AN: After the success of the past few holiday collections, we have decided to try an adventure collaboration story. Unlike the other collections, this isn't a series of one shots, but an multi chapter story that will showcase the expertise of the various authors. So far Tiger002, Woundedhearts, WynterSno, Man of Faith and Snapplelinz have joined this collection, but we always welcome new writers.


Chapter 1: The idea.

The twins stood on the sky deck, looking over the horizon as the sun started to set. The great sky scrapers of their city slowly crept over the mighty ocean waves. "I can't believe we're finally back in Boston," Zack said as their old home appeared over the horizon.

"I know what you mean, I really miss Mom."

"You dork, didn't you just talk to her last week?"

"Yeah, but it's nothing like seeing her in person. I'm sure you miss her too," Cody said turning to his brother.

"A little I guess," Zack said shrugging his shoulders.

"Just a little?" he said asking his brother knowingly.

"Okay, maybe I do miss her a lot, but soon we'll be back in Boston, with family and old friends."

"Yeah, I can't wait for mom to finally meet Bailey."

At this, a brilliant idea hit Zack. He couldn't believe he didn't think of this sooner. There wouldn't be another chance like this, where both his friends on the ship and back in Boston would be together. "Codester, we need to have a party."

"Mom and Dad said we were going to be doing something fun for the two days we're docked there."

"That's fine if you want Codes, but I was thinking something bigger. We have this whole ship, all of Boston, so why not make the most of it?"

"Because we barely earned enough money to eat after you spent all the money on our student cash cards."

"But you're forgetting something, or should I say someone really important."

"You don't mean…"

"Oh but I do, if we can convince London to throw this, then we won't have to worry about money. Remember her 16th birthday party?"

"Yeah, I also remember you broke the TV I got there a week afterwards."

"Cody, it's not my fault that it just happened to fall in the toilet."

"Yes it is."

"True…Anyway, we need to convince London this will be about her, and that we're only helping her."

"I don't know Zack; that seems a bit deceitful."

"I wouldn't call it deceit as much as I'd call it a colourful tale that isn't altogether true. Think about how cool a party with your closest friends could be, Cody. You could impress Bailey with your awesome culinary skills when you cater the party."

Cody pictured himself feeding Bailey mouthfuls of his delectable chocolate mousse by the spoonful under the starry night sky. Then he imagined all the compliments that he would receive from the remaining party guests who would ask for the recipe for his mouth-watering Tempura prawns. Cody's mouth curled into a goofy grin at the thought.

"Alright, you talked me into it. Let's go find London," Cody said and the twins went to find the heiress.


"So, let me get this straight, you think I should throw a marvelous party to celebrate my return to Boston?" she asked after they had explained their idea to her.

"Yep, and we'll even do all the work for you. Just tell us who you want us to invite and fork over all the money and get ready for the greatest party you've ever seen," Zack said excitedly.

"I don't know, I normally only let professional party planners handle things like this," she replied.

"London," Zack said putting his arm around her shoulder, "I see how you think, but I've been your friend for years, so who better to pull off something like this than us. I promise, this will be like nothing even a professional could pull off."

"Don't worry London," Cody added, "I'll make sure Zack doesn't go too overboard and this will be the best party you have ever seen."

"Okay I guess, just don't invite too many poor people," she said.

"Don't worry, just a few of our closest friends," Zack said as he began going through all 185 contacts in his phone.