Hello! This is just a little Prologue I thought up! Hope you like it! Once again, I don't own Glee!

It was about three weeks after my breakfast at Noah's that it really hit me. I was standing in the hallway at school discussing the importance of Lady Gaga in modern politics with Mercedes when I saw him. Strolling down the hall was Noah Puckerman in an elaborate dress shirt. The tan, black and red plaid was unmistakable, Noah was wearing a Burberry dress shirt.

"So yeah, Lady Gaga..." I was stopped mid sentence when I saw him. I couldn't believe what was happening.

"You still there white boy?" Mercedes inquired as I froze. "Damn, maybe the hair products are getting to you." Looking at Mercedes, I had missed everything that she had just said.

"What did you say?" Mercedes rolled her eyes and heftily whacked me over the side of the head with her purse. "Hey, what did you do that for!" I shrieked back at her.

"You are lost in La La Land boy, come on lets get to class." As we both started to head off to class we were were surprised to hear the familiar splash and crash of someone being slushied. Looking down the hall we were both shocked to see Noah, covered head to toe in blue slushee, Aaron Moore standing in front of him laughing hysterically.

"Nice shirt fag boy."

Looking down the hall at me, Noah rolled his eyes in a subtle acceptance and broke out into his gorgeous smile. Winking at me, he proceeded to grab Aaron and punch him squarely in the jaw, Aaron being thrown back into the lockers along the wall.

"It is a nice shirt, isn't it bitch boy?" Noah snarked back.

Noah grabbed the sweater that Aaron had been holding, wiped his face clean and proceeded to strut down the hall, wearing the blue slushee as a badge of honor. When Noah passed Mercedes and I he gave us a respectful nod and a confident, "Black girl, girlie boy" and continued down the hall, smirking the whole time.

"That boy..." Mercedes started, but I simply looped my arm with hers and began to prance down the hall with her towards class. I interrupted her with a bold proclamation.

"Ya know what Mercedes, I think I love Burberry." I said smiling brightly.

"Yeah I know Kurt, you love all the labels." Mercedes answered confusedly.

"But I think I really... really... love Burberry, just saying." The grin on my face couldn't have been wiped off my face if all the bullies had come at me with all the slushies in the world. Ignoring Mercedes' questioning face, i smiling, knowing that love really was the ideal slushee flavor.

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