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In her room

When Athrun finally accessed to Cagalli's room, he flinched, not sure of what to do. But when he crossed the threshold, all his fears and his doubts flew out the window.

Athrun was supposed to take care of the security of Orb forces' chief representative. In short, he was paid to be Cagalli's bodyguard. Nothing more, nothing less.

They came to that agreement after the war to allow him to stay on Earth. He had to take a fake identity that gave him the anonymity he needed and the princess could spend time with him without rising any question.

But now they had spend a night together, their relationship had taken a new turn and they didn't really know to proceed from there.

Athrun could always say that his duty was only to ensure the well being of the princess and nothing more, he couldn't keep his feelings from growing.

Moreover, having Cagalli with him a whole night wasn't something he regret because he really enjoyed their time alone but now, he didn't know how to react in her presence. He had no right to be more than a guard or a friend, yet he dreamed of more. And his problem was he had no idea of what she expected of him.

Didn't she realize even the effect she had on him? No, probably not.

On several occasions after that Cagalli came in his room and she never seemed to realize the trouble she put him in. She used their conversations as an excuse and then, when Athrun tried to remind her she had to sleep, she pretended she would woke up the whole manor if she left because her room was at this other end of the building, and so, she stayed with him.

It felt great to sleep with her in his arms, and he never complained about her being there. He simply knew that he shouldn't spend the night with the princess, and he feared some rumors began and they destroyed her reputation.

If words began to spread about the princess and her supposed tryst with her bodyguard, her career would be affected. And worse, he wasn't sure their relationship didn't become more than friendship with the way Cagalli clung to him some morning. She wasn't bold or anything. Her movements were always innocent, and she didn't seem to deliberately try to seduce him but she did nonetheless.

Cagalli, on the other hand, wasn't sure of what to do. She was young and innocent in some respects, but she was not naive. At seventeen, she was well aware of the possible implications of spending the night with a boy of her age. She should have talked to him about it to make everything clear and that way, she would avoid any disappointment but she couldn't find the nerve to do so. After all, what if he didn't feel the same?

Athrun was her friend, her confidant, the one on which she relied every time she doubted. He was always there for her, he listened, counseled, reassured and encouraged her without any other intention than helping. He believed in the same things, he shared her dream of peace and freedom and he understood her commitment to make a better world.

But on second thought, Athrun was more than a friend. It was the one who made her whole and she was afraid to spoil their relationship by asking more than he could give. And of course, if she had to spend her life with a man, he would be the one without any doubt.

So it was that thought which made her take a decision.

Since she had no choice about who she had to be married to, she should enjoy the little freedom she had before her wedding. All she had to do was to be discreet about it.

And she knew Athrun enough not to fear he started bargain about those things. Plus, she was tired of waiting for him to make his move.

She liked sleeping in his arms and she could be happy with just his mere presence by her side, but an obscure part of herself demanded more. Deep down, she expected things she couldn't even imagine but her body became each time more explicit in what it needed. When she awoke against Athrun, she needed his warmth, his breath on her skin, his hands on her back.

She wanted to feel him closer and she always ended up curled in the crook of his neck to soak up in his sent. When she kissed him, she no longer content herself with his cheek. Her lips traveled from his ear to his mouth, nipping and biting so much she often left red spot on his neck. She dared not start a real passionate kiss, or explore his body, but she became increasingly bolder as the weeks passed.

And Athrun answered positively, although he showed a great restraint. He didn't want to rush things, and even if she appreciated his delicacy, she had no reason to wait.

That evening, they talked quietly in the living room. More and more, Athrun remained inside the house, despite the warm of the night to avoid being trapped when she pretended to be cold but wanted to continue their conversation and, therefore, followed him in his room.

Cagalli had noted his discomfort and she knew perfectly well the cause. She had seen the desire in his eyes the last time when she was lying on him, and she remembered the lust burned in her belly as she left his bed.

She had felt naked and vulnerable under those green orbs but instead of being frightened, she had been delighted. And once she knew she could arouse him, she tried to do so on various occasions but nothing seemed to make him lose his control. And as she really wanted to seduce him she decided tonight was the night. She wouldn't try to go in his room, instead, she chose to lead him directly into hers.

They were having a good time together, they talked about everything and nothing, leaving politics behind and only focusing on issues far more trivial.

Cagalli had no idea of the time and she was surprised when she felt Athrun's hand on her shoulder. One minute, they were laughing because of an old story where she had nearly make Manna worried sick by her antics and suddenly, everything quieted.

