This story is focused on Alice, but it is not from her actual point of view. This story has chapters in which there are detailed, explicate scenes so if it is not your thing to read, I would advise you now to not read this story, as the explicate chapters are necessary for the entire plot.
I am only going to say this now, and not again in the story as it gets annoying and I don't ant to get told off for forgetting it, but Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland,' the characters and any places from the movie do NOT belong to me; I am only temporarily borrowing them for now. So don't sue.

Chapter One: A New Page of a New Life

Resting in the sitting room, gazing out of the wide glass window, Alice calmly drinks her tea with a far-away look in her eyes. Warm sunlight shines into the room, spilling everywhere throughout the room and onto Alice and her faded blue chair. With her hair left in its usual curls and waves and spilling down her back, a deep blue dress on her body and soft, but sturdy, brown shoes, Alice looked much the part of a simple woman from any ordinary place. But her entire being wasn't; she had travelled across seas and oceans in order to settle trade for the country of England, hoping to create unions with other countries, including China in the plan. Placing the cup onto the small wooden table beside the chair, she folded her hands together on her lap, content to just sit there and ignore everything else around her.

A knock from the door echoes throughout the room, but Alice ignored the sound, not making a move or noise in response to the action. Her mind drifts back over what had happened to her life in a year, changing her ideas, ambitions and views on life. Leaning back into the faded chair and resting her now throbbing head, Alice let a sigh escape her, continuing to look out the window at nothing in particular. Blurred colours filled her vision: reds, blues, yellows, greens, browns and other colours in between. Not noticing another knock that came from the other side of the door asking or entrance, her eyes darted to a small movement outside the window; a petite brown sparrow hoped over the windowsill, pecking for food. Standing slowly, Alice softly treaded towards the glass, not wanting to frighten the bird off. Standing there and just watching, mesmerised by the small bird's antics, her eyes observed its form.

Placing a hand on the window, the bird fly off at the action, leaving Alice to watch its path before her gaze was directed at a tall tree at the top o a hill at the back o the property; a tree with an unusual rabbit hole at the base o it that led to a wonderful place. Taking a seat on the ledge of the window, the saddened woman leaned her face against the warm window, reminiscing on the past year.

After returning to England after her second trip to Underland and talking to Lord Ascott about a trade route to China, Alice had become an instant apprentice to the old man and learn the ropes behind the business. After learning from him over the time period of two months, the young apprentice was finally deemed ready to journey out to the world. With it being her idea, she was given the privilege to sail on the first journey to China, to help with negotiations, stock holds and the worth of the goods that would be traded. It didn't start off easy, because of the language barrier between the two groups, but after using hand signals, body gestures and then finally a skilled translator found travelling, the representatives and the traders were finally able to communicate and arrange an agreement of trade between them. It didn't start off well, and it continued to get worse.

Because of the need to travel by ship to reach trade stations on time, there was always the risk of storms and pirates on the waters. At times, the products were lost or stolen, making it impossible for trading to happen. Both countries began to lose much money, and pressure was greatly put onto Alice's shoulders most of the time. The strain of the company became too great at times that the poor girl would decide to return to England or a break every few weeks or so, where she was greatly welcomed by family.

After returning to the trade base in China and unable to leave, Alice dispatched a letter to her family, saying that a trip to meet with them again would have had to be delayed for no more than a month. Burying her head into the paperwork required for the trade to hopefully manage to come out successfully, the frazzled woman began to lose sleep and day-dreamed more often, recalling her small adventures in Underland.

Working well into the night, poor Alice received a telegram, which caused her to fall in shock and forget the current paperwork in front of her. Standing up from behind the desk she was sitting at, her hand clutching at the small piece of paper holding the news, she walked outside and past all the people and workers, who had stopped to see what she wanted. They were very surprised when, instead of giving out instructions, their manager started running flat out, away from the building and wharf towards the forest, disappearing for over an hour.

After returning, her clothing ripped from being caught on the branches of trees, dirt around the hem of her dress and red rimming her eyes, Alice decides to place another person in charge of the work she neglected before packing her bags and setting sail on the next ship headed for England and home. She couldn't stand being around others who don't know her, or attempt to be sympathetic about her curse. She wanted those that she knew surrounding her, to again see familiar aces instead of just colleagues.

Upon arriving on the wharf in England, tears filled her blue eyes, thinking that this was the last place they would have been on land before setting off. Hoisting her carry bag over her shoulder, the depressed lass marched over to her mentor's office or the last time in her life. Being shown into the main room, Alice waited or Lord Ascott to arrive, so that she could quickly break her request to him and leave.

"Alice? You wanted me?"

Turning around at his voice coming from the side door, she couldn't stop the tears that began to pool around her eyes. Biting her lip in order to get under control, she steps forward and announces that she has decided to finish her career with the trade company, wishing to stay in England. His eyes, filled with pity at the reason behind her request, nods is head sorrowfully before walking up to her. Wrapping his strong arms around her tiny frame, he states that she is always welcome to either come and visit or live with his family should she wish to.

Unable to hold the tears in any longer, embraces the old man back, crying into his shoulder all the tears she had stopped herself from letting escape. Unable to do anything else except stand there and offer the crying female support, rubbing his hands on her back to comfort and soothe her.

After recovering from her little crying spell, Alice returned back to her house and packed up all personal belongings before sending a message to Ascott Manor, asking if it may be possible for them to set a permanent room for her to stay in. Receiving a positive reply, she sends all of her packed up belongings into a waiting carriage, asking him to deliver the contents safely to the Manor, staying behind to sell her house so that she may depart from her life of before.

Having spent four months residing with the Ascott family, Alice and Lady Ascott's relationship was one of mutual closeness instead of possible daughter-in-law and evil mother-in-law. But it was a different story with Hamish, for he began to hound her, continuously asking for marriage between the two of them. At every request she turned him down, and at every denial he became more furious and determined to take her as his.

His mother understood the reason behind her denials and tried to explain the reasoning behind her rejections to her son, but Hamish ignored what she said. Lady Ascott constantly watched her son, fearing for Alice as the poor girl really had no idea of the determination behind Hamish's ambitions, nor the lengths he could go to so as to achieve his goals.

As for Alice, though, she felt lost and lonely, settling for day-dreaming about her friends in Underland now, wanting to go back to them and the eventful life she had had on her trips down below. Life above ground, she felt, had turned dull and bleak now that her most important reason to stay above had been taken away from her, and longed for freedom and liveliness that accompanied Underland.

Startled out of her musings by a loud knock coming from the door of the sitting room, Alice jumped at the intrusion. Hopping off the ledge, she ran across the room to open the door. Noticing it was one of Lady Ascotts personal attendants standing there, she let out a small but apologetic smile. Huffing in impatience, the attendant gruffly declared that she needed to quickly go to Lady Ascott's chambers now, for a matter of emergency had suddenly cropped up and Alice was needed, so that she may receive further information and a list of things that need to be done around the house.

Nodding in understanding, Alice walked out into the dim hallway and smoothed the creases out of the front of her now crumpled dress before setting off to the other side of the building.