The figure picked his way through the battlefield.

Although, to be honest, the entire Earth was now a battlefield. You might catch a few minutes peace and quiet in Alice Springs, but that was an optimistic estimate.

The Black Lanterns had unified the formerly opposing and conflicting other colours of the spectrum against a common threat, but even then, that wasn't enough. Superman had finally convinced the Kandorians to rally behind the primitive and fearful Earthlings, but even hundreds of thousands of Superman-level beings weren't doing more than stalemating the superpowered living dead.

The person walking through the devastated streets had ignored the events until fairly recently.

He had suffered a tragedy lately. Someone ... important to him had died. And to be honest, he just wasn't the same.

He'd spent the time in mourning, in denial, in bars, but now he had to face up to the fact that he just had to get out there and live his life.

Strangely enough, he felt that the best time to begin the healing was when the entire Earth was engulfed in an interplanetary war.


Jordan lowered his ring, head pounding, the rest of his body feeling like rubber.

More deaths, more people dying in order to defeat Black Lanterns.

And more rings were flying off to find new bearers.

... a whole bunch, in various different colours, were flying in the exact same direction.

Jordan took off, not wanting to compound the latest Armageddon with a bunch of inexperienced wielders.

And by the looks of it, several other Lanterns were thinking the same thing.


The green ring slipped onto a right middle finger.

The yellow wedged itself on a left middle finger.


The Star Sapphire didn't believe what she was seeing.


The red flew onto a right ring finger.


Larfleeze saw it, through his construct. And the shock lessened the desire for this new ... event.


The orange, despite all former exhibitions of function, flew onto a left thumb.

The blue fused itself to a left index finger.


Ganthet felt the event, even from so far away.


The indigo ring sans staff, adhered to a left pinky finger.

The violet attached itself to a left ring finger.


Sinestro found Jordan staring. A second later, Sinestro realised this was the only rational act.


Despite this wielder possessing pulse and respiration, the black ring materialised around the right little finger.

The man looked at the rings, and for the first time since his bereavement, smiled.

Maybe he'd discovered the eighth stage of grief; obtaining some serious bling.


"He's wielding ... all of them."

Jordan checked his ring's power levels. "I noticed."

Sinestro compared known data and theories against the new fact staring right in front of him. "Just to keep the rings next to each other ... to maintain all emotional levels simultaneously ... Jordan ... he'd have to be ..."

The figure was now lit up with every colour of the spectrum.

Jordan finished the sentence. "... insane."

The Joker was smiling under the psychedelic lights of every Power Ring under his command.

"Okay! It's time to get this party started!"