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"Aww shoot Alice, I think that's just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard" Beth sighed leaning back in her chair, her hand on her heart.

"I know right and we haven't been apart since" Alice gushed grinning so hard her cheeks hurt.

"I want a southern gentleman" Mary sighed standing up and stretching. The night had disappeared on them. Fritz brought them food and drinks and the brothers all took turns "checking" in with them, only to leave disgruntled when they realized the girls had no inclination of stopping anytime soon.

The shutters had come down a few hours ago and it was hard to believe they still had a lot to talk about.

"I just find it so fascinating that two species of vampires exists and you've never come across each other before now" Jane sighed leaning back

"Yes yes Jane we've been over that, you can talk to Carlisle about it" Marissa said sarcastically patting Jane who sat next to her.

"Gesh I can't believe the time" Bella said glancing up from her watch.

"Oh you girls must be tired?" Alice asked bouncing in her seat.

"I still can't believe you don't sleep ever. When do you recharge? What do you do after sex?" Marissa asked before slapping a hand over her mouth and turning a shade of pink.

"Well after sex, we normally go again and again and then again" Alice giggled.

"Seriously you've never orgasmed to the point of passing out?" Mary asked before turning her own light shade of pink.

"Well of course. I don't pass out per say. But there is definitely times afterward where the world ceases to exist and I'm in a blessed out coma. Oh my god one time…"

"At band camp" the shellans said in unison causing uncontrollable giggles in the room. That phase was fast becoming their catch phase, after having it been said a few times that night.

When Alice had finally recovered she held up a hand to quiet the shellans. "No really one time, after Jasper and I had had a phenomenal session, I lapsed into my blessed out coma…" she said using her fingers to air quote 'blessed out coma' "Jasper collapses on me, and now you have to understand, Jasper and I are the most conservative out of our family…well compared to Es and Carlisle but that another story, anywho we're both just laying there completely in our own worlds when Esme breezes in. Now Esme is mom, regardless that she isn't our mom, she sees Jasper butt naked lying on top of me, squeals and turns to run, of course Carlisle being the freak that he is, hears Esme's squeal and interrupts it as a squeal of distress and comes chasing in after her, sees me and Jaz and runs straight through a wall. Literally through the wall of the kitchen. Then Esme starts screaming at him for taking out a wall. Thank god, it was only us living with Es and Carlisle at the time, or else we would have never lived it down. Bad enough Esme made me and Jasper fix the wall, saying it was technically our fault" Alice said before laughing along with the other shellans who hadn't stopped laughing through the whole story.

"God Alice, in front of your parents" Bella said gasping for air.

"Oh what, like Wrath and I haven't caught you and Z" Beth laughed wiping the tears away from her eyes.

"That's completely different, I don't think of you and Wrath as our parents" Bella defended grinning.

"Same diff" Cormia laughed nudging Bella in the side before everyone in the room stiffened and looked to the door.

Beth grinned "Hellren" she said her eyes twinkling.

A light tap on the door before it was pushed open and Wrath's massive frame stood imposingly in the doorway.

"Leelan" he whispered softly not taking a step inside. He'd already been shoo'd out, along with all the other brothers each time they'd come trying to see their shellans.

"Come in honey" Beth smiled; rising up to her knees on the couch her hands resting on the back of the couch.

"Shellan. Alice" Wrath nodded while he made his way to stand behind the couch Beth was on, his hands resting on top of hers.

"Will you be finished soon Leelan?" Wrath whispered quietly knowing everyone in the room could hear him anyway, well maybe not Jane and Mary.

"Yes actually" Beth smiled before turning around to face the other shellans and Alice. "Sorry ladies but I'm beat, I'm going to have to call it a night. But you'll still be here won't you Alice?"

"Of course, I have nowhere else I'll rather be" Alice grinned while standing.

"Great, I'll see you later then" Beth said getting up off the couch and holding her arms open to hug Alice.

"Please note Wrath she's totally instigating all the hugging" Alice said grinning over Beth's shoulder at Wrath before engulfing Beth in a hug.

When she stepped back, Beth turned to Wrath "I'm ready for bed hellren".

Wrath held his hand out his palm facing up. Beth placed her hand in his and walked around the couch coming to stand next to him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Enjoy ladies, I'll see you all later" Beth said turning and letting Wrath all but carry her out of the room. As they reached the door Wrath stopped and turned around facing the room.

"Shellans, when I walk out of here with Beth, the brothers will assume it's safe to come and get you all and I think they've suffered enough. Don't you?" Wrath said stepping out of the room with Beth, to the grumbles of the rest of the shellans in the room.

