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Also for Zetsu, if it is bolded that means that it's Black Zetsu. If it is normal, that means that it's White Zetsu. And if it is underlined that means that Black and White Zetsu are talking at the same time.

"Wake up, wake up, Hidan better wake up." Someone sang ripping Hidan from his sleep. Hidan's eyes fluttered open and the person sang again.

"Up, up, out of bed, Hidan's such a sleepy head."

Hidan groaned and got out of bed to move over to his open bedroom window

"What is it Tobi?" Hidan asked leaning out the window looking down at him.

"Tobi thought it would be fun to come get you." a boy with black hair said happily from behind an orange swirlly mask.

"Uh…ok…why?" Hidan asked looking at Tobi as if he were a short giraffe.

"Are you serious hm?" a boy with long blond hair that was kept in a high pony tail asked.

"I told you he was in his own little world Deidara." a more gruff voice said from behind a mask.

"Oh shut up Kakuzu." Hidan grumbled giving the group an angry gesture with his middle finger.

"Watch it Hidan or you'll be missing that finger!" Kakuzu threatened irritatedly

"Well if you're going to be like that, what's today huh?" the tallest of the group with blue hair and blue skin asked.

"What are you talking about? It's Saturday." Hidan Replied.

The group laughed.

"Are you kidding?" the blue-skinned boy asked chuckling softly.

"It's Monday hm." Deidara added.

"Yes, and it's the first day of School" a composed boy with long black hair and red eyes said matter-of-factly.

"Wh-what!?" Hidan's eyes widened to sizes that could rival ostrich eggs, "No way!"

"Yeah! I know! Tobi's excited too!" Tobi cheered happily.

"So I'm guessing you're not ready hm?" Deidara asked.

"N-no!" Hidan stuttered

"Well then, maybe you should call Zetsu-san?" Tobi suggested "He can get here to get you and back to the school in no time flat."

"Oh yeah! Zetsu!" Hidan said relieved, "Thanks Tobi!" Hidan rushed back into his room "I'll meet up with your guys latter ok!?"

"Ok." the group replied and walked off. Hidan hurriedly pulled out his cell phone from his pants pocket and dialed Zetsu's cell phone number. After several rings a two toned boy answered the pone.

"Hello?" the tones said in unison.

"Hey Zetsu, Hey I need you to come get me."

"What?" black Zetsu asked somewhat irritatedly.

"Um," Hidan mumbled "Could you please come and get me?"

"Why should we come and get you?" black Zetsu questioned again

"Because, I didn't know that today was the first day of school."

"Really?" White Zetsu asked this time.

"Y-yeah, so do you think you could come get me?"

"Well, why should we?" white Zetsu asked. "Maybe this would be a good lesson for you Hidan?" black Zetsu added.

"Wh-what?" Hidan stuttered, "A-aw, C'mon Zetsu." Hidan mumbled "Come on, Zu-Zu, please?"

"Hm? What was that?"

Hidan felt himself begin to turn red "Aw…C-c'mon Zuuu-Zuuu, pwease? Pwetty pwease Zu-Zu?" Hidan was going to continue but stopped when he heard Zetsu chuckling in the background.

"Zu-Zu?" Hidan asked, he blushed and cleared his throat quickly "I-- er-- Zetsu!"

Zetsu laughed, "Yeah, yeah, I know." Black and white Zetsu said together "Be there in a second." The call ended and a few moments later there was a soft humming noise coming from outside Hidan's window. Hidan moved over to the window and leaned out to see a half black and half white boy with green hair standing there looking up at him with his yellow eyes.

"Not wearing a shirt today Hidan?" black Zetsu asked.

Hidan looked down at his chest to see that he was in fact not wearing a shirt.

"Are you trying to impress us or something?"

Hidan blushed faintly "Shut-- Shut up Zetsu!"

"Just get ready and get down here Hidan!" White Zetsu said chuckling softly.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Hidan said quickly moving away from the window to get ready. When he was finished he returned to the window. "Ok, I'm ready!" he called down to Zetsu.

