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Chizuru and Tatsuki: Chapter Start

"Mindless violence, mom said no mindless violence...Chizuru's lucky,"

Tatsuki hangs halfway off the couch. Legs swinging at the top, shoulders resting on the ground, she mindlessly sucks on her straw, it sipping up the sprite in her cup, mumbling softly.

"Why are my parents always going out? They go out of town ever week, they aren't newely weds, they should cut that shit out," Tatsuki blows bubbles in her cup, very bored at this point. "They better not return with news of me having any new siblings on the way, if they do, ugh," Tatsuki groans and rolls off the couch, expertly rolling with her cup in her arms, not spilling a drop. Coming to a stop at the television, Tatsuki stares up at it, and nearly vomits.

"Oh god, not the bunnies again,"

Quickly turning off the TV, Tatsuki stands and walks to the kitchen for a cookie. A knock at the door sounds and Tatsuki's eyebrow twitches.

"Time of over...or is it?"

Contemplating on letting the person outside her home wait, Tatsuki grabs a cookie and nibbles on it, when the person knocks again, but this time stronger. The knocking however wasn't a normal knock, it was as if someone was pounding on the door with a mallet. Nearly dropping her cookie in fright, Tatsuki quickly runs to the door, hoping to stop the idiot before the neighbors called the police or worse, her parents. Unlocking the door, she swings it open and glares at the offender who had her back turned to the door, her leg raised to kick it again, all with a wicked grin.

"Kuchiki, what the hell are you doing? No, get your ass in here," Tatsuki grabs Rukia and pulls her in the house seeing a few of her neighbors peeking through their windows. A quick glare thrown at Rukia, Tatsuki smiles sheepishly at her neighbors and quickly steps inside, and shuts the door gently. Whirling on Rukia, Tatsuki yelps, and backs into the door seeing Rukia standing inches from her, smiling a creepy smile.

"Amusing as always Tatsuki, where are the cookies?" Tatsuki glances at the cookie in her mouth, and Rukia mistakes it for an inventation. In a surprise move, Rukia leans in on her tippy toes, and bites off a large chunk of the cookie, her lips barely brushing against Tatsuki's in the process. Face red, Tatsuki could only stare in shock, as Rukia devour her cookie, the one she just stole from her mouth.

'This,' Rukia smiles at Tatsuki, she still chewing. 'Bitch,' Rukia swallows the cookie, and does a curtsey.

"Thank you Tatsuki, it was delecious," Rukia takes off her shoes, and heads further inside. A vein pulsates violently in Tatsuki's clinched hand, she grinning darkly.

"Alright, I know your game, I can play a game like this Rukia-chan," The suffix chan was spat out venomously, she far too frustrated at this point. "If it's war you want," Tatsuki glares over at Rukia, a strange gleam flaring in her eyes, and Rukia suddenly shivers, feeling something akin to doom tickling her senses.

"It's war you'll get,"


At the Kurosaki Household, Karin and Yuzu were sitting quietly at the kitchen table, the soft spoken Kurosaki calmly drinking tea, a plate of hot steaming food set out for her.

"Yuzu, I'm sorry...feed me,"

Karin groans miserablly. Yuzu was still angry about the tasks she had her do yesterday and last night, and was punishing her by making her cook her own meals, while she, in Super Vengeful Chef Mode, was cooking the tastiest looking meals, one of which she was eating now.

"That salmon looks so good Yuzu, let me have some...please,"

Yuzu's eyes narrow slightly at the plea. Fork raised, she stabs the fish, the juices spraying all over her face. A manic grin forms seeing her Dear Sister's hungry stare. The aroma of the fish fills Yuzu's and Karin's noses, it making the latter drool. Opening her mouth slowly, Yuzu's teeth resembled sharks teeth, and she takes a vicious bite out of it, earning a cry from Karin.


"Yuzu stop teasing Karin, and give her that fish you prepared for her,"

Ichigo takess his seat at the table and grabs his fork. Twirling it between his fingers, he stabs it into the slice of fish Yuzu cut up for him. Thanking the girl silently. Ichigo takes a bite and smiles happily.

"Wow Yuzu this is delecious,"

Yuzu beams at the praise and turns to Karin, she staring expectedly at her.