As they walked a few feet from the door, Rhage came barreling up the hallway.

He bowed slightly grinning at Beth. "Sweet Queen, how lovely it is to see you outside the room" before brushing past them and heading towards the door.

Wrath keep walking with Beth, but over his shoulder he said to Rhage "If she doesn't want to come out, you're not to hang around".

"Dammit…but Beth…" Rhage muttered.

Beth giggled as she let Wrath lead her to their room.

"Leelan, I have to go back" Wrath leaned down and whispered into Beth's ear.

"What?" Beth grunted grinding to a halt.

"I can't leave Alice unattended in the house and…"

"You left Nessie alone" Beth argued.

"Yes and look how well that turned out with Qhuinn" Wrath countered an eyebrow rising behind his wraparounds.

"What! That's ridiculous. First of all Alice is completely and utterly in love with her husband and second, there are no other unmated males in the house, and if what you're implying about Qhuinn is true then we don't need to worry about him" Beth argued with her hands on her hips.

"There's Blay" Wrath said back.

"Really Wrath? Really?"

"Alright there's no unmated males but that still doesn't mean I want an adult vampire roaming the house while we sleep" Wrath grounded out.

"Newsflash, the house is filled of adult vampires" Beth groaned marching off towards their room.

"It's not the same Leelan. You don't know what they're capable of" Wrath groaned following after her.

"Bullshit Wrath. Alice told us what she's capable of. She even showed us. So did Nessie. Yes they can move fast and they're freakishly strong…"

"Stronger than us" Wrath hissed picking up his speed.

"Yes Wrath I saw the bullets not penetrate Nessie as well. Look…" Beth said halting and turning around to face Wrath "I know they're strong and fast, but I have a good feeling about them okay. Aren't I queen don't I get a say as well?"

"Of course you do, but Leelan, I'm trying to protect our race here as well as you" Wrath whispered standing in front of Beth his hands resting on her hips.

"I know that Wrath and I love that you want to protect me. I'm not silly, I was an investigative journalist…okay maybe not investigative journalist, but I could have been" Beth said slightly smiling when she noticed Wrath trying to hold back a grin when she said investigation journalist. "The point is, while it may have looked like I was all buddy buddy with Alice, I was sussing her out" Beth said stepping into Wraths hold and wrapping her hands around his neck pulling him down closer to her.

"I know how to kill them" Beth whispered.

"What? How? I need to call the brothers together" Wrath said releasing Beth and turning away.

"Wait" Beth yelled grabbing Wraths hands and pulling him back to her. "I'm not going to tell you how, unless it's necessary. Which at the moment I don't think it is"

"Leelan. You can't. If you know what can kill them…it's…it's your duty as Queen to tell me" Wrath said flabbergasted.

"My duty huh? Well in that case" Beth quickly turned and dematerlized just outside their room. She threw the door open quickly and ran in. Wrath was at the door before she had a chance to even turn around.

"Leelan we can't play around with this. You need to tell me now" Wrath demanded coming into the room and closing the door with his mind.

"Or you'll what?" Beth giggled taking a step back and bringing her hands up to the buttons of her blouse.

"Don't" Wrath groaned.

"Don't what?" Beth answered unbuttoning the top button.

"Leelan" Wrath stiffened.

Beth quickly unbuttoned another two buttons. "You know I told Alice about that first night you came into my apartment…do you remember that night?"

Suddenly the room was plunged into darkness while candles alighted around the room.

"We also talked about orgasms so good that you pass out immediately afterwards…it got me thinking, I haven't had one of those in awhile" Beth smiled pulling her blouse apart.

"Don't move" Wrath growled.


As the words barely left her lips, Wrath had moved and had her pinned to the bed.

"Because I want to be the one that takes that off you" Wrath breathed his nose running down the valley of Beth's breast.

"Well if you must. You must"

"Fritz can I take you home?" Alice asked the small doggen as he moved swiftly around the kitchen.

"I'm afraid, I have pledged my eternal service to our Lord" Fritz answered almost apologetically.

"How does one even get a doggen? Wasn't slavery abolished?" Alice joking asked moving around the kitchen anticipating Fritz's movements.

"I am not a slave. I have pledged my services to our Lord. Plus I am…paid" Fritz mumbled seemingly blushing.

"Paid. How much? I will double it" Alice said seriously.

"If I may enquire my lady? What need would you have for one such as me? You've explained to me, you neither eat nor drink, might one be a cleaner for your family?"

"Cleaner schemer. I just want you to relax; I mean you're what late 70's. Yet here you are at one in the afternoon cooking like a five course meal. Why don't you tell those lazy bums to cook their own dinner, or breakfast. Which will they have when the wake up?" Alice asked grabbing a stalk of celery and holding it out to Fritz.

