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Pairings; Nejiten, Sasusaku, Naruhina, Shikatema, Gaasuri, Choino

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Chapter 4

By: turtlechick

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"How was that? I told you that Hinata had nothing to worry about." I boasted. There was a demon laying on the ground behind me, courtesy of yours truly. Maybe that would get Neji off of my back. He definitely a tough cookie to crack. Things on our little journey were going well. We hadn't come across too many demons even though we were headed in the direction that crazy old lady had told us. Maybe she was just a wrinkled old lady after all.

Suddenly I saw Neji dart behind me and then there was a thud. I slowly turned around to see him standing over the demon I had just defeated, or so I thought.

"Never take your eyes off your enemy, unless your certain it won't get back up." He said in a low voice.

I rolled my eyes, whatever. "Come on guys the next town's close, right Sakura?"

"Yeah, we should make it there in a little while." She answered.

Neji was fast, faster than me, and no one was faster than me. No matter how much I didn't like him, I bet he was an awesome demon hunter.


The weather was good today; not too hot, not too cold, just right. Perfect for traveling. The path we were on now was a lot easier to walk on than the ones we had been taking. Apparently our next destination was a fairly big city, they got a lot of travelers so that's why the paths were so nice, so many people used them.

Hinata and Neji were fitting in with us quite nicely. Hinata had bonded with Tenten and I really well. And Neji wasn't such a bad guy, no matter what Tenten said about him. They had been butting heads ever since they joined us. Hinata and I have had to break up a few fights between the two of them, started by Tenten most of the time.

It was quiet, no one said a word until a boy with bright blond hair and striking blue eyes appeared in front of us, he had jumped down from a nearby tree.

"Give me all your money!" He said with a smile. This boy certainly was weird. Who robs someone with a smile of their face? Neji, Tenten, and I paid no attention to him, but Hinata seemed genuinely freaked out. Maybe this was her first encounter with a bandit. We all just walked past him, leaving the blonde boy behind us. "Hey wait! What about my money?" He yelled after us.

He ran, catching up to us. "So where are you guys headed?" What was up with this guy? I could tell Tenten was getting a little fed up with him already.

"Who are you? What kind of person tries to rob somebody and then asks them where they're going?" Tenten said, hands on her hips.

He laughed nervously, and scratched the back of his head. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki."

The four of us were confused to say the least. First he attempts to rob us, then he asks us where we were going, and now he introduces himself?

"So really, where are you guys headed?" He asked again.

"We're headed to the next town." I answered him. He wasn't a threat, but he certainly was strange.

"Oh really do you think I could tag along?"

"No!" Tenten and Neji said at the same time. They glared at each other.

"Oh. So what are your names?" He was persistent, I'll give him that.

"If I tell you will you leave us alone?" I asked.

"I'm not making any promises." Hinata giggled at his comment. He smiled at her, but she looked away shyly and blushed.

"We're demon hunters!" Tenten said proudly.

His eyes got wide with excitement. "So am I!" He exclaimed. He was just making stuff up now… There was no way this kid was a demon hunter. Although no one would ever think Tenten I would be demon hunters either, but here we were.

"You just tried to job us. How are you a demon hunter?" I asked.

"Oh come one you guys know how it is. I was just trying to earn an extra buck." He laughed nervously. "Sorry about that. So you guys are headed to the next town I'm guessing."

"Yeah." I answered.

"Me too! I can show you the way, I've been there plenty of times."

"Fine, but just until we get there." Tenten said. It was obvious that Neji didn't want Naruto to come with us period.



The walk to the next town was nice. Turns out this Naruto kid wasn't as weird as we all thought. He was actually kind of nice. He also knew a pretty good shortcut to the next town. I was pretty excited to get there. I hadn't really ever been a big town before. It was going to be a whole new experience for me, and Sakura too. I don't know if Hinata and Neji had ever been to a large town, but they didn't show signs of excitement so I was guessing they had been.

