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The Feeling of Betrayal.

Harry had just gotten on the knight bus after accidentally blowing up his aunt. He noticed the newspaper that Stan, the conductor was reading. Harry recognized the man in the photo on the front page.

"Who is that man on the front page?" Harry asked. "He was on the muggle news."

Sirius Black and of course he was on the muggle news." Don't you read the papers." Stan asked as he handed the paper to Harry.

Harry knew exactly who Sirius Black was. He was his godfather. He didn't remember much from when he was young, but he remembered that. Harry knew it wasn't normal to remember things when you were that young, but since when had anything in his life been normal? Harry read the article. He couldn't believe what he was reading. His godfather had been in prison for killing thirteen muggles. He'd assumed Sirius had died. He didn't think that he could have been in prison.

"This article says he killed thirteen people." Harry said. In his head he was pleading with Stan to tell him it was a lie.

"Yep, he was a supporter of You know who." Stan said.

Harry couldn't believe it. His godfather had worked for the man who killed his parents. He felt completely betrayed.

B-Black worked with…" Harry trailed off. He couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence. Stan continued to talk to him, but Harry couldn't hear him. He was too lost in his own thoughts. He was completely devastated that someone that he loved could have become that dark. He wondered what had happened to Sirius. Had he always been that dark or had something happened Sirius that could turn him into a person that could kill and work with a madman like Voldemort. Soon the Knight Bus stopped at the Leaky Cauldron. As Harry was getting off the bus, he ran into the Minister of Magic, who spoke to him for a few minutes and then Harry get settled in a room at the Leaky Cauldron. That night Harry couldn't stop thinking about Sirius and the person he had become.


Several days later, Harry ran into the Weasley's and Hermione. He was glad because they helped keep his mind off of Sirius. That is until he heard Mr. and Mrs. Weasley talking. They said that Sirius was after him. Not only had his godfather become a killer, but he was now going to try to kill him because he had defeated the Dark Lord. Can this possibly get any worse. He thought. He had never felt so horrible in his life, not even with the Dursley's. This hurt worse than when he thought Sirius was dead. At least when he thought the man was dead, he could still hang onto the believe that Sirius was a good man that loved him almost as much as his parents. Now he had to face the cold hard truth that his godfather was a cold blooded killer, who wanted nothing more than to see him dead and now he was on the loose. He hoped they caught him without him having to see the man. Harry didn't want to see Sirius. He couldn't bare to look at the man he'd once loved and see coldness in his eyes. He'd never felt so betrayed. What he didn't know was that he would soon feel the pain of being betrayed yet again.