Finally he, Agent Cody Banks, had some time to ask a girl out on a date.

He leaned back in the booth, watching the object of his infatuation.

Sara Sydney, the hottest girl in the ninth grade.

And she had agreed to go out with him.

He was a lucky man. A lucky man indeed.

That was, right up until the FBI came into the picture.

His cellphone rang right in the middle of their conversation, just perfect.

He groaned and looked at it, seeing the number of agent Amanda, his 'caretaker'.

"What" He said brisquely into the phone.

"Hey Cody, I know it's your big date and everything, but we have a captured agent, and we need back up, there's no one else in the vicinity"

He mentally face-palmed.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes! This is a young child and they've been captured, they could be dying for all we know! So get your lazy ass over here!"

He held the phone an inch away from his ear, Amanda could be really loud sometimes.

"Come on" He whined.

"Mr. If you don't get your butt down to HQ right now, I will come and get you myself!" And with that, Amanda hung up.

Cody rolled his eyes and turned to Sara.

"Hey look, i'm really sorry, but I have to go. Something about a damsel in distress"

He flipped some cash on the table, and left.


Once in the Jr. FBI building, he was met with a very different scene than he was used to.

"Whoa, what's happening here?" He asked Amanda, who had been waiting for him.

"That Agent that's gone missing was one of our junior officers, not quite a full Agent, so it's top priority to bring them back"

Cody nodded.

"How soon can I get there?"

"We're fitting up the Jet Pack now"


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