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Hidan was shivering, not from the chill of the theater, but from the absolute fear that resided inside him. Yeah, thanks to the simply delightful movie that's playing out in front of him, the poor Jashinist is shaking like a leaf. He can't remember the last time he was this scared! He had started shaking around when the 7th person had been killed and he 6th person had turned into a blood thirsty cannibal who then ventured out surely to eat people.

"Zetsu either hasn't notice my freaking out…or he has…but doesn't care." Hidan thought frowning at the thought. Just then an arm wrapped around Hidan's shoulders, surprising the Jashinist.

Hidan looked up to the owner of the arm and smiled slightly at the sight of Zetsu looking own at him worriedly, regret etched into his features.

"Hidan, are you ok?" the bipolar asked guilt oozing from his voice.

The zealot nodded and smiled slightly wider, trying to show casing that he was ok.

Zetsu furrowed his brow skeptically and the zealots attempt "But, you're shaking like a leaf." he muttered looking the Jashinist over.

Hidan's smile turned into a frown and he looked down at his shaking hands. "I… I'm sorry Zetsu." the zealot shrugged the plant man's arm away from his shoulders. "I-I'll just leave, I…don't want to be a burden to you." he said beginning into raise from the seat. Hidan yelped in time with someone getting their throat ripped out by a Cannibal, the blaring music masking his cry enough so that only Zetsu heard him. But the zealot hadn't yelped because of the movie, he had yelped because Zetsu pulled him down away from the aisle and into his lap.

Hidan blushed darkly, distracted for a moment but then remembered his situation. "Z-Zetsu…I…can't…" He whispered trailing off.

Zetsu shook his head, wrapping his arms around the Jashinist's waist slowly, "It's ok," he soothed holding the zealot closer to him. "The movie's almost over."


Zetsu shook his head again "It's ok, nothing bad can happen if you're with us."

Hidan nodded slowly "B-but…the…the movie's."

"We'll distract you." the plant man said gripping Hidan's chin lightly and turning his head back so he was facing him.

"H-How?" the Jashinist asked looking up at the bipolar.

"Oh, I'm sure we'll think of something." Zetsu said leaning in, capturing the Jashinist's lips in a kiss. Hidan's eyes widened, a dark blush flooding his cheeks. The kiss, through shocking to him at first, slowly melted the Jashinist as he began to relax and lean into the kiss. Zetsu smiled into the kiss and moved one of his hands to the back of the zealot's head cupping it in his hand and pulling him closer, deepening the kiss.

Hidan whined softly as the plant man pulled back from the kiss.

Zetsu chuckled and gripped Hidan's chin lightly.

"Wh-what?" the zealot asked blushing darkly

"You stopped shaking." He said smiling softly.

Hidan blinked, he really had stopped shaking.

Zetsu smiled wider and pulled the shocked Jashinist up against him, the Zealot laying his head on the plant man's shoulder slowly.

"Are you still scared?" the bipolar asked resting a hand on top of Hidan's head, running his hand through his hair soothingly.

Hidan whimpered in reply

"Shh," the bipolar soothed running his hand through his hair again. "It's ok Hidan."

Zetsu leaned down and kissed the Jashinist forehead. "We can go if you want," he said rubbing the others back soothing, "We could go out to eat or something."

"Mm," Hidan shook his head slowly, "No," he murmured, "We should stay here."

"But, I thought that you didn't like the movie Hidan?" Zetsu questioned looking curiously at the Jashinist.

Hidan nodded, "Well, yeah, but I want to see how it ends now." Hidan said smiling slightly "So I know what to do if it actually happens." said an embarrassed grin spreading across his face.

Zetsu chuckled softly "Well, ok then, if you say so. Then you can be safe from the man eaters right?"

Hidan laughed weakly, "Heh, yeah." he said looking at the screen hesitantly.

Zetsu smiled softly, "Hey."

The Jashinist looked back at the other, and blushed darkly as his lips were captured in a kiss.

"It's ok Hidan," The plant man said running his hand through the zealot's hair.

Hidan blushed darker is possible.

"We'll keep you safe."

Hidan smiled softly "Thank you Zetsu." he said leaning his back against Zetsu and slowly looking back to the movie.

Just then a realization sprung on the Jashinist. Zetsu was, no, is a cannibal! A jolt of fear surged through him. He glanced back at Zetsu, the plant man's mouth open wide as he let out a yawn, his very very sharp teeth in perfect view. Hidan shivered and looked back at the screen quickly. "A man's getting his leg eaten off…how lovely." Hidan looked down at his hands and fumbled with them unsuccessfully trying to get his mind on something other than the cannibal whose lap he was sitting in.

"No no no, Zetsu wouldn't eat me… he's my friend…more than my friend, my Zu-Zu, right?" just then Hidan heard a low rumble come from the bipolar's stomach, followed by a grumble of distaste from the hungry plant man. Zetsu slowly wrapped his arms around the zealot's waist, tightly, possessively.

The Jashinist's eyes widened "Fuck it!" Hidan screamed mentally, killing several brain cells, "Zetsu going to Fucking eat me!"

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