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"V, fifty yards and closing"

"Right behind you cop" V said taking off in a dead run after Butch. They were a block over from Iron Mask about to head home, when Butch had stopped midstride, taken a whiff of the air and declared Lessers were fifty yards away. They wouldn't have much time to take care of the Lessers before getting home for the night. Daylight was fast approaching.

They rounded the corner and came across two Lessers pounding the living shit out of a civilian. Like always the Lessers had recognized Butchs calling card as one of their own, and both had turned with triumph grins which quickly turned into sneers when they realized it wasn't a fellow Lesser, but two vampires. Brothers no less.

V and Butch made their way slowly into the alley the Lessers had unknowingly selected as their final resting place.

"You want them both or just one?"

"Both, I'll take care of mine, you play with yours until I'm done, then I'll take care of yours" Butch said loudly deliberately.

The Lesser destined to tangle with V, reached quickly into the folds of his jacket and pulled out a gun, before he had a chance to release the safety, V threw a dagger through the air, landing straight in the Lessers eye socket. The Lesser went flying backwards, his body laying still on the ground.

Butch looked over to V, who merely shrugged "What? He's down ready for you. True?"

"True" Butch replied before looking back to his own Lesser. This Lesser wasn't foolish, he was backing up towards the end of the alley. Butch saw past him, and unless the Lesser's had now turned into spidermen and could scale up buildings he knew the Lesser had no where to go. A grin broke out across the Lesser's face.

"So it's really you? Dhestroyer?" he asked

"Yeah, so we can do this two ways. One you can go quietly or two, we can play for a bit." Butch said closing the ground between himself and the Lesser. V hung back, going through the pockets of the Lesser he took out.

"If it's finally going to be the end for me, then I want to go out with a bang" the Lesser said, no longer retreating, instead crouching low getting into an attack position.

"Then it's a bang you'll get" Butch said before launching himself at the Lesser. The two twisted and turned, each landing blows. Butch had to give it to the Lesser he was definitely an older one, his strength and speed were rivaling his own.

"Two more minutes cop, daylights approaching"

Butch heard V vaguely behind him. 'Oh well', he thought 'all good things must come to an end'.

The Lesser had heard V also, and his grip around Butch's waist eased as if knowing there was no escape and death was moments away.

Butch could of swore he heard the Lesser whisper 'thank you'. He was just about to slam the Lesser back onto the ground and begin sucking the life out of him, when he heard V curse behind him.

Butch swung his head around to look at V, who was now standing next to the Lesser's body, except it was doing the snap crackle and pop thing. V shot Butch a confused look, as if to say 'I didn't do it', but before either of them could speak, a breeze brushed past Butch and the Lesser he had in his arms did the snap, crackle and pop thing, and disintegrated in his arms. He stepped back, and swung around to look at V.

In between them stood a male. A human? A vampire? He was something else. Butch foolishly though of some kind of super hero, except this super hero had just taken out the two Lesser's he was supposed to take out permanently.

"What the fuck did you do?" Butch asked. He still hadn't ascertained if this was a friend or foe, so he had his hand on the handle of one of his daggers. He looked past the male at V, who was eying the stranger curiously.

"You mean putting an end to your game. I should be asking what the fuck you were doing?" the stranger replied, his voice strong and steady, showing he felt no threat at being in an alley with obviously two dangerous vampires.

"You sparkle. True?" V asked the stranger.

Butch put his finger in his ear and gave it a jig. He heard wrong didn't he. He didn't just hear V ask if the stranger sparkled.

A soft feminine laugh came from behind V, causing all three of them to look away from each other.

"Bella" the stranger sighed

The strange women shrugged, a smirk covering her lips.

If Butch hadn't been happily mated to the love of his life Marissa, who he would swear was the most beautiful female walking the planet, he would of have given anything and everything he had to get to know the dark haired beauty standing at the entrance of the alley. He mentally kicked himself for even having thought that about her, but she was remarkably stunning. Even V's mouth Butch noticed was open slightly.

The male stranger between them seemed to sense at least what was running through Butchs mind and he let out a growl aimed both at Butch and V.

'Well fuck me, he's got to be a vamp as well' Butch thought at the sound of the growl the stranger let out.

Before Butch could tell the stranger to relax, he was gone. Not gone as in dematerialized but gone as in ran really fast and was now standing next to the dark haired beauty, his arm around her waist, protectively and possessively.

"Holy shit" Butch muttered out loud.

The strangers seemed to be locked into some sort of trance as they stared into each others eyes. Butch used this time to come up next to V, but his eyes never leaving the couple. It was almost as if they were communicating without speaking.

