Chapter 10 - Shadows

By Woundedhearts and Wyntirsno (Edited and revised by Tiger002)

"You know what I still don't understand?" Cody exclaimed. "How did London get out of an enclosed room? No windows, no other doors besides the one we walk in and out of. No escape routes whatsoever."

"She's not here so there has to be something we're missing," Zack stated expressing what everyone was thinking.

"Well she couldn't have just walked out of the room without anyone seeing her," Carey chimed in.

"You know what I keep thinking," Bailey added. "It would make sense for someone as powerful as Mr. Tipton to have some kind of an escape plan."

"Okay, that makes sense," Cody said, seeing where his girlfriend could be going with this.

"When I was researching old castles and mansions for a project, I stumbled across a series of secret rooms and passageways that were used in case of an enemy attack."

"Do you think there might be one here?" Cody replied, echoing her train of thought.

"I think it's a distinct possibility," Bailey replied. "I mean it would make sense to me, since there's no other way she could have gotten out without someone stopping her."

"Which means there has to be a way to open this sucker up," Marcus stated. "So let's do some investigating."

Everyone nodded and began to feel around the room including the walls, the table and the chairs that occupied it. After a few minutes of searching, they still came up empty.

"This is crazy," Woody implied. "Are you sure this theory of yours is correct?"

"Well we can't rule it out, and remember that this lever or button or whatever, is not going to be readily visible to anyone who doesn't know where it is." Cody explained. "So keep looking, make sure to tap on the walls and the floor boards. A lot of times people would hide things behind or under hollow sections."

"Well shouldn't Mr. Moseby know about any secret passages that the house would have?" Kurt asked the group.

"Let's go ask him," Cody suggested and the rest of the group agreed and the group then walked through the halls looking for the hotel manager.

"You really think you stand a chance against me?" Theo asked, wondering how this wimp could think he'd be able to win.

"Confident words from someone we just captured," Bob replied confident that being the captain of the high school wrestling team had prepared him for this. He rushed at Theo, not wanting to let his foe get the first strike. The red haired teen slammed his fist into Theo's chest sending him flying into the ground, however Theo got back up, sweeping Bob's feet out from under him in the process.

However, Bob easily recovered, and used his shoulder to ram Theo into the wall. The red head them easily blocked a punch before countering with a punch of his own into Theo's face.

"You ready to talk?" Bob asked, as Theo got back to his feet, much slower this time.

"It wouldn't matter if I tell you anything anyway; after she's done with you, none of you will be alive."

"Who?" Bob asked, but Theo responded with another punch. Once again, Bob blocked it before ramming his fist into Theo's face, sending him across the room. As Bob got ready for Theo's next attack, he was shocked to see his foe just fall to the ground. He waited for him to get up, but he just laid there.

He nervously walked over to his fallen enemy, not sure if it was just a ruse, or if he had really knocked his foe unconscious. He was sure that Theo would have a black eye after that attack, but had he really knocked him unconscious? He wouldn't put it past him to just be faking.

As Bob looked down at Theo from about 10 feet away, he noticed Theo wasn't breathing. He paused for a moment, checking to make sure his observation was correct. Once he was sure, he leaned down, and realized that Theo didn't have a pulse either.

He got up shocked what he had done.

He had actually killed Theo.

He didn't mean to.

He just wanted some information, and to wipe that cocky grin off his face.

Looking down at the corpse made him scream out in horror, causing Moseby a Tut rush into the room.

"What happened to him?" Moseby asked.

"H-he's dead," Bob said, his voice shaking, the weight of the words too much for him to bare. "I killed him."

Moseby knew something was terribly wrong here. He walked over to Theo's body, seeing if he could find out exactly what happened. One moment they heard the noise of the battle, and the next Theo was dead.

"Where did you last hit him?" Moseby asked.

"I punched him in the face," Bob answered as Tut tried reassuring him that this wasn't his fault.

Moseby looked at his face, seeing blood from the impact, but it wasn't anything severe. Even if the punch had been strong enough to kill him, it wouldn't have done it so quickly.

"I don't think it was the punch that killed him," the manager finally declared as he got up from the dead body, "I'm afraid that whoever is truly behind this wanted to make sure Theo didn't give any information away, so they found a way to kill him."

"How could they do that though?"

"I don't know," Moseby said solemnly as he gazed at the young victim of this evil.

"What happened in here?" Carey asked as her group that was searching for Moseby entered the room.

"Theo died during a fight with Bob," Moseby answered.

"Nice," Cody said, honestly glad to see Theo dead after what he had almost done to Zack. He had actually meant to aim for his head when he shot him, but his aim had been off.

