"Maria, can you please stop singing and get down here, it's time for school. Ms Weller shouted from the kitchen.

Maria hurried down as her Mrs Weller passed her, her bag. She plugged her earphones in her ears as she listened to her favourite band, The Beatles.

I'm 16 this year. I should make a good impression, not like the last time. She thought, as a flashback rummaged through her mind, a flashback that she wanted people from last year to forget, hopefully.

"Bye mum." She bade goodbye to her mother.

Ms Weller waved as she continued washing the dishes. Maria opened the door and stepped out slowly. She breathed in the smell of fresh air in the breeze.

"Hey Maria!" Katie yelled across the street. Katie was Maria's best friend until it happened. Now they were just normal neighbours, friends.

"Oh hi." Maria replied as she smiled towards her. Katie ran across the street and stood beside Maria.

"So..." Katie hesitated in her speech.

"So?" Maria asked, waiting for an answer.

Katie blurted it out, "I'm really sorry Maria, about last year. It was the wrong choice. Can we please be best friends again?"

Maria was in shock. That day, that very day, Katie had betrayed Maria, humiliated her, stole her crush and now? Maria headed off in another direction. Katie ran after her, after a long chase, Katie held on to Maria shoulder and stopped her from running. She turned Maria to face her. She saw Maria sob gently. Katie let go as Maria pulled away.

"Maria, I." Kelvin said, but he saw that she was crying and wanted to know what was wrong. But instead he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Tell Mrs Hover that I'll be late." She glanced back, her eyes looking into his. She turned away as she ran to the park bench. She sat down as she bit her lip.

"What's happening?" Kelvin asked Katie as he passed by her.

"Nothing, did you see Maria? I need to explain to her about US." She replied, looking around for her.

"Us? What us?" He asked, confused.

Katie spotted Maria behind at the park benches and she ran, pushing Kelvin away. He turned back and looked at Maria, and it wasn't a normal look. It was definitely something else.

"Maria, I need to explain, just give me a chance!" Katie pleaded. "You've ruined my life. Stop it! Just go away Katie Andrews." Maria sobbed.

"Maria, are you okay?" A voice came from behind, Kelvin.