"Where's my plate, where?"

Yuzu grins cruelly.

"This is it right here, I gave my plate to dad since he was still hungry,"

Karin cries pathetically, promising to pay Yuzu back, knowing full well she'll suffer for it later once again.

'If it's war you want, then it's war you'll get,'

Karin glares at Yuzu, a plan forming in mind.

'Dad's not the only one who's a schemer Yuzu, you'll see what I can do when hungry, and pissed,'


Chizuru skips happily to Tatsuki's home, carrying a bag of brand new, well disgused goodies. This time she wouldn't fail, this time she would succeed without a doubt.

'I can't fail this time, I'll take at least one of them tonight,'

Rubbing her hands together, Chizuru stops hearing curses. A bit nervous, the girl glances around slowly not seeing anyone around.

'This is creepy,'

The streets were empty, and everything was quiet except for the cursing girl slowly coming closer. The cursing becomes louder, and Chizuru cocks an eyebrow at one paticular curse.

"That's it, I fucking had it, I'm giving up on guys, they can all dive in a fucking bath of lava in the deepest pits of hell for all I care, especially that soft di," Chizuru's blocks off the rest seeing the girl coming in view.

'Olay, she's not as beautiful as Orihime, but she has a nicely shape body, oh, that ass is very grippable,'

"What are you staring at?" Sneers the girl, she obvously angry. "You of course," Smirks Chizuru, a strange gleam appearing in her eyes. "With your shouting it's hard not to stare," Chizuru's grin becomes a bit perverted, if not a little cool. "But that's not why I was staring," Chizuru approaches the girl, a strange cool aura around her. "I was memorize by that delecious bo, I mean your appeasing beauty," Chizuru knew she had to play this just right. "Plus your rant caught my ears. How would you like to see how a woman treats another woman," It wasn't a question, it was a statement, and Chizuru makes it known, by gently caressing the older girl's cheek, her eyes soft and loving.

However, Chizuru pulls back hearing a shout.

"Mizuho wait up,"

Recognizing the voice, Chizuru finally realizes why the face was so awfully familiar. Turning a bit green, Chizuru glances away, needing to collect herself.

'That's Mizuho Asano, Keigo's big sister, this is my first time seeing her,' Still a bit green, Chizuru glances at Mizuho only to see the image of Keigo taking over her face. 'Oh man, now I can only see that Idiot Keigo now, why, why?' Chizuru cries comically.

"Oh, Honsho, what're you doing here? Weren't you're suppose to be with the others at Arisawa's?" Keigo blinks seeing Chizuru tremble. "You alright Honsho?" Keigo takes a few cautious steps towards the girl. Glancing at Mizuho for help, he saw his sister was unusually silent, and he sighs.

'Some help,'

Keigo reaches out for Chizuru's shoulder, and he lightly taps it.


Not a moment later, Chizuru shouts loudly, causing Keigo to yelp in fright.

"Yes, I almost forgot about tonight, thanks Asano for the reminder," Chizuru throws her arms out happily. "Tonight is the night I get some," Keigo turns red, already knowing what the perverted psycho meant. "I have to run, bye Asano-san, Asano-chan," Chizuru runs off, leaving the confused siblings behind.

"A friend of yours Keigo?" Mizuho stares at her brother, her face a bit red, which went unnotice to Keigo.

"No, just some psycho,"

Over with Chizuru, the girl was two blocks away from Tatsuki's when she heard a strange roar coming from above. Stopping cold, a strange hollow feeling crushes down on her.

Senses suddenly tripling, Chizuru glares up, her pupils shrinking, and blinks seeing nothing but a blue flash.


Pupils returning to normal, Chizuru runs off, not noticing the familiar glasses wearing boy, wearing an odd white uniform staring down at her from the rooftop behind her.

'Strange,' Thought Ishida. 'For a second her spiritual pressure jump,' Ishida pushes up his glasses. 'Something is happening with our class, and it all began when Kurosaki gained his shinigami powers,' Humming thoughtfully, Ishida vanishes, needing to head home to finish up the final details for the class project.


"Who's doing what for their projects?"

Mahana shifts in her seat nibbling on a cookie.

"Kurosaki wanted to do a volcano, but I talked him out of it," States Ryo, she staring at her ruler coldly.

