Edward POV:

It was another relocation to a not so new place, Forks. It has been almost a hundred years since we came here. I loved Forks. There is so little sunlight, we can almost be normal. I kinda liked moving. I just hated the school part. I was really frustrated at that part. So when I was driving towards Forks High I was really concentrating on the others thought in a false attempted to keep away my irritation. Alice was as usual checking Jasper's' future, Rosalie was thinking about tuning her car again, Emmett was thinking of new pranks to pull on the teachers and Jasper was thinking of his coming day. He was always afraid of new people and new place. I concentrated on Alice's' thoughts. The day looked quite trouble free. I parked my Volvo in a corner parking spot and everyone got out. my car was the only decent car in the lot. I breathed a loud sigh. "Grow up!" Rosalie gave me a mental tantrum. We headed to the office. The school hasn't changed a bit. We got our routines and went to class. The morning passed quietly. Everyone gave us 'the look'. I tried my best to keep their thoughts away, especially the girls' thoughts. Nobody talked to any of us. At lunch like always fore of us took a whole table to ourselves. Jasper was late. Alice seemed anxious. She was acting really impatient. But I didn't give her much attention. I was trying to cut everyone of my head. After a while Jasper came through the door and he looked stunned and confused!! I tried to listen to his thought and they were all messed up. I couldn't understand anything. I should have paid attention to Alice. Now I listened to her and there was nothing there except of the concern for Jasper. She was really worried. Jasper came towards us and sited himself. "What's the matter with you?" Alice kinda yelled at him. Some heads turned towards us but nobody cared. Jasper didn't answer. We were all surprised at his behavior. He was the best at controlling emotions. Why was he acting strange? "So how did you do it?" Alice asked him again. "I don't know." he answered, still bewildered. "What's going on?" Emmett impatiently asked. We all were very surprised. Alice continued to stare at Jasper who was trying to calm himself. He finally got his grip and looked at us. We all glared at him with questioning eyes. He took a breath and started talking. At that moment I saw his thoughts and gasped silently. "Please tell me you didn't do that." I spoke even before he started to speak. "No..no, please don't do that." Emmett plead. So Jasper told the story from the beginning. It was in History, the only class Jasper and Alice didn't had together. There was a whole empty table. He sat there and sighed in relief. Then after five minutes a girl came in. Mr. Lee didn't tell her anything. She frowned and sat beside Jasper. He stopped breathing as a precaution. But Mr. Lee asked him a question and he had to breath to answer. He was very careful but for his utter surprise he felt no burn, no thirst. There was no burning at the back of his throat. He didn't want to jump on the girl and push his teeth on her neck. For the first time in his changed life he actually had a normal conversation with an actual person. He actually talked to the girl!!! I actually felt his satisfaction. Emmett and Rosalie's' eyes were bewildered, they couldn't believe him. "Who's the girl?" Emmett asked. I looked around the cafeteria and found her. I showed her to them. She had long, silky coil black hair tied into a ponytail. Her eyes were also black and big, perfect for her heart shaped face. She wasn't that tall and her skin was kinda brown. An Asian maybe. The ash color sweater and Jeans fitted her perfectly. She was sitting with a group of people at the first table. I tried to listen to her thoughts. There was a song playing in her head. Hm..the song was unfamiliar but very good. "What's her name?" Rosalie asked. "Angel." I answered while staring at her. She was talking to a boy named Mike sited next to her about some game. But she was thinking about a song. Interesting! The bell rang and we headed to our class. I had English. I rather liked the subject. I took a sit at the back. Mr. Patrick started the class and suddenly Angel entered. Mr. Patrick didn't say her anything but thought a lot of things. Mostly praying that she doesn't spit on his coffee. So she was the waitress at the only diner in forks. She came to the back of the class with a little smile on her face. She sat next to me. I took a deep breath and... Jasper was right. There was no burn at the back of my throat. I actually liked her scent. It had kinda ancient feeling. I stared at her. She opened her notebook and instead of writing the classwork she started writing some lines in it. She was writing a song. I even heard it in her head. It was beautiful. The song kinda had a classic jazz vibe in it but still fun. I listened to it and continued staring at her. Then Mr. Patrick, the party popper, asked me a question. I answered it cheating from his head and looked at Angel. This little thing didn't distract her. "Crap." Mr. Patrick wasn't happy. "Good. But next time please keep your eyes on the book and not the girl beside you." he bursted the bubble. This didn't distracted Angel either. Her concentration was totally in the song. It was almost complete. She really was a genius. I observed her the rest of the class and breathing deeply occasional. Her scent made it really easy. I didn't even notice other students scent. It really felt satisfying. But the good times had to end sometime. The bell rang and she got out of the class with another girl named Jessica. She was dying to know why I was staring at Angel. The gossip girl. The rest of the day I only thought about her scent. I actually craved for it. Then the day had ended and I met my siblings in the lot beside my car. Everyone was surprised. They all had a class with the girl!! They too didn't felt the burn. They craved for it too. It was weird. All of us wanting her around so we can inhale her beautiful scent. We all waited for her. Then she came out the door. But her scent didn't reach us. She had a skateboard in her hand and a helmet on her head. She didn't have a car!! She git on her board and rolled away not even glancing back once. Jessica and another girl named Lauren came out while talking. "She didn't even realize that Adonis was staring at her." she was telling her about English. She was referring me as Adonis. "Like there's a new one." Emmett chuckled. "We should go." Rosalie reminded us. I got in the drivers seat and drove. We all thought about her. We all wanted her scent. Then I remembered that she works after school at the diner. I drove towards the town. "Alice , call Carlisle." I wanted him to experience this himself. "Tell him to meet us at the diner with Esme." Alice already started dialing. We reached the diner hoping she made it before us. We got out of the car and went into the diner. Alice explained everyone why we were there. The place was a typical small town diner. We got a table close to the counter so every time she comes and goes we can smell her. It's obvious now that her scent had a short expansion range and to smell her we have to get close to her. Unfortunately she wasn't there. another waitress came to take the order but we needed Angel. So Alice told her that we're waiting for someone. After a few minutes the bell rang of the door and she entered. She walked right passed us humming and not noticing us. The scent was amazing, extraordinary. Then Carlisle entered with Esme and sat next to us. Carlisle looked at us with a confused expression. "Now tell me where's the fire." he said. "So are you ready to order?" at that moment Angel came to take our order. "Smell her." I murmured to Carlisle and Esme. They were surprised but took a deep breath. They had the same reaction we all had. That night we all were out of control. We ordered like every five minutes and didn't eat anything but was satisfied. It was weird even for a coven of Vampires.