The former pilot smiled tenderly at her, then he glanced at the entrance to the room and suggested her to go to sleep. He dreaded this moment, knowing what may follow but he couldn't let her stay awake too long. It was another busy day tomorrow, and she needed to rest. It was still quite early, but he didn't want her to exhaust herself once more.

And contrary to what he feared, the princess didn't try to go in his room. She simply remind him he also had a horrible schedule and therefore he too should go to sleep. Immediately, Athrun became suspicious and suspected some kind of trap, so he went upstairs with her to make sure she really went in her room and didn't play a trick that would result of her being in his bed once more.

But she didn't. She was quite good and without any argument, she made it to her door. As Athrun leaned over to say good night and kiss her gently on the forehead, Cagalli snuggled against him and after taking a good breath, she whispered against his neck: "Stay with me"

It was all she managed to say but the invitation was enough.

Athrun hesitated and wondered if he had heard correctly, until she looked at him in the eye and added: "Don't you want to?"

Athrun swallowed hard. The lamp in the throat was thick but he still found his voice to answer.

"What if we're found out ? Can you imagine the scandal and the consequences..."

Cagalli took his hand to make him come and when he refused to move, she said gently: "Mana is the only one who can brag in my room and she had already seen us together so there is no problem. And she's already convinced we're lovers for weeks, so well..."

This time, Athrun saw her blush when she turned her head to look at him. He cleared his throat and asked in a shaking voice: "Doesn't it bother you?"

He swallowed oncemore to regain his composure and said, still embarrassed, "I mean, it's not true..."

The princess merely shrugged her shoulders. "Why? It is up to you to make it true. "

Athrun gasped and without realizing it, he dropped her hand.

She couldn't suggest what he understood. There had to be a mistake somewhere. This wasn't right. They weren't married, not even engaged, and she was promised to someone else! And he wasn't worth of her. She was a princess, the chief representative of a powerful nation, the leader of a whole country, while he, was a mere soldier on the run hiding to avoid having to confront his past ... It was ridiculous!

He tried to explain, but she wasn't listening. She let him speak, and when he had finished, she stood just before him and declared: "If you don't want me, I understand. You just say so and I'll stop being a nuisance. I thought you felt the same as me but I could be wrong. "

She seemed to stay calm as she talked but inside, she was a mess. He was the boy she was in love and obviously, he wasn't as interested as she had thought.

As he kept silence, she felt a painfully familiar burn in the corners of her eyes, but she refused to cry in front of him so she focused on the wall and breathed slowly to calm the frantic beat of her heart. She was neither embarrassed nor angry, just deeply humiliated. She had ruined everything and she wasn't sure how she could save the situation. How she could she face him after that?

Athrun saw the quick rise and fall of her chest, too fast to be honest and he realized how much he had hurt her with his idiotic fears. Slowly, he extended his hand toward her and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Cagalli, it's not that I don't want you. Far from it."

She finally turned to him and he could see the fear in her eyes, as if she dreaded the result of what he had to say.

He smiled and gathered his courage to continue.

"Think about your reputation ... I'm your bodyguard and nothing more and you deserve so much bet..."

He couldn't finish his sentence. Her lips were fiercely put on his, silencing him efficaciously. When Cagalli finally freed him, it was to make a simple and definitive conclusion.

"I don't care about what you do, Athrun. I know perfectly well who you are and you are more worthy than anyone else to me. Your job or your past didn't matter, what matters is the man I have in front of me now. "

"Are you sure that's what you want?" He looked straight into her eyes and felt his will weaken. Would he leave her like that, just on a silly principle?
She tried to speak but couldn't find her voice so she just nodded.

Athrun sighed and took a step back. He reached the door, frightening the princess for a few long seconds, until she saw him closed it and leaned against it with a sheepish smile on his lips.

"I can't disobey my princess' orders."

Cagalli stared at him, stunned by this response, but before she could protest, Athrun wrapped his arms around her waist and placed his forehead on hers to add: "I'm flattered that you honor me that way, my lady and I hope to be worthy to enjoy it more than once ... "

He kissed her tenderly, playing with his tongue over her lips before bringing her to her bed.

Cagalli pulled him towards her, while lying down comfortably and she replied with a smile: "I think we should find an agreement to make this measure an habit. After all, my safety depends on it. Who knows what could happen with only me in such a large room... "

"Or a huge bed."

The princess helped Athrun to get rid of his uniform and let him undress her, delighted at the turn their relationship took. Her last coherent thought was she should have listened his advice for a long and gone to bed early.