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Chapter 2

"So, how many Pokémon do you want to use?" I asked.

"Let's do one-on-one, because I get bored of battling sometimes." That didn't seem like him, but I just shrugged. Thorton's Shaymin sat on one of the many tables, eyeing us like a hawk. "Go Houndour!" Thorton commanded. The small dog yawned, looked up and cocked his head. He barely moved as he walked to the middle of the ring.

"Thorton, I think he's tired," I sighed sharply, tsking. The little dog whined and ran behind me, hiding between my legs. "He's just a puppy… where did you even get him?"

"I dunno," he slurred. Typical – he has random Pokémon of unknown origins all the time.

"Ooh! A battle!" Argenta squealed happily. Oh Lord, shoot me down. She is normally calm until a battle ensues. She loves watching them like what Shaymin is doing.

"Hi," we both said in unison to her.

"Loser gets to take Argenta out," Thorton smirked. She was gobsmacked and had the 'what-are-you-talking-about?-Me?' look on her face. I sighed and waited for him to let a Pokémon out. He finally got a poke ball from his belt, tossing it on the ground. A Zapdos appeared.

"Where the hell did you get that?" my jaw dropped .I shouldn't have asked.

"I dunno," he shrugged. I sighed. It didn't matter anymore where he got his Pokémon. He was just going to say 'I dunno' in his slurring yet nearly German accent. It was a light accent but I could tell it was German. I don't what kind of accent I have, probably Irish. My name is even Irish for "oak".

I smirked. I had my secret weapon – an Entei I had found when I went to Johto for two years. Smartass was too dumbass to know that I had an Entei. I only use it for battlers that battle me for the Gold Print. Staraptor cawed and perched on one of the joists above. The poke ball was hidden in the profundity of my belt, so no one could find it. Staraptor was smart – he already knew what I was doing. He knew exactly which Pokémon I was going to use. "Go!" I threw it on the ground. Thorton sniggered.

"You put seals on your poke ball?" he burst out laughing but it soon ended just as soon as the blue flames cleared. He seemingly choked on his own expectorate. "A-an Entei – where did the hell did you get that?"

"'I dunno'," I replied teasingly. "No, I'm joking. I lived in Johto for two years. I befriended him and he accepted me. Just like how Noland befriended his Articuno! Now, let's start! Go, use Eruption!" I smirked. Entei roared and smoke gushed out of his mouth. Hot embers crashed town on the Zapdos, weakening and burning it. The Zapdos screeched, trying to shake the pain away. Thorton shuddered. The ash and lava dispersed. Staraptor seemingly chuckled.

"Predictable," he waggled his finger. "Now I know you have an Entei. All right Zapdos, let's use Shock Wave!" he ordered. Zapdos opened its mouth and released a light blue ray at Entei – causing him to flinch slightly. He shook it off and his eyes glowed yellow.

"Use Extrasensory, then Entei," I commanded. He fired a multicoloured beam from his eyes. Zapdos responded with a Shock Wave but the two attacks cancelled each other out. Alternatively, I thought it did, until I saw that part of the beam had hit Zapdos between the eyes. Zapdos screeched as I smirked. It felt to the floor, fainting.

Thorton lost to my best and strongest Pokémon. The arrogant, overconfident son-of-a-bitch lost. I started laughing. "I finally won," I smirked again. "That's what you get for being overconfident."

Argenta squealed and grabbed Thorton's arms. She had the tightest grip of any woman I had ever seen. "I get to take you out!" she giggled. She gave him a big smooch on the cheek, causing him get a hard-on; she gasped at this. No one had loved him quite like that. "Thorton… oh I have a secret! I love you! I always have!" she hugged him tightly. I chuckled.

"See you later Thorton, I have a princess I need to escort to the Survival Area!"

"Why Survival Area?" Argenta asked, cocking her head. "That's not sophisticated enough! Go to the Resort Area!" she winked. I sighed.

"All right, I'll go there then. Maybe she'll like it. Thanks."

"You're welcome!" she giggled, not letting go of Thorton. Thorton had the biggest blush on his face, trying to hide his hard-on. It didn't fool her though; she could see and feel it.

Thorton's POV

I watched Darach walk off while his Staraptor and Entei followed him as well. My blushing certainly didn't fool Argenta, she certainly saw and felt my hard-on. She kissed me deeply, her tongue touching mine, letting go of my thin arms. I moaned happily, "…I love you too, Argenta… I was just too scared to say so…"

"I knew it… ever since you first laid eyes on me…" she didn't seem to be herself – she was calm, not squealing like a little girl. "I have another secret. I want to be calm, like you. I want to stop screaming. I don't think it's right for someone my age. I think I have ADHD or something."

I sighed, this reminding me of my meds. "I'm sure there are meds for it, but I dunno," I slurred. "I have a secret too. I want to be like Darach. I'm tired of being so arrogant. I want to be normal… I want to be loyal, proud, humble, selfless… or whatever…" I threw my arms around her; she patted me on the back.

"Shh… it's all right hon," she calmly.

"H-hey… would you like to come with me to Jubilife City and eat some dinner at my house? I'm not a very good cook but I can cook some things…"

"Sure, that'd be nice," she nodded.

"All right, let's go," I smiled and nodded while letting out two Pidgeot….

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