the male threw me into a tree. The impact of hitting the tree knocked the wind out of me and for a moment, I was unable to move. Suddenly, I heard a loud cracking noise and the tree I crashed into began to fall on me. Conner blocked the tree from falling completely on me and howled for the rest of the pack. Conner told William to get my dad, Jacob, Embry, Paul, Sam, and Jared. I passed out after that.