"Ok," white Zetsu said "C'mon down then!" black Zetsu added.

"Ok!" Hidan said climbing onto the window still, "You should catch me Zetsu!"

"Catch you!?" black and white Zetsu said together, slightly alarmed. He thought for a moment, "Fine!" White Zetsu began, "But you have to call us 'Zu-Zu' from now on!" black Zetsu finished.

Hidan paused to contemplate his decision, "Well…fine! You ready to catch me then Zu-Zu!?"

Zetsu smiled, "Yep, ready!" the two replied.

"Good!" Hidan said jumping off the window still, falling down from his second story window into Zetsu's arms with a soft grunt, a louder one sounding from the other.

"You ok Zu-Zu?" Hidan asked looking at him.

"Yeah, fine. You just landed strangely." White Zetsu said as they lowered him to the ground.

"Oh, ok." Hidan said.

"C'mon, let's go." Black and white Zetsu said taking Hidan's hand into his and sinking into the ground.

"Eh, this is weird." Hidan said moving closer to Zetsu underground.

Zetsu looked over at Hidan "Hm? Are you afraid?" black and white Zetsu asked a smirk in his voice.

"Wh-what? Psshh! Of course not!"

Zetsu Shrugged "Whatever." Black Zetsu said "Ok we're here." white Zetsu said. They rose out of the ground. "Woo, Hideyoshi High School." Black and white Zetsu said sarcastically.

Hidan looked around the room that they rose into, "Hey Zet-- er, Zu-Zu, where are we?"

"In our first class." Black Zetsu said. "You happen to have your first class with us." White Zetsu added.

"Ok, that's cool. I can get a ride with you to school every morning now Zu-Zu." Hidan said nudging Zetsu in the side smiling.

"Yeah, yeah ok." Black and White Zetsu said and smiled.

"Ok, ok. Everyone sit." The teacher said talking above the chatter of the students in the room. The class slowly calmed down and everyone took their seats, students mumbling amongst one another while the teacher wrote something on the black board.

"I am Mr. Aburame," He said pointing to his name that he wrote on the board, "I will be your Biology teacher." he said at length. He paused and looked around the room at the students and slowly continued. "Ok, I'm going to take roll…say something when your name is called." Mr. Aburame picked up a sheet of paper and began reading off name, "Akihiko?"

"Here." Akihiko said raising his hand into the air.

Hidan sighed and began trying to find something to do that interested him. Hidan looked over to his left and noticed that he was sitting next to Zetsu, "Hey Zu-Zu, looks like I sit next to you." Hidan said turning towards him, "Heh, I feel kinda bad for ya."

Zetsu blinked and looked over at Hidan, "Hm? Why do you feel bad for us?" Black and White Zetsu asked together.

"Why? Well, 'cause I'm annoying, and am supposedly an 'ugly-ass-cock-sucking-bitch-with-no-dick'"

"Whoa…what?" White Zetsu asked "Who said that?" Black Zetsu asked.

Hidan looked around "Yeah, that kid, Akihiko Takamochi." He said pointing to a boy neat the front with gray short hair.

"Him? The one with the gray hair?" White Zetsu asked clarifying that he was the guy.

"Yep, that's him." Hidan said leaning back in his chair.

"Just you wait, he's not going to show up at school for a while starting tomorrow." Black Zetsu said leaning back in his chair as well.

Hidan chuckled. "Ok, thanks Zu-Zu-chan" Hidan said smiling over at Zetsu.

"Mm-hm." Black and white Zetsu said smiling happily back at Hidan.

"Hidan?" Mr. Aburame asked from the front of the classroom.

"Huh?" Hidan looked up at him, "Oh, Here."

"Ok, Zetsu?"

"Here." Black and White Zetsu said together.

"Ok, so that's everybody." Mr. Aburame said setting down the sheet, "Now, we begin the lesson on insects…" My Aburame said picking up a piece of chalk. "Ok…so insects are…"

Hidan Yawned and looked around the room.

"Well, this is going to be boring…" Hidan mumbled. After yawning once more Hidan stared off into space acting like he was paying attention for the rest of the class.