Michael took a deep, shuddering breath as he slowly lowered his SIG. He was in a bit of a daze as he tucked the SIG back in his pants and pulled out his phone. He glanced at the time, winced, and hit the speed dial.


"Sam. Tell me that you got them."

"They're fine," Sam assured him gruffly. "But it's not thanks to me and Samantha. We actually thought we'd failed at the rescue."

Michael frowned as he turned from his father's body, walking back to the Charger. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying…" Michael could hear Sam sigh unhappily. "There's someone else you should thank. Not us."

Michael wasn't entirely sure how to respond to that. It turned out, however, that he didn't need to because Sam had apparently handed the phone to that someone else.


Michael stopped mid-step at the sound of the voice over the receiver. He felt something squeeze hard around his heart and something rather like a stone drop into his stomach. He opened his mouth to reply, but found no sound was coming out of it as his mind reeled, trying to comprehend the voice he had just heard.

"They were taken to that property you and Samantha were trapped at. I just blew a hole in the wall before the rifles started shooting."

Finally Michael found his voice. "Fi," he gasped.

"You're welcome," Fi said, without acknowledging the fact that she'd just dropped a metaphorical bomb on Michael's head. Michael fought to find the right words for this type of a situation but apparently Fi had given the phone back to Sam.

"We'll meet you at your mom's?" Sam asked, also ignoring the importance of this revelation. Michael nodded, shaking himself back into the moment.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'll be there in a few."


Michael jumped out of the Charger, almost tripping over his own feet as he scurried towards the woman his eyes were fixed on. She was alive! She was alive! Michael winced at the dark bruise on her neck, but it didn't matter anymore, she was alive!

He stopped just inches from her, suddenly recognizing the look on her face. She was completely stiff, staring at him hard and expressionless.

"Fi..." Michael whispered, reaching a hand out to touch her. He dropped it awkwardly, however, unsure of himself. "I... I'm so sorry..."

Fi was silent, still staring at him, a strange and unfamiliar look in her eyes. Michael raised a hand again to brush her face. Fi flinched, taking an involuntary step back. Michael froze, terrified by her reaction.

"Sorry isn't enough," she said, voice rough. Then she turned, walking away into the house, leaving Michael paralyzed.

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