"It's just over that hill." Naruto yelled pointing to a small hill up ahead. He ran ahead, but when he got to the top, he froze. I ran ahead to see what was going on and had the same reaction that he had, frozen in place. I didn't think that what I was seeing was real. I felt the others come up behind us.

"Shit." Neji cursed under his breath.

The scene in front of us was that of destruction. All of the houses and huts were plowed over. The fences knocked down, the fields were demolished, and there were no signs of life. I wondered if the people got out alive or, whatever did this, got to them before they had a chance to escape.

We continued into the town cautiously, not knowing what we would find, but so far, nothing. The few buildings that were still standing were completely ruined on the inside. I guess that meant no bed for us tonight. We all stopped moving simultaneously, well everyone but Hinata. There was a demon nearby. I couldn't quite tell, but it was either one extremely strong one or, a lot of little ones. Whatever it was, wasn't close, but it was definitely coming, at a pretty fast pace.

"What do we do?" Sakura asked. She wanted a plan.

"Wait." Neji said. "There's no way we'll be able to outrun it." He said solemnly. Hinata was a little confused. She still had no idea why we were acting so strangely.

I shut my eyes, it was a lot closer now. Another thing became clear, it was actually, they, five or six at the most. I wasn't sure if they had been the ones that had caused this destruction though. I opened my eyes, they were here.

These demons were about the size of a human, but with longer limbs. Their skin was a light grey color, and they also had mellow blue eyes. The one in the front of the pack came charging at us, or should I say, straight at me. It tackled me to the ground, we wrestled for a moment. I watched as the other demons jumped over us and began to attack the others. I quickly kicked the demon off of me and jumped up. I scrambled to grab an arrow and my bow before it had a chance to attack again. I strung one in my bow and pulled back and then released. I had hit my mark. Was there any surprise? The demon tried to pull it out, but it died before it was successful.

I quickly grabbed another arrow and spun around. Neji and Sakura were in the middle of a fight of their own, while Naruto fought on a tipping rooftop. Wait. Where was Hinata. I searched for her frantically until I found her running for her life.

"Hinata!" I yelled after her. I tried to make the shot, but it was just too far away and they were still moving. Sakura and Neji noticed the situation and tried to help out as well but more demons just got in our way.

I sent another one to it's grave, before I was able to check on Hinata. Just as I looked up, she tripped. She was a goner if she didn't get up, but she was frozen with fear. I tried to look away but I couldn't. The demon was just about to get her, when Naruto jumped in the way to protect her. He gave the demon something I couldn't recognize. He charged a blue sphere in his hands and thrust it into the demon's chest. Needless to say, it went down immeadiately.

Eventually we were able to defeat them all, without any major injuries. We all rushed over to Hinata and Naruto after the fight was over.

"Hinata are you alright?" Sakura asked out of breath. Hinata only nodded, still dumbfounded. I helped her to her feet.

"Naruto, what was that thing you killed that demon with?" Sakura asked.

Naruto shuffled his feet a little. "I don't really think you guys will like this..." He said.

"Don't worry, the worst that can happen is Sakura fainting." I said. Sakura glared at me.

"Okay.... I'm a warlock. That blue sphere was a spell I created." Naruto said. When he finished, his head hung down.

A silence followed. Everybody was staring at Naruto.

"Those things were crazy." I eventually said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Yeah." Sakura said.

"You don't care?!" Naruto exclaimed.

"No, not really. Having a spellcaster on our side will help tremendously." I stated.

"Thanks! I'm so used to people getting scared of me and outcasting me." Naruto said.

"It may be true the demons were a problem to us, but they didn't do this." Neji was right, those things couldn't have destroyed an entire village, especially one as big as this one. Something else did this. But what? It was silent as we all thought about could have done this. It was apparent that a demon much more powerful that those ones did this.

"So what do we do now?" Sakura asked.

"We move on. There's nothing for us here." Neji said. With that Sakura, Hinata, Neji and I all started out. We left Naruto there, alone.

"Hey are you coming or not!?" I yelled back to him. He got a smile on his face and raced to catch up with us.

I guess we had just earned one more member to this little group.

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