Come on, Dean. Do you really think dad sent us a text message? The man can barely work a toaster." Sam whined.

"He's sent us coordinates before." Dean answered.

"Dean, we don't even know for sure if the coordinates are from him," Sam countered.

"Sam, Dad wants us in Illinois, we're going and that's that!"

"Fine," Sam sulked.

2 hours later after a strained, silent car ride, they arrived in Rockford, IL. "Where are we supposed to be going?" Sam asked.

"Well, you know the drill when we're separated. Go to the first hotel in the Yellow Pages and look for Jim Rockford," Dean answered.

"Fine, I'll run in and see if they'll let me look at their Yellow Pages while you fill the tank."

Sam emerged from the convenience store a few minutes later. "Well?" Dean asked.

"Aaron's Way Motel, 2 blocks over." Sam responded.

When they got to the motel, they went inside and asked the desk clerk if a Jim Rockford was staying there.

"Yes, he told me that if two men in their twenties, came in looking for him, to give them a key and let them into the room. He says you're his sons."

"That's right," Dean beamed. "Did he say when he would be back?"

"Tomorrow morning. He said to make sure you got some rest as tomorrow would be a busy day."

"Thank you," Dean said as he took the key from the man.

"OK, well you heard the man, we're supposed to get some sleep and it's just after midnight now."

"I can't believe we're finally going to see dad after all this time," Sam said. "I'm kind of nervous. I haven't seen him in over four years and then he kicked me out of the house."

"It's going to be fine. Trust me." Dean reassured his brother. "Now, go to sleep."

Dean turned off the lights and fell asleep fairly quickly. Sam lay awake, tossing and turning. He was so nervous. He wished he could sleep. For one thing, then he wouldn't be worried, and for another thing the last thing he wanted to do was piss his father off the second he saw him again because he was tired on a hunt. He thought he heard a hissing sound and wondered what it was. Then he realized it must be a gas leak, as he smelled some kind of strange smell.

"Dean," he said, sitting up.

The second he got to a full sitting position, he realized something was wrong. He felt very sick and tired. Before he knew it, he was falling back onto the bed unconscious.