"Righhht," Said Tatsuki, she not wanting to admit she wanted to do the same project. "We didn't really come up with anything yet, some events happen, which made it impossible to get anything done," Tatsuki throws a harsh glare at the whistling Chizuru. "What about you Mahana, what did you, the moron, and the other guy come up with?" Mahana grins.

"We decided," Mahana pauses for dramatic effect. "To," Everyone leans in. "Bake a delecious strawberry wedding-style cake," And everyone falls over.

"A cake," Shouts Tatsuki.

"I can't believe you," Said Michiru.

"Hmph," Grunts Ryo.

"Man," Sighs Chizuru.

"A cake?" Orihime frowns a bit.

"Sounds tasty can I try when you're finish?" Grins Rukia.

Mahana smiles and gives Rukia a thumbs up in approval, while everyone else glares at the girl.

"Sure Rukia," Mahana suddenly glares at her friends. "I have now copywritted this paticular prject style, so I don't want any of you baking or cooking anything," Tatsuki huffs annoyed.

"Like hell I would steal your project, we already have one in mind," Lies Tatsuki casually.

"We do?" Questions Chizuru strangely.

"Wow, I didn't hear about this," Said Rukia frowning. "Did you two meet without me or something, because if you did, that's not very nice?" Tatsuki laughs awkwardly, wondering why she did the one thing she said she never do.

Lie her ass off, while trying to get out of a situation with no clear method on how to get out of said situation

"We do," Said Tatsuki, the gears in her head quickly working in overtime. "It's simple," The gears triple the speed. "We're going to," The gears are pushing it. "Make a video on our day to day life, involving school, home and other nonsense, so you'll two will be staying with me for the next few days," The gears screech to a halt, they cracking, and Tatsuki suddenly wanted to pound her head into the wall.

'What the hell did I just say?' Thought Tatsuki, face set in disbelief.

'What the hell did she just say?' Thought Chizuru, hearts in her eyes, drooling a bit.

'I woner what clothes of Yuzu-chan's should I bring over,' Thought Rukia, not even questioning Tatsuki's words. In fact, the girl was anticipating it, for reasons that really confused her.

Ryo nods slowly, a bit impressed by Tatsuki's quick thinking.

"A slice of life documentary huh, impressive Tatsuki," Ryo chuckles a bit. "An effective idea, I wish I thought of it," Chizuru suddenly smiles, enjoying Ryo's pouty face, that is, until said pouty Ryo threw an almost evil glare at Chizuru as if daring her to even think of trying anything with her.

'As always, Ryo is off limits,' Reaching for a cookie, Chizuru's hand touches another, one she instantly recognizes as Michiru's. Lips turning up, Chizuru casts Michiru a small glance, and the girl blushes instantly.

'Oh no,'

Chizuru's hand caresses Michiru's hand, it going unnotice by everyone. Michiru's blush darkens, and she slowly pulls away. Chizuru wouldn't allow that, and she grasps Michiru's hand firmly, yet gently. Michiru stares shakily at Chizuru, face red. Chizuru smiles, and casts everyone else a glance. To her surprise, they have yet to notice, and she sees why.

Orihime had the strangest glare set, she glaring from Rukia to Tatsuki, a slight twitch in her left eyebrow. Tatsuki was stiff, she still stun over her earlier words, she taking no notice to Orihime's glare. Rukia was grinning, a nervous sweat rolling down her face, she not feeling too comforable with Orihime's glare. Mahana was looking between the two, she giggling a bit, already figuring what had Orihime so heated, even if the girl was unware of it herself.

Chizuru stares on a for a few seconds and grins. Standing, she pulls Michiru with her, and silently leaves the room.


Chizuru ignores the girl and makes her way to the kitchen.

"What are we doing?"

Chizuru stops and Michiru moves so she can get a good look at Chizuru's face, and gasps seeing her devious smile.

"Michiru-chan, I need your help,"

Michiru shivers remembering the last time Chizuru needed her help. In involved she and her in a broom closet where many things happened, and where she almost lost something very important to her.

"With what?"

Michiru instantly regrets the question, because the next moment she found herself pushed against the wall, Chizuru's arms wrapped around her waist, her leg between her legs, with her cold breath on her neck sending shivers down her spine.

