Chapter 12:

Demetri's POV:

"Finally you are back." Aro exclaimed and reached out his hand when I entered the room with Angel. It surprised me every time I thought of her name, Angel! What an intriguing name!

"My dear Demetri!" I suddenly fell back down to earth and realized Aro was holding my hand. I looked down.

NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Not him. NO.

I slowly looked up and saw him smiling. "I'm glad you had fun dear." He released my hands and said to Angel. I let out a silent sigh.

"O Felix." He called my best friend. "Felix has cleaned a room for you to stay. Hope you find it to your liking."

"I'm sure I will." She walked up to him and raised her hand "Will you please?" She asked.

"Are you sure my dear?" Aro asked formally.

"Yes" She stepped forward "I wanna know if I'm still mentally retarded."

"Very well." Aro held her hand and closed his eyes. There was utter silence for a few moments.

Then he opened his eyes and dropped her hand. "Sorry dear but it seems you are still not talking to me." He said with a grin.

"Or maybe you just can't understand me." She tilted her head and flashed her dazzling smile.

"Maybe so." Aro smiled one of his fake smile.

"But by the look of your face it seems you knew what would be the outcome." Caius said entering the room.

"I don't recall you being one of the mind readers Mr. Caius." She turned to him.

"He is not." Aro spoke up.

"Then you can't be sure,can you Mr. Caius? And there's nothing more rude then saying something about someone without confirmation"

"It is called an assumption." saying this Caius stormed out of the room.

"Do not worry about him dear. He will be okay." Aro smiled at her sympathetically." I'm sure you must be very tired. Felix please escort her to her new accommodation."

"Dear Angel." He stepped closer to her and took one hand and kissed it "I hope you have a pleasant stay here. If you need anything do not hesitate to ask Dear Demetri. He is going to serve your every need." He looked aam me and nodded as I stood in surprise.

"Do you have any objection companying our guest dear Demetri?"Aro asked me

"No course not. I would be happy to accompany Miss Angel."

"Very well then." Angel jumped "We should go. Come on Felix,lead the way." She tapped on his shoulder.

"All right madam Angel."

"Madam Angel?" she giggled "Madam Angel was my great great great grandma. Call me Angel or Angie please."

I was still standing grasping the fact that I'm going to be with this creature all the time.

"Demetri." I felt a burning tug on my arm. She was pulling my by the arm."Let's go. See ya Mr. Aro."

"Please call me just Aro."he replied

' ya just Aro." She giggled and hurried behind Felix pulling me.

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