"Thank you my lady and it will be breakfast when they awake. I will start that when they waken, for now I am preparing dinner" Fritz said taking the celery and moving towards the chopping board.

"Are you tired? I mean I know you drove me here, and everyone else has crashed, yet I've seen you plotting around the house and now you're cooking dinner. When do you sleep? Do you sleep?" Alice asked tapping her fingers next to a chopping knife, the one Fritz was currently looking for.

"Yes of course my lady I sleep. There are other doggen here. I have been with Wrath for a long time, so it makes me happy to prepare his meals for him. Once breakfast is done and the preparations for dinner are made, I shall retire for the day and awaken in time to start dinner" Fritz said smiling and picking the chopping knife that Alice had been tapping.

"But a man of your age can't continue on this way…"

A snicker had Fritz and Alice looking towards the kitchen door.

"You can come in Qhuinn" Alice called out picking up a carrot and smelling it.

The kitchen door opened slowly to reveal Qhuinn.

"Sup" Alice tilted her head up, like she'd observed high school boys do when she attended.

"Fritz. Alice" Qhuinn said nodding his head in acknowledgement.

"Can I get you anything master Qhuinn?" Fritz asked.

"Nah I'm good Fritz"

Qhuinn hung around the door as if he didn't want to come in. 'Yes Qhuinn you should be afraid, you're going to cause a war. It's a good thing I'm here; maybe I can sort it out before it comes to be'Alice thought looking Qhuinn up from head to toe.

"Come on Qhuinn take a seat. I don't bite…well actually I do, but you're in luck, I've already had dinner" Alice smirked.

"Um nah it's okay. I should probably head back" Qhuinn hesitated.

"No really take a seat. We need to talk, but I guess you already know that, or else you wouldn't have been up trying to find me" Alice said taking a stool along the counter and patting the stool next to her.

"Ah maybe we could go somewhere else" Qhuinn said looking quickly at Fritz.

"Don't worry about Fritz, the house is wired. No matter where we are, Wrath will hear everything" Alice said tapping the stool next to her again.

"You…you know about that?" Qhuinn said taking a small step forward rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yep. Knew it the moment Wrath okayed my visit and told V to wire every room in the house, even the bedrooms, so if I so much as farted I believe he said, then he'd hear it" Alice grinned using her foot to push the stool next to her in Qhuinn's direction.

"Well?" Alice asked looking down at the stool.

She heard Qhuinn move quickly across the floor and pull the stool further away from Alice before sitting down.

"So should we cut straight to business?" Alice asked all playing aside.

Qhuinn swallowed thickly, a look of surprise and horror framing his eyes.

"Um what business"

"Don't be silly Qhuinn. I might look younger than you, but trust me, I'm old enough to be your mother" Alice scolded.

"Okay. Um sorry?" Qhuinn shrugged.

"So a little birdie and by birdie I mean my beautiful amazing niece Nessie told me that last night she didn't sleep alone…"
"Look I don't know what she told you, but she told me she couldn't sleep alone. That…well that she'd never slept alone. I didn't touch her I swear and if she says otherwise then she's lying" Qhuinn spat out quickly standing and pushing the stood back with his foot.

"In the words of my fantasy man Rhage, settle grettle. I already know all of that. But what you don't know, which I am about to enlighten you about, is your future, your destiny. Sit back down" Alice deadpanned pointing at the stool.

Qhuinn visibly blushed before pulling the stool back closer to where he stood and sat down.

"What if I don't want to hear it? I mean you're not the only one who can see the future. We've got our own fortune teller in the house and you haven't seen me going and asking him what my future holds" Qhuinn said defensively folding his hands across his chest.

"Seriously Qhuinn, pull the stick out of your ass and listen" Alice glared.

"Would you care for a drink master Qhuinn" Fritz asked no doubt sensing the tension in the room.

"Yeah a whiskey be good" Qhuinn nodded looking over at Fritz.

"Get your own whiskey. Fritz should be in bed, the poor man" Alice glared again, adopting Qhuinn's stance and crossing her arms across her chest and hell why she's at it, crossed her legs as well.

"Please my lady it is my honor to serve" Fritz bowed slightly before heading out of the kitchen, no doubt to take a breather. Because Qhuinn and Alice both knew there was alcohol in the kitchen.

"You do realize that Fritz is probably close to five hundred years old, and even though he might look older, he's stronger then he looks" Qhuinn said pegging Alice with his own glare.

"He is not five hundred years old" Alice argued.