"You know what," Purrs Chizuru lustfully.

However, Mahana's voice sounds though the two's ears, saving Michiru and pissint off Chizuru.

"Michiru, Chizuru come on we're ready to continue,"

Chizuru sighs depressed and Michiru sighs in relief. Michiru suddenly yelp feeling a hand grabbing her ass, and she glares at the smirking Chizuru.

"Can't make out, I should at least cop a feel,"

Chizuru walks off laughing, knowing Michiru was red in embarassment and anger. The girl was too fun not to tease. The way she giggled when she kissed her neck, the way she moan when she played with her breast. It was always amusing to play with Michiru. One of these days they won't be playing anymore, and she really will take her. Licking her lips in anticipation, Chizuru enters the room, and finds Tatsuki finally back from lala land, she staring between the glaring Orihime and Rukia, a large sweat drop rolling down her head.

"What we miss?"

Chizuru's cheery voice snaps the glaring two out of their glares, and Tatsuki sighs a bit.

"Nothing, just glad you're back," Chizuru frowns thinking Tatsuki was very lucky to have those two girls after her.

'I want to be in Tatsuki's place,' She whines mentally, crying comical tears. 'She doesn't understand how lucky she is,' Not only did the beautiful and very busty Orihime like her, even if she wasn't aware of it, but the charming and very deceitful Rukia did as well. 'It's so not fair, why do the good ones always go for the dense ones?' Sighing irritably, Chizuru slumps against the wall.

'Life is...becoming quite boring, I need some excitement, I need some lovin, lovin with a beautiful girl, multiple girls, hehehe,'

Chuckling a bit, Chizuru joins the others in their conversation about their class project. Using her goods today would be a waste, sometimes situations like this, enjoying time with her friends was alright, and she wouldn't want to ruin it with her personal least not today.


The next night Chizuru walks to Tatsuki's place once again, a bag in hand, and a phone to her ear. A wide smile forms hearing what Ryo wa saying on the other line. A small snicker escapes her lips, she trying despreatly to keep from laughing, but was failing miserably. Cluctching her side, she laughs hard, angering Ryo, and earning more than one strange stare from the people walking by.

"You kissed him, wow, I didn't know you liked Kurosaki, Ryo," Said Chizuru through her laughter. "Ryo Kurosaki, that has a nice ring to it," On the other line, Ryo had a vein pulsating violently in her forehead and hand. The phone cracks from the pressure of her grip, and she speaks, her voice low and cold.

"Chizuru, it wasn't like that. It was Kurosaki-san and his daughters, they're insane, I don't know why they did that, but, but, my first kiss,"

Instead of being intemidated, Chizuru laughs harder hearing Ryo's hearbroken tone near the end.


Laughter calming slightly, Chizuru wipes away a tear.

"Sorry, sorry, I'll try to be a little more sensitive," Chizuru's phone beepes and she glances at it to see Tatsuki calling. "I'll call you back Ryo, Tatsuki's calling," Ryo grumbles a few curses and hangs up the phone without so much of a bye, amusing and irritating Chizuru.

Shaking her head, she answers Tatsuki's call. "Yo Tatsuki-chan, what can I do for you?" Greets Chizuru happily.

"One don't call me Tatsuki-chan, and two, don't sound so happy when you answer your phone, that's damn creepy," Orders Tatsuki darkly, she walking up the steps to Orihime's apartment carrying a plate of food.

"Noted, so what's up?" Tatsuki sighs a bit. "I'm delivering some food over to Orihime, and I'll be staying over there tonight. We'll have to postpone our project for tomorrow. I've already talked to Rukia about it, and she had no problem with it. Sorry if," Chizuru smiles, she catching sight of a familiar girl ranting to nothing in paticular.