"Were you able to get any information out of him?" Kurt asked.

"Well, someone else is behind this, but he died before he could say who it was," Bob answered, his guilt starting to subside.

"We had guessed the same thing before we were captured," Kurt said.

"Wait, my ipod had them on it!" Woody said, reaching through his pockets, trying to find it, but to no avail. "They must have taken it again," he said with a sigh of defeat.

"I guess we're back to square one," Cody said as they headed back into the other room.

However, before they could plan their next move, Maddie, Mary Margaret, and Corrie came running up behind them.

"We found something you might be interested in," Maddie advised while she and Mary Margret dropped the contents they were holding on the table.

"What did you find?" Bailey asked as they all stood around the table trying to get a peek at the papers as they scattered in front of them.

As little by little they began to read the various pages, they soon realized that they recognized some of the conversations they had shared. "How is this possible?" Zack asked the three, "Where did you find this stuff?"

"We found this in an old study that looked to be Mr. Tipton's. It looked to be ransacked and possibly used as a type of headquarters for the fearsome four," Mary Margret explained.

"And I found something too, but they wouldn't let me bring it," Corrie sadly stated hanging her head and pouting.

"What was it?" Addison asked curious.

"It was a ball hangie game and I was winning."

"A ball hangie game?" Addison asked and looked to the other girls for clarification.

"A Newton's Cradle," Maddie explained.

"Awww," they stated in union, understanding what she was now talking about.

"I like those too," Addison stated smiling at the other girl, "We should see if they sell any on the island."

"Okay then…um, let's get back to the fact that everything we are saying is being typed and probably read somewhere on the island," Bailey stated. "And while we are at it, let's try and find out by whom and for what purposes."

"Hey Bailey, do you, Marcus, or Moseby remember that ladies name that was murdered in the village?" Cody asked as he was reading.

"No why," Bailey asked as the other two shook their heads.

Cody finished looking thru the papers from the printer that the girls had just brought in. After a while he found what he was looking for, and tore off the page. Instantly they all crowded around to read its contents.

"This is what I was wondering about; could that be the same woman?" He asked them.

The papers showed a conversation that a woman had with herself when she was doing the filing for the criminals. She was scolding herself for having a job like she did and was thinking of taking the files she was handling to the police.

"If we can see this then so did the bad guys, that's probably why she was killed," Bailey stated the obvious. "Do you think she still had the files at her house?"

"Well what are we waiting for, let's go to that house and see if we can find what she took," Maddie said. "Who wants to come with me?"

"I will go help you Maddie." Corrie said.

"Ok I need more help, please." The tall blond girl pleaded.

After all was said and done the little group that decided to go search, was Maddie, Corrie, Mary Margaret, Marcus, Woody, Addison, and Bob. They all got ready and left the others to locate the entrance to the secret passage way.

As the group made their way outside they realized the skies had opened up and they had walked in to a very cold gloomy day. As the cold rain seeped through their clothes and the wind threatened to knock them off their feet. Off in the distance they could see dark thunderstorms approaching and knew they had to get to the house as soon as possible.

A few miles down the road they ran into a man that Woody recognized. "I know you, Mr. Simms isn't it? He asked the man.

"I remember you to you're a friend of London Tipton?" Simms inquired of the curly haired teen.

"You know London?" Marcus asked.

"Actually I do, why are you looking for her here?" Simms asked the teens. "Shouldn't you be looking for her at her mansion?"

"We just came from there," Bob asked suspiciously. "Why, do you know something?"

"Have you seen her?" Maddie asked him anxiously. "Where is she?"

"I haven't seen her for a few days now, why, is she gone?" Simms asked genuinely worried. "I need to get to the mansion."

"Why?" Several of the teens asked at once.

"I am supposed to be keeping an eye on her, making sure that they don't hurt her while she is captive." The older man explained. "Mr. Tipton will kill me if she is hurt somewhere."

"What do you mean?" Addison asked the man. "Are you a spy?"

"Well not really, but I guess you could look at it like that." Simms tried to explain. "I do work for the Tipton's, however, Mr. T. sent me to infiltrate the enemy and keep an eye out for his daughter. If she is gone then I need to find her."

"I'll go with you. Do you know anything about the mansion itself?" Bob asked him as they started to leave. "I'm hoping you can shed some light on a small mystery."

"Like what?"

"Like how someone would be able to escape from an enclosed room with no windows and only one door to access?"

"Do you know about the secret passageways and the tunnels that lie beneath the mansion?"

"No but I think we just found our guide," Bob smiled. "Is that alright?"

"Anything for London," Simms replied. "But we better get going it will be dark soon. And a lot of unsavory animals come out at night, and I'm not talking about the four legged kind either."

