A/N: If you've read chapter 103 of Lucian, MD, I suggest you do, because it explains what happened to Thorton. If not, that's fine. I won't tell you though because it'll spoil it. If you want to know, message me. That's only if you've never read it.

Oh yeah, only Palmer has been shown in the anime, so I hope they aren't OOC. Darach gets a sugar rush on sodas and kinda loses the ability to think straight.

Another thing: I have NOT seen the episodes with Palmer in English yet! I hate the English version! I'll try to watch the Japanese version with (English) subtitles. Don't judge me.

Chapter 1

Darach's POV

I sighed and looked at Thorton. Ugh, how I hated battling the bastard. He always beat me no matter what Pokémon I had. We were battling in secret because we both wanted to date Caitlin. I wanted to walk up to him and break that stupid gadget of his but I'm too smart for that. "Come on Staraptor, Aerial Ace!" Staraptor's beak glowed while flying through the air at his Houndour. Stupid little bastard just moved out of the way.

"Houndour, Dark Pulse," he simply commanded. His eyes widened when Houndour opened its mouth just when it was about to attack. "Umm… Darach… I forgot to take my anti-seizure medication…," he sighed.

"I'll give you a minute, run and go take your medicine. That's fine with me," I nodded. He grinned and sashayed off in his smart-ass way that he already is. Smart-ass is taking the highest-levelled math classes, quantum mechanics, biochemistry, chemical engineering and astrophysics. Crazy ass, I swear to God I'm going to kick his ass if says another word about how fucking smart he is.

"Star…," she landed beside me.

"It's OK Staraptor, we'll defeat him, even if we don't – we can try again. I'd do anything to be with Caitlin. I'm tired of greasing up my hair. It makes me look ridiculous. I need to look nice… I'm taking a shower as soon as this battle ends," I sat down on the floor next to Staraptor. She tucked her feet under her belly and snuggled up to me. "I don't know what else to do."

"Hey Darach, what are you doing on the floor?" I jumped up and turned around to see Dahlia. She was beautiful but not my type, besides, Palmer proposed to her.

"Whoa, Dahlia, you scared the hell out of me there! Please tell me when you're coming, could you please tell me when you're behind me? I'd appreciate it."

"Oh sorry about that, I'll warn you next time. I forget that you don't like being snuck up on," she patted my head. "I have to go now, plan more of my wedding!" She pranced off.

"Bye then," I shrugged. I smiled because I was more than just invited to her wedding, I was her best man. That was an honour and I really appreciated it. No one has ever asked me to be his or her best man. I sighed and stood up. I looked over to the corner to see Thorton's Houndour sitting in the corner sleeping. I smiled again and walked over to one of the vending machines. Thorton, being a smartass that he already is, told me how to get several sodas only inserting the right amount of money for one soda. I smirked, inserted the money and pushed these buttons: first, last, middle and first again. Out popped two Cokes and two Dr Peppers. Staraptor chirped happily and grabbed two of them with her feet. She flew over to one of the many tables and put them down on it.

"Cheers to another beautiful afternoon. I wonder where Thorton is," I opened the Dr Pepper and started chugging it. "I know Caitlin doesn't like me doing this… I told I'd stop but I can't. I love sodas so much, it's not even funny."


"Yes, I should get off my lazy ass and actually do something. I'm thinking of going Hoenn for a while, how does that sound? Shall we go visit my sister there? Hmm?"

"Star!" She chirruped happily.

"I take that as a 'yes', so let's go, after Dahlia and Palmer's wedding. It'll be fun," I grinned. "I wonder what's taking so long, I hope Thorton's okay…" I looked at Staraptor. "Boy, how I'd love to have some nice French wine now. Maybe a drink of Chardonnay with Caitlin?"

Thorton's POV

I looked long and hard into the mirror. I sighed. I didn't want to take this medicine the rest of life. "My life will never be the same… if I forget; I'll just end up hurting myself…"

"Cheer up Thorton, I'm here with you, I'll always be here to remind you to take it Thorton, don't let it get to you. Just be yourself and I don't care if you have to take it I'm your best friend."

"You're right Shaymin; I just have to be myself!" I smiled. "Do want to watch us battle? I know I can't use you, but you can watch if you want to."

"Sure thing, hon," she replied and flew around the bathroom. I smiled and walked back to where Darach and I were battling.

Darach's POV

I looked the ground because I was bored of waiting for Thorton. I was about to fall asleep when Thorton came back. He looked… different? He had straightened out his hair, put on a tuxedo with a rose in the pocket, black slacks and a white undershirt; he also had fancy black shoes instead of his regular shoes. He also got rid of his yarmulke-looking thing on his head. I know he had tried to grow a moustache but he had gotten rid of that, too. For once, he was smiling and walking elegantly rather than sashaying. "Hello," he smiled while bowing.

My jaw dropped and locked in its place. What was he doing? Was he copying me? All I could make was a gagging noise in the back of my throat. "T-Thorton… I'm not gay but I must say… you look fucking gorgeous! I-I mean beautiful!"

"Are you sure you're all right? Are you sure you're not gay?"

"Yes," I lied. "But no… I'm actually bi. I have been for a while now. My sister had a boyfriend and we became good friends even when she broke up with him. He was fucking sexy, I must admit. I did some things that were unforgivable though… not telling you what they are though, because it was extremely embarrassing when I got caught."

"Oh… umm OK then," he replied. "Prepare to lose though, because I'm ready to take Caitlin out for a date!"

I smirked.