"It's cool Tatsuki as long as you don't try to pull any moves on Hime, it's cool," Silence is heard on the other line for a few moments. When Tatsuki finally spoke, her voice was low and cold, much like Ryo's was earlier. "Chizuru, don't say something so, so," Chizuru smirks hearing the hesitation in Tatsuki's voice. The girl was changing in ways she never imagine, and she had to wonder if it was because of her. "Just stop saying strange stuff," Tatsuki sighs again. "I'll call you tomorrow, we'll work on the project then alright?" Chizuru laughs a bit. "I already told you it was alright, just get going, and try not to give into your lust and sex," The line goes dead, and Chizuru laughs once more. "She's not honest with herself," Shrugging a bit, she stares at Mizuho she wearing a tight short skirt, and Chizuru could practically see her ass as she bends down to grab her bag, drawing more than one lustful stare from the pig-headed men on the street.

'Oh hell no,'

Chizuru knew what was going on and she wasn't going to allow it to happen. Pushing forward, she spots a man around thirty approaching the girl. Quickly reaching him, she grabs his shoulder tightly. The man groans a bit, and he turns to glare at the one grabbing him. What he saw made him shriek like a little girl. Staring at him wasn't a girl or any guy, he didn't know what it was, but he screams and runs off. The men around took one look at Chizuru's demonic glare, death practically clutching their hearts seeing her madly glaring and madly grinning form, and they run screaming, scattering around as if their heads were chopped off.

Mizuho hearing the screams turns to see a smiling Chizuru standing behind her, and she yelps, much like her brother does, earning a sweat drop from the girl. Jumping back, she wipes her forehead panting heavily, and glares at the grinning Chizuru.

"My," Mizuho stills hearing Chizuru's chilling tone. "I hope you were wearing that lovely skirt to showoff to me and not those men from before, because if you were," Chizuru stalks up to Mizuho, her glasses gaining a strange gleam. Mizuho backs away, she bumping against the wall behind her. Cursing lowly, she stares at Chizuru, the girl was practically on her. Chizuru leans in close to Mizuho's face, and moves to her ear. Opening her mouth, her cold breath tickles Mizuho's ear. "I'll gladly take your invitation," Chizuru's loving, lustful smile transforms into a angry snarl. "However, if you're doing that to attract guys, then I'll have to show you what you're doing is foolish, and do to you what I was planning on doing last night, which is it?" Mizuho shivers, a cold chill running down her spine.

Okay, so Mizuho knew what she was doing was wrong. Sure she was a little desperate for a man to take her. Sure she was cursing her ex-boyfriend and his no talent ways dealing with her body and his own. And sure she said she was off of men, but that didn't mean she was prepared for this. This girl gave her a strange feeling, a strange feeling of desire and lust. That lustful smile, those eyes full of love and lust, and the way she practically tried to seduce her the night before was still fresh in her mind, all of it entranced her.

"I," Mizuho glups a bit, she glaring weakly at the intently staring Chizuru. "I," Chizuru smirks and place her hand on Mizuho's thigh. Rubbing her hand up and down her thigh, Chizuru trails kisses down her neck, earning a small moan from her. "I," Chizuru stops her kisses, and pulls back, staring in Mizuho's stun eyes.

"Your answer doesn't matter, tonight you're all mine," Chizuru leans in and kisses Mizuho deeply, one hand gropping her right breast, the other rubbing her thigh. The girl moans in the kiss, she not believing this was happening to her, she not believing the girl had her tongue in her mouth. "Let's continue this at your place," Mizuho wants to protest, but another deep kiss changes her mind, and she concedes, despite knowing her brother would be home in a few hours.

'Oh well, if he says anything I'll crush his balls,'

Chizuru: YAHOO, finally my happiness is here

Tatsuki: Idiot

Chizuru: Hahaha Tatsuki, you're not the only one getting lucky

(Tatsuki blushes darkly)

Tatsuki: Shut up, I'm leaving

Rukia: Tatsuki where the hell are you going?

Tatsuki: Away to a land where I can be happy and fight to my hearts desire

Ryo: Tatsuki that story isn't posted it's the other one

Tatsuki: Shut up, I'm going anyway

(Tatsuki vanishes in a burst of flames)

Rukia: She actually did it, what can this mean?

(Chizuru very annoyed at this point shouts out)

Chizuru: Who the hell cares? Return next chapter and review my loving fans

Ryo: Return, because next chapter the fighting begins

(Chizuru pales hearing this)

Chizuru: What do you mean fighting, I can't fight, I'll die, the cute lesbian always dies first

(The others ignore the crying Chizuru and leaves for the night ending the chapter)