"Is that ok with you guys, I mean you can find the house just as well without me, right?"

"Yes, if he knows anything then he needs to be at the mansion, we will be alright." Mary Margaret told him. "If it gets dark we'll stay over at that house, and head back in the morning. It will also give us a chance to really search the place."

"Sounds good, okay then guys, be careful." Bob told them as they both headed back in the opposite direction.

The sky let go with an unearthly roar as the rain began to shower down in torrents. London had just kicked out a hidden board which had served to conceal the entrance to the secret tunnel she was in. Only to be faced with a wall of shrubbery and undergrowth just outside the small opening.

Sighing she pushed her way through the thickness and was immediately pelted by the relenting down pour of water falling from the sky. Cursing herself for not thinking of wearing something a little warmer for the party, she cautiously trudged onward, making sure not to bring any unneeded attention to herself. Not that it would have mattered seeing as she had surfaced in a rather remote area near the sea.

The thought of remembering to dress warmly struck her as odd, seeing as she couldn't have known she wouldn't end up back in her bed safe and sound at the end of the evening. But then the entire ordeal had been odd. Being taken off the ship and then forced onto a speedboat, blind folded. The water licking at her arms and face making her shiver, not only from the unknown fear, but from the cold, while her mind tried to reason the situation away.

When she had woken up on what she referred to as the speeding bullet, she was terrified. Her nerve endings, worked together to try and quench her morbid thoughts, as they strayed dangerously close to the breaking point. When her captors had dragged her through the brush up into the mansion and removed her blindfold she was so happy to be able to recognize her surroundings. In her mind that at least meant she had a chance.

She looked up to the staircase, and she glared at the three figures standing there. The menacing expressions on their faces only served to fuel her hatred toward them. Which in many ways gave her the strength to keep from breaking down in surprise at who she was seeing, and she was at least grateful for that.

"How dare you," she screamed. "When my father finds out what you've done, you will all pay."

To her surprise instead of the usual cowardice she was used to seeing, after such a threat was given, they began to laugh. She didn't understand at first but then figured they must not have heard what she'd said.

"Don't you understand, once my father has seen what you've done to me, he'll rip you apart."

Again they continued to laugh, and London found herself growing angrier by the minute. Suddenly the room got eerily quiet as they eyed her with contempt. The dark haired beauty almost wished she could hear their mocking laughter once more instead of this deafening silence.

Standing in the cold wind and rain, she now wondered which was the worst of the two evils. Gazing up at the sky and then out into the ocean, she knew this was working itself up to being a pretty mean tropical storm.Great, what else can go wrong? She thought to herself as she headed back into the cavern she had surfaced from.

"Well at least this is warmer then standing on a deserted beach in the middle of a rainstorm," she told herself.

Thinking about her days with the bumblebee troop, she tried to remember all the safety steps they had tried to instill in her. Number one priority was to try and keep warm. But under the circumstances she wasn't sure how that would happen. With the rain pouring outside and nothing to build a fire with, she was at a loss as to what to do next.

Zack I need you!

Zack looked around at the other occupants in the room, "who said that?"

"What are you talking about?" Kurt asked.

"Never mind," he replied shrugging it off as his imagination getting the better of him.

Zack please help me!

"Okay that was weird?" he asked. "This isn't funny."

"Zack no one has said anything," Cody told him taking in his confused state.

It's cold, I need you.

Zack looked around the room again at the silent faces staring back at him. The room was still and he was able to hear clearly the next few words.

I'm so scared, I want to go home.

"London?" Zack exclaimed making everyone stare in disbelief. "Can you hear me, its Zack?"

Zack closed his eyes trying his best to concentrate, but he heard nothing. Then out of the blue, he heard her soft whimpers. He called out to her trying his best to communicate. As he listened to her cries he could feel her tears pull at his heartstrings and a strong protective instinct took over, and the need to hold her overwhelmed him.

"Zack are you okay?"

Ignoring his brother for a minute he again strained to listen to any possible sounds he might hear.

"London if you can hear me," he stated. "Let me know that you are okay."

Suddenly she heard a voice in the back of her mind, which sounded surprisingly like Zack, and she had the feeling that she was watching herself through someone else's eyes. Putting herself in his shoes she let him guide her thru her next move.

"London, I know you're scared but you need to listen to me," the blond boy stated. "You have to stay calm."

Zack, Zack I'm so cold.

"I know, but I need you to look around so that I can get a better picture of where you are."

The next thing he knew he was sitting cross-legged on the floor of some sort of cave, shivering and growing colder by the minute. He could hear the rain beating down just outside the entrance and he took into account the barren atmosphere. The moist environment didn't help him much but he knew he needed to find a way to get warm or he'd freeze to death and in turn she would as well and he'd lose her forever.