"Is too. He served Wraths father, before serving Wrath. He was there when Wrath was born and Wrath is like three hundred years old" Qhuinn smirked knowingly.

"Well who cares if he is five hundred years old, your what twenty, get off your lazy ass and get your own drink" Alice huffed.

"Not much of a fortune teller are you?" Qhuinn grinned.

"Fortune teller this. You've bonded with my niece, whether you accept it now or not. But here's something you didn't know, you're not the only bonehead to bond with her. Jacob bonded with her a minute after she was born and has been with her ever since" Alice threw back with her own smug.

"What? I…I haven't bonded with her. Jacob…Jacob can…can" Qhuinn stuttered his eyes going widening in shock and maybe a touch of fear.

"Jacob can have her? Can't even say it can you?" Alice smirked leaning an elbow onto the counter as she watched Qhuinn process the bomb she just dropped.

Fritz made his way back into the kitchen with a glass of whiskey in his hand. He brought it over to Qhuinn who blindly took and it and drank it down in one go.

"Would you care for another one master?" Fritz asked retrieving the glass from Qhuinn's hand. Qhuinn could only nod in return.

When Fritz had left the kitchen, Alice waved her hand in front of Qhuinn. "Earth to Qhuinn, are you ready to shut up and listen now?"

"Who is Jacob?" Qhuinn gritted out through clenched teeth.

"Jacob is Nessie's first love. Her best friend. Her confidant. Her truest ally. The man in the way of you being with Nessie. "

The door to the kitchen opened revealing Fritz with another glass of whiskey in his hand. "Fritz honey, maybe bring the bottle" Alice called out. Fritz nodded before heading back out the door.

"Why are you telling me this? You do realize what will happen?" Qhuinn forced out.

"Yes yes, no doubt you think you're going to run out as soon as the sun goes down and call Jacob out for a chontehst…is that how you say it? Anyway you'll call him out for this showdown and sadly you're not going to come out the other end victorious. Ah before you interrupt" Alice said holding her hand up to silence Qhuinn "Trust me okay I've already seen it, and well no offence, Jacob is a humongous werewolf fighting for the love of his life, his bestfriend, his bonded woman, because believe me he's bonded with her"

"Jacob was the asshole werewolf who was hunting Nessie when we found her. She's afraid of him" Qhuinn yelled rising to his feet.

"Sit down Qhuinn. Seriously? Didn't Wrath tell you? Nessie made the whole thing up. She can do that. She can project whatever she wants into your head. Sheesh. You've got a lot to learn about her. Stuff Jacob already knows" Alice huffed.

"No, you didn't see her that night, she was terrified of werewolves. She wouldn't…she wouldn't lie" Qhuinn said sitting back down on his stool.

"Oh hogswash. Nessie is a sixteen year old girl, who had a fight with her parents and decided to run away for the night. Lucky for her, she stumbled across you and John and Blay and used you three to help her. Because between me who can see the future and her father who can read minds…remember that so you don't think dirty thoughts about Nessie when your around him…and Jacob who can track her anywhere there's no way that girl can ever run away from home. You're lucky that there's that mist or voodoo surrounding the house, or there would have been a showdown of megamental proportions that night" Alice said gasping for pretend air. She didn't need to breathe but it was a human trait that had stuck with her from her numerous years at high school.

"Even if I could believe all of this, and I'm not saying I do. Why are you telling me all of this? Does your family not like this Jacob, is that it? Am I just some pawn in your game to sway Nessie from Jacob?" Qhuinn asked leaning back on the stool.

"What! No way. No way in heck! We love Jacob, we love him more than you will ever know and we will continue to love him even after you and Nessie are together. Know this, you might get Nessie but Jacob will always be around and in time, you will even come to love Jacob and be glad that he's around"

"That makes absolutely no sense at all. Obviously you don't bond like we do. There is no way a bonded male can ever be around his bonded female without wanting her, or without killing the male she's with. If this Jacob is as bonded as you say he is, he's going to want to kill me. No ands if or buts" Qhuinn said frowning.

"Oh no, he'll want to kill you and he'll want that for the rest of his life. But am I right in assuming, that if you bond with a female…really what is up with the male female thing…anyway if a guy from your race bonded with a girl and the girl didn't feel the same way, would the guy force himself on her. Or force her to be with him knowing she was in love with another guy?" Alice asked her eyebrows rising.

"A male of worth wouldn't. But that's not to say a male wouldn't" Qhuinn pegged back.

"Well then Jacob is a male of worth. He would rather have Nessie in his life in any capacity then to not have her at all" Alice frowned.

"Are you telling me Nessie is…mine?"

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