Hello dear readers! I've wrote this story some time back but I only manage to translate it in English today. I'm not really happy with that translation, so please, don't mind my bad grammar, it's unbeta-ed and written in a foreign language!

The time-line of this story is supposed to be after the end of the first season, when Athrun became Cagalli's bodygard. It's my own vision of how their relationship could have gone and how they grew on each other. So enjoy!!

In her room

The first time Cagalli was in Athrun's bed, she was forced to do so.

It was past midnight when Athurn came back in the manor and he wasn't pleased to find the princess still working. Since the war ended, she spent her day meeting with the Staff or the Parliament and all her nights were busy reading reports, making speeches or studying how to speed up the rebuild of Orb.

Athrun saw her every day more exhausted than the day before and since she always swore she took care of her health, he dared not insisting. He knew how her job was important. But that night, he decided that he had been patient enough and it was for her own good he had to make his move.

He had been surprised to find the lights on of the ground floor because nobody should have been up this late. Carefully and without making a sound, he headed to the kitchen of the residence where he found Cagalli sitting in front a bunch of biscuits, her eyes glued to the coffeemaker. Her natural shinny look was dim and misty and her whole body showed exhaustion. However, she refused to sleep and drank herself in sugar and caffeine to stay awake some more. Her hands shook when she reached for a cup and it was enough for the former pilot to harden his resolve. She was too tired to do anything good so without a word, Athrun slipped behind the princess and grabbed her by the waist.

Cagalli started and nearly drop her cup but Athrun reacted in time. He freed her hands and grabbed her in his arms before telling her she was going to bed. Of course, the princess protested but her bodyguard held her firmly and when she tried to escape, he swung her over his shoulder bluntly.

Athrun took her to his room and set her on his own bed without thinking what the girl would imagine. All he wanted was she rested and to be sure she did not get up, he planned to watch over her sleep therefore he had to remain by her side.

Except that when Cagalli realized where she was, she couldn't help blushing, her heart bolted and she began to panic. Of course, she was very close of Athrun and she was well aware she saw him as more than just a friend but she had never intended to be one day in his bed. Okay, well, perhaps never wasn't the best word, but she never thought it would happen so fast or like that, without her consent. But somehow, she was so embarrassed she couldn't even protest. She stayed there watching him, studying the room as if it was the first time she came, unable to move.

Athrun opened his closet and pulled out a green mass she couldn't identify. Then he began to remove his jacket and the princess held her breath. In a wavering voice, she asked her bodyguard what she was doing there, and he replied calmly she should relax.

But she was too petrified and too tensed to understand his words. So when he sit in a armchair buy the bed, he ended up staring at her, confused by her stillness. He unfolded the green cover he had taken from his closet and spread it on his legs all the way smiling at his prisoner who was still fidgeting on the edge of the mattress.

With an amused expression, he simply said: "You better sleep because I don't intend to leave you out of here before tomorrow morning."

Then he shut all the light except the lamp by his side and grabbed a book to read, forgetting completely about the girl on his bed.

Cagalli stammered a few words, speaking of a report she had to finish, but Athrun wasn't listening anymore. He was concentrated on his novel and paid no attention to her until she rose up, a firm resolve on her face. The princess immediately felt the tension grow up and with a sigh, she remarked that she didn't keep her shoes to sleep. She also took the opportunity to get her shirt out of her pants then she stretched a bit and all of that under the vigilant eyes of his bodyguard who could no longer speak. He also seemed to finally understand the possible implications of his idea by seeing her there, in his room, being put to bed.

While she was still dressed, there was an intimacy in her movements that made him blush slightly. He returned to his book and tried to forget that he was expected to sleep in those same sheets the next nights, which would probably still had traces of her perfume.

The princess turned to Athrun, hoping for a reaction when she sat on the bed with a heavy sigh, but he avoided looking at her. Finally, given his lack of interest in anything other than reading, Cagalli lay there in silence, unable to understand why, somehow, she felt disappointed. When she awoke the next morning, she needed a few moments to know where she was. The light didn't come from the right side of the bed so she thought she had fallen asleep in her office, but by a look around her, she remembered and couldn't repress a smile when she faced the green cover carefully folded on the armrest of the chair.

She was languidly stretching when Athrun left the bathroom. Her sleepy look and her tousled hair were already more than attractive, but to see her in his bed, with an attitude so natural gave him many more ideas that it should.

Cagalli smiled, slightly embarrassed of being seen doing something so familiar but Athrun didn't seem shocked at all. In a flat voice he only asked: "Did you sleep well?"

The princess nodded stupidly, unable to find his voice to answer him.

Athrun turned around and rubbed his neck, certainly painful for staying overnight in an awkward position. It was then the princess noticed that he no longer wore his usual turtleneck but a plain t-shirt, slightly rumpled, which left little room for imagination on what was underneath. When he opened the window and leaned over to admire the view, Cagalli could watch the play of muscles in his back as if he were naked and she didn't try to look away.

The cool morning air helped her to stay focus and she got up quickly before her mind began to play dirty tricks on her. She grabbed her jacket and tried to readjust her clothes but to no avail.

Athrun was still leaning on the ledge of his window and he avoided as much as possible to look at her, so she felt slightly uncomfortable.

Without facing her, he suggested casually: "You should go. If somebody see you here, it may make a lot of fuss about nothing."

Again Cagalli just nodded. A curious mixture of disappointment, frustration and anger coursed through her veins and she couldn't understand why. So carefully, she closed the door and went to her room to change.

She was certainly more relaxed than she had been in days but her mind and heart were far from calm.