Butch could easily tell they were a couple, and like the brothers, it was clear the female held all the power in this relationship.

She glanced back at Butch and V, while the male stranger shook his head slowly. Butch sucked in a breath. She had to be about nineteen, twenty, but she seemed so much older. She was dressed in tight jeans, but not the really tight jeans that were in fashion for women now. A simple black single, that clung tightly to her body showing off her curves. She had deep black hair, that shined in the light reflected from a street lamp. Her skin was pale and almost translucent; her eyes were a rich golden colour. She wore a silver chain around her neck, that had a round silver disc the size of her palm hanging off it. But more then that, she wore a sparkler of a diamond and a wedding band.

Butch glanced over to the male stranger with her. He too was also in jeans, but loose ones. A button down blue shirt, with the top two buttons undone. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and around his wrist, he had a leather band that also had a silver disc on it, though much smaller then the females disc, and a wedding band on his finger.

Clearly they were husband and wife, but as Butch looked up to the male stranger he jerked back at his eyes. He also had the same golden eyes the female stranger had. Butch quickly glanced back between the couple, noting their similar features. Both had pale translucent skin, the same golden eyes. The male had dark hair also, but it had a slight tinge to it, making it not as dark as the females. 'Could they be brother and sister?' Butch thought and then immediately shuddered at the thought. Because if they were brother and sister, there was a serious case of incest going on.

The female stepped forward, while the male kept his arm around her waist, limiting how far forward she actually went. She turned around and shot an annoyed look at the male who shrugged back in return. She turned and faced Butch and V.

"We do sparkle, do you?" she asked. Her voice soothing like wind chimes.

'What the fuck is up with the sparkling?' Butch impatiently thought. The hairs on the back of his neck had started to tingle, indicating sunrise was coming. The strange couple seemed to sense it too, the male stranger pulling the female back in close to his body.

"No, we don't. But we are the same, just different" V said, his hand stroking his goatee, as if he was completely unaware day was coming.

"V" Butch said and nudged him with his shoulder, while looking up to the sky. That seemed to snap V out of his daze.

Butch heard the male stranger whisper to the female stranger 'we need to go'. Butch saw her nod her head.

"Meet us here again tomorrow, say midnight" the female said. The strange male clutched her tighter, a low growl coming out of his mouth. A warning maybe to Butch and V.

"Midnight. But not here, the club Iron Mask. You know it?" When the female nodded, V continued "And bring the rest of your family. We'll bring ours" The female smiled at this and clasped her hands together in front of her. The male shook his head, but didn't say anything, then he released his hold around the females waist before they held hands and practically flew out of the alley.

"Who the hell are they?" Butch asked V.

"No time to explain here." V replied whipping his phone out of his pocket and hitting buttons, while lifting the dead civilian up and placing him far back in the alley behind rubbish bins out of the sunlight.

"Fritz, I've got a dead cilivian behind the rubbish bins, in the alley off fourth and third, can you do a pick up? We don't have time to bring him home". V snapped his phone closed and turned to Butch.

"Don't have time to get to the car, we're gonna have to dematerialize home" he said quickly.

"What? V you know I haven't got that down yet. What if I end up fucking half here, and half at the house?" Butch said shocked.

"You trust me…true?"

"Of course" Butch answered.

V came up to Butch and wrapped him in a tight hug. "We'll do this together, hold onto me, close your eyes and let your senses find Marissa, think of nothing else but Marissa and getting home to her, think of her blood running in your veins. Think of your blood running in her veins. Think of the way she smells. The way she looks. Think of nothing else, but her and your need to be right next to her. I want you to feel yourself floating to her, as if you were air, floating on the breeze, floating towards her, floating towards Marissa"

Butch hung onto V with all his might, and did everything V was telling him to do, he was picturing Marissa, imagining kissing her, the taste of her blood, of her lips, the smell of her skin.


He even had the tone of her voice down. V pulled back, but Butch held on, he didn't think he could dematerialize, but he also didn't want to let V get burnt holding onto him, so he slowly released his hold on him. He felt V step away, and he cranked open an eyelid and saw V grinning at him. He flipped his eyes open and looked around the room. His room. His and Marissa's room. And there stood Marissa wrapped in a towel, her hair still dripping wet from the shower she had just finished.

"Oh my god. Did you just…" Marissa said grinning at Butch. Butch swang around and made a beeline for Marissa and swept her up in his arms, twirling around her.

"I fucking did it, I did it" Butch said not caring that he sounded like a 5 year old kid, squealing with joy.