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This is the SamCasDean ending and the final chapter to this fic! Enjoy!

Chapter 21b

Castiel was curled up in a ball, shivering. A distant part of his mind recognised it as shock but he couldn't concentrate on it. All he knew was he was cold and everything hurt.

"Cas!" A voice called and he whimpered, curling tighter until warm hands touched him and then he tried to get closer to that warmth. "What did they do to you?" The voice whispered, pulling him into its arms. Castiel clung to the one holding him, needing the warmth and closeness to ground him. Slowly he managed to open his eyes to see scared green staring back at him.

"De...D...Dean..." He managed to get out eventually and the demon relaxed.

"Yeah Cas, I've got you. Sammy's on his way, we're gonna take care of you now." Dean whispered gently.

"Hurts." Castiel whimpered and Dean frowned.

"What hurts Cas? Where's the pain?" Dean questioned and Castiel shivered.

"Everywhere. Wings..." Castiel bit back a scream as Dean's hand ghosted over where his wings used to be.

"Shh, it's all right, just hold on." Dean murmured and then smiled as Sam appeared.

"You found him." Sam breathed in relief but then he got a good look at the angel he had come to call friend. "What happened?"

"Don't know, he was like this when I found him. He's freezing and his wings...it looks like they were torn out Sam. We have to help him!" Dean said and Sam wrapped his arms around them both.

"We will Dean. Cas, can you close your eyes for a little bit?" Sam asked and Castiel obediently shut them. As soon as he did Sam transported them to Hell. They moved Castiel over to their bed and his eyes opened. He whimpered in fear as he looked around and Dean crawled up beside him, moving him so the angel's head was in his lap.

"It's okay Castiel, you know we're not going to hurt you." Dean soothed, running his fingers through the short hair. He kept it up as Sam gently removed Castiel's clothes, both of their eyes flashing in anger at what was revealed."Who did this to you?" Dean whispered and Castiel shuddered.

"Others." He answered.

"You're going to stay with us now, okay Cas? You'll never go back there and we'll protect you." Sam promised and blue eyes slowly focused on him.

"Sammy, how can we stop them?" Dean whispered, hoping Castiel wouldn't hear him.

"If...if he was one of us..." Sam pondered and Dean's eyes went wide. "I know you're attracted to him Dean, we both are." Sam whispered and Dean blushed slightly.

"Could we make this work?"

"We have to for his sake." Sam answered and Dean nodded. He knew it was all they could do, Castiel was still an angel, despite what had been done to him and so could not stay in hell for long. "Cas? We can make it better but you'll never be able to go back if we do." Sam told him and Castiel stared at him with wide eyes.

"Would you like to stay with us Cas? We won't let anyone hurt you." Dean told him and Castiel looked between them before nodding hesitantly. Both demons wanted to kill a few angels for what they'd done to the usually strong angel in their arms. No angel should ever be so broken.

"It might hurt a little but then it'll get better, you can squeeze our hands if it helps, okay?" Sam asked and Castiel nodded, gripping their hands. Sam's features shifted and he lowered his face to the angel's neck. Castiel whimpered but then forced himself to stay still. Dean's free hand gently caressed Castiel's face.

"It's okay Cas, look at me. Just focus on me." Dean encouraged him and Castiel looked up at him as Sam bit down on the vein. Castiel hissed in pain, squeezing their hands tightly but he kept his eyes locked with Dean's who kept up the soothing talk. Soon he had trouble keeping his eyes open and his body began to feel heavy and unresponsive. He whimpered again and then Sam was leaning over him, blood on his lips.

"It's alright, that bits over. You have to drink as much as you can, okay?" Sam asked and Castiel managed a lethargic nod. Then Sam's wrist was in front of his mouth, the vein torn open. Castiel grimaced as the blood hit his tongue but then he was greedily swallowing the demonic blood. Sam nodded to Dean who manoeuvred Castiel until he had access to the angel's throat. He bit down gently and began draining the last of the angelic blood from him even as his body was replenished with demonic. When he had drunk it all he took Sam's place in feeding Castiel until the poor angel passed out. They wriggled around until they were under the blankets, Castiel cradled between them. Dean soon fell asleep but Sam stayed awake, watching over them. He smiled as he felt the small shift inside Castiel, he wasn't a demon yet but the process had started and his wounds were healing.

Castiel bit back a moan as gentle, warm hands massaged the skin where his wings once were. It felt odd not to have them anymore but the other changes he could feel happening tended to take his attention away from that. The changes...scared him but Dean and Sam were always with him to offer comfort. Like the massage Dean was currently giving him while Sam ran a bath. All three of them were naked, had been since they'd arrived what he guessed was several days ago and...for the first time ever he found himself noticing others nakedness. He knew he was clinging to them when they probably wanted time alone to be together now that the danger had passed but he couldn't help it, they were the one stable thing he had left.

Becoming a demon, one of the things he'd fought all his existence scared him, but not as much as it once would have. He'd spent so much time with Sam and Dean that he knew becoming a demon didn't have to change him too much. He accepted that the two were fully capable of loving each other and even humans, something his brothers had been unable to see.

After he'd woken that first time Sam had explained what was happening to him. His transformation was different to both of theirs because he'd been an angel, not human, before. It would take longer, be painful at times and would leave him weak until it was complete. It was like he had an extra step to undergo. They had gone from human, or mostly human, to demon. He had to go from angel to partly human to demon. That was why they drank his blood and then fed him theirs, they had to remove his angelic blood. Once he got past the initial pain the bloodsucking part actually wasn't that bad and he was sort of curious as to what he'd look like as a demon. Sam said he'd share similarities with them since it was their blood that was changing him.