A deep ache began to form in the pit of his stomach and he realized she meant more to him than he'd ever realized. The thought struck him like a bulldozer and he found he'd rather liked the feeling. He needed to save her if only to keep her safe from further harm. And if he were being honest with himself he would have to say he mainly needed her beside him.

Zack, I never knew.

"It's a surprise to me too," he stated out loud not realizing that the other people in the room were still looking to him in astonishment.

"London I need you to walk over toward the farthest corner away from the entrance to the cave," he asked. "Can you do that for me?"

I think so…but my legs are shaky.

Zack walked over toward the corner with London's help and proceeded to pick up some branches and leaves that were spread around. He could feel the cold seeping in and he knew that her body temperature was beginning to fall. So whatever they did they needed to do quickly, otherwise he wouldn't lose her to her captors but to the elements around her. He would have to say goodbye and he wasn't ready to do that just yet.

It's so dark in here and I think the battery is almost out on my flashlight. You need to click on the backup generator. Then come and find me….

"London, what are you doing, stay with me."

I'm so cold, and I'm so tired.

"I know baby, but I need you to stick with me," he stated. "London you're fading, you have to stay alert for this too work."

I'm here, I'm here.

"We need to do this quickly incase I lose you," he insisted.

Placing his hands on the walls he searched the perimeter of the cave, in the hopes of finding something in order to raise her body heat. Half way thru the exploration she stubbed her toe making them both wince in pain. He looked down in order to see what she had bumped into and to his surprise he found a long metal box buried beneath some branches and leaves.

Separating it from its leafy cover he yanked the lid open to surmise what was inside. He was never so relieved when he saw the contents of the box. In it were another flashlight, a blanket, a gallon of water, some beef jerky and a couple of protein bars. When he looked further he found a lighter and a sterno fuel log.

Zack had no trouble setting up the campfire using the contents from the metal box. In no time the room was enveloped in a toasty warmth, as London buried herself within the blankets they had found. Just as the cold had done a few minutes before the warmth served to relax her as sleep took a hold. The connection faded just as the figure of a man entered the small cavern, leaving Zack with a feeling of dread and the realization that he hadn't asked her about a way into the tunnels.

Stunned back into reality, he almost collapses, but is saved from doing so by his father who helps him over to a nearby chair. The small group crowded around him, waiting for some kind of explanation as to what had just happened.

"Is she alright?" Cody asked his brother getting the jest of what had just occurred.

"I think we better hurry up and find a way into those tunnels," Zack told them while burying his face in his hands.

"I think I can help you with that."

Zack's head popped up when he heard that familiar voice, and instantly he was drawn back to the night of his first dream. He recognized it as the voice of the man who had tried to help London on the night she was captured.

"You, I know you."

"Of course you know him, he was the man who threw us in jail the first time we came to Parrot Island," Moseby stated.

"No, I mean I know that voice."

"Yes you do," Cody replied sarcastically. "Again…he's the man who threw us in jail when…"

"Cody stop being such a smartass," Zack winked at his little brother. "He's the man who tried to help London when she was first captured."

"How did you know that?" Simms questioned him.

"That's not important for now," he replied. "We need to find a way to get to London, I think she's in danger."

"What kind of danger," Carey asked concerned.

"I'll fill you in on what I know as soon as we get into those tunnels."

Bob placed a hand on the older man's shoulder and smiled. "I think I've found a way to get us in there." He beamed grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Mr. Simms strolled over to the far wall and placed his hand on a loose piece of paneling, he tapped in a secret sequence, until the opening was revealed to everyone.

"Awesome, lets go." Zack said impatiently.

"Wait son, we need to decide who is going. We need a few people to stay here until the authorities can come and pick up the fearsome foursome plus one." Kurt told his oldest son.

"Marion and I can stay here and watch over things." Emma volunteered.

"That would be alright with me," Moseby told the young man. "However, Zack I want you to take care of my London for me, at least until I can see that she is alright for myself."

"I will Mr. Moseby." He promised.

"And I will take care of both of them." Cody added seriously wrapping a comforting arm around his brother's shoulder.

Zack returned the gesture with a smile even though he was anxious to get going. He didn't want to worry anyone, but the sight of the strange man put him on edge and he was determined to make sure she was alright. He just prayed that they'd get there in time.

An: Wow again a fun experience collaborating on this chapter together. And a big thank you goes out to Tiger for editing and adding the fight scene between Bob and Theo. He really made Bob look great and I hope he continues to within the next few chapters! ;) (That was a hint people!)