Sam came out and between them they gently lifted Castiel from the bed and helped him into the bath, washing him and helping him stay relaxed. Castiel just soaked up the gentle touches and words, unused to such attention. He just floated limply in the water as the tended to him and then they eventually got out and put him to bed, curling around him protectively.

"Hey Bobby? Adam?" Dean called and the two males rushed into the living room where Dean was waiting.

"Dean!" His little brother yelled and Dean grinned as he caught the younger male in a quick hug. "What are you doing here? Is Sam here too?" Adam asked and Dean shook his head.

"What happened?" Bobby asked, seeing the seriousness in Dean's eyes.

"It's Cas, he….I found him in an alley in New York. The other angels…..weren't as forgiving as they made Castiel believe. He's with us now." Dean explained as he sat down, Adam beside him.

"An angel in hell….is he still an angel?" Bobby asked and Dean sighed.

"He was but as long as he was one of them they could have forcibly called him back, we couldn't let that happen. He….he was broken Bobby. They ripped his wings out. He's almost human now with just a spark of demonic power. Sam reckons he'll be a demon in another decade or so, hell time." Dean explained and Adam scowled.

"Why would they do that to him? Just because he worked with you?" Adam asked and Dean just looked over at him.

"I don't know Adam. But you two need to be extra careful, just in case. In fact here." Dean held out two leather necklaces and Bobby and Adam each took one. "These will take you straight to our living room in hell if you're in life threatening danger." Dean explained and Adam quickly lowered his over his head.

Sam kissed Castiel gently even as Dean ran his hands over the ex-angel's body, feeling the faint scars from where his wings had once been. The two took their time, knowing Castiel had never been touched in such a way before. They spent hours just gently touching and exploring his body, letting him touch all he wanted in return and then eventually Dean rolled onto his back with Castiel on top of him and then spread his legs to their new lover. Castiel stared at him in shock before Sam came up behind him and gently taught him what to do to drive Dean wild.

"Ouch!" The exclamation from the other room had Castiel sitting up and then slowly leaving the bed to stagger to the doorway. Sam and Dean were out dealing with things in hell so who had made that noise? He paused at stared at the crumpled form on the floor before it uncurled to reveal a familiar human. Castiel staggered to his side and sat down to check him for injuries.

"Hi Castiel." Adam whispered and the ex-angel nodded at him.

"What happened?"

"I was with Bobby and…..we were attacked by something, not sure…..Bobby! Is he here?" Adam sat up, or tried to before crying out in pain and Castiel put a hand on his back only to feel the wetness on the young man's shirt. He helped him sit up and was unsurprised to find a large gash on the males back. As an angel he could have healed the wound easily but now all he could do was try to stem the bleeding. The outer door burst open and Dean rushed inside, ready to fight until he saw Castile tending to Adam on the floor.

"Get into some trouble little brother?" Dean teased to hide his fear as he grabbed some cloths to clean Adam up.

"Bobby was with him." Castiel stated and Dean froze before sending that info to Sam who stopped his meeting and headed to Earth to look for the hunter.

Adam bounced into the living room excitedly, waiting impatiently for someone to realise he was there. After seeing something he really wished he could forget the one time he'd gone into the bedroom he'd learnt to simply wait in the living room when he went to hell to visit his brothers and…brother-in-law? He wasn't really sure what to call Castiel but figured it fit the new demon well enough.

He only had to wait a few minutes before Sam was wrapping him up in a welcoming hug and Adam laughed as he returned it.

"Someone in a good mood today." Sam teased, yellow eyes dancing with amusement even as the colour faded to hazel. Adam didn't find their demonic forms scary or anything but he knew they preferred appearing human when with him or Bobby.

"Open it." Adam demanded as he pushed an envelope at Sam who raised an eyebrow but did so and then hugged his little brother again.

"Congratulations!" Sam yelled and Adam grinned.

"I got in? Really?" Adam asked and Sam nodded, handing him the acceptance letter. Adam Winchester had been accepted as a pre-med student to Stanford.

From their position at the back they could see Bobby closer to the front, his wheelchair parked in an out of the way spot. Castiel stood between Sam and Dean as they watched Adam's graduation ceremony, the youngest demon leaning against his tallest lover, Sam's arm around his waist. Dean was too busy practically bouncing in place to notice the amused looks on their faces as they watched him. For someone who had hated school and had thought Sam was wasting his time with college he was rather excited to see Adam graduate. After it was done the three demons, ex-hunter and new doctor went out to dinner to celebrate.

"So do you know what you're doing next?" Dean asked and Adam nodded.

"I have a research job, looking to spinal injuries." Adam answered and they all glanced at Bobby.

"Adam…." Bobby whispered.

"If you hadn't…I just want to help you and others Bobby." Adam admitted and Bobby nodded at him, smiling proudly at the boy. They were all proud of Adam for wanting to work in such a hard field.

"Adam?" Dean yelped in shock and the newly arrived soul gave him a sheepish look.

"Hi Dean. I uh, I think I'm dead." The forty year old doctor admitted and Dean just stared at him before laughing and hugging him.

"Welcome home little brother."

The end