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I woke up in the middle of the night .I couldn't tell which time, because Jubilee fried our alarm, again .Still ,the little sleep I thought I had was enough for me.

The reason for my awakening was that I heard someone crying, it was faint but I could tell it was one of the girls.

"Jubilee?" She stopped immediately, which only increased my preoccupation "Honey, what's wrong?" My eyes were adjusting to the darkness as I easily stumbled to her bed. Her eyes were red and puffy, she was probably crying for some time and no one heard her.

"I read the newspaper this morning and a new law has been approved towards new actions for legal adoptions. The number of children adopted decreased almost 70% because people are worried that they might be mutants." She started to cry and this time, I did with her.

"How can they can be so cruel, Alice? I'm adopted, what if this law was approved when I was younger? I wouldn't have my parents" The knot in my throat was too tight for me to say anything. Its true, how can someone create such a thing that we have to call law? What'll happen to the thousand of kids who doesn't have a home? Will they be judged by their own species because they're different? That's inhuman!

"I don't know Jubs, I really don't" Her shoulders stopped to shake, but she still held on tight to me "But I do know this: As long as this Institute exists, no mutant shall ever be helpless. I know that better than you" I winked and for the first time, a ghost of smile crept on her face.

"I'm going to the kitchen, do you want some milk?" She declined and I carefully tuck her in bed, like a child .She told me that in the morning, she'll call her parents and insisted me to talk to them too .I'll like that.

Its funny how things can change as time passes. When I first got here I was lost in what I thought was a labyrinth with Victorian walls; now I can walk almost everywhere with my eyes closed.

Time. All I knew about mutants were the lies they spread on TV or newspapers, and I'm ashamed to say that I used to believe in them; now I see it for what they really are: lies. And the sad thing is that the majority still thinks like them.

To interrupt the adoption system because of what children might become is something so monstrous, so wrong that it breaks my heart to think in all those kids out there who'll never have a real family because of that.

But what I said to my friend was the truth, and I know that now: As long as the Xavier Institute for gifted exists, no child, no matter how big or small is, they'll always find a place to call home.

Just like me.

I don't miss my parents so much anymore, it's sad to admit, but it's the truth. I'm not mad at them either. I don't feel anything really .I just hope they're safe and ok; and someday if we ever meet again, I truly hope ,from the bottom of my mutant heart, that they realize what mistake they've made by kicking me out.

I wasn't expecting to find Peter here; the poor boy is probably more exhausted than me after filling all those balloons .So, I wasn't surprised to not find him there. But I was surprised to find someone else.

"Hello" The little boy instantly flinched at my approach. Was I like that when I first got here?

"I'm Alice, sweetie. Nice to meet you" When I stood in front of him I could see why ,he had several faint pink scars along his arms and face. The poor boy was probably frightened and I couldn't blame him.

"It's ok; I'm not going to hurt you. I only got here a few months ago. Are you new? I never saw you around before," My attempt to converse was making results, because the kid seemed a little less nervous.

"Y-yes, I just g-got here" He shifted uncomfortably on his seat when I heard a faint stomach growl.

"You'll like it here .Did you meet any of your roommates yet?" He picked up his glasses and starts to clean it. A habit that I found later he did when he was nervous.

"Not yet. I got here two hours ago and everyone else is sleeping, except me" When I told him about the party tomorrow, he got a little excited. Who wouldn't?

"Don't worry; you'll have plenty of time to mingle in the morning. You seem like a very friendly guy" He was taken back by my comment, and…was he blushing?

"Why aren't you in your dorm then?" I offered him some water, which he gladly took.

"I-I don't sleep" Was his only reply.


"Ever" I felt sorry for him, but I wasn't going to let it show. The last thing he needs is someone who takes pity because of what he is.

"Well, I think this is a really cool gift. You get to read all the comics and play all the video games you want, without anyone interfering." This time he gave me a full smile as I turn in the cabinet to fix us something to eat.

"Are you hungry?" His smile was now permanent and it really brought out his eyes.

"Yes ma'am, very much" What a polite little boy!

"Not of this ma'am stuff, ok? My name is Alice" I gave him one of my yellow flowers and it took him a minute to comprehend where did it came from.

"Wow, th-that's really cool! Nice to meet you Alice, I'm Jones" I guess no one showed him the wonders of living with other mutants.

"Not more than get to see all the cartoons you want at night."

It turns out that Jones is a very nice boy who has been trough a lot. He's also very smart and kind and I'm pretty sure he's the most popular kid of his floor. I couldn't say for sure yet because I was on my way to my class with Jubilee and Rogue.

"Are you ok?" In the morning Jubilee told the other girls about the news, and they took it just like I did. We were all aware of it, but couldn't let it show to the younger's.

"Yeah. I'll call my folks during lunch hour. Will you talk to them?" I squeezed her arm as we entered the classroom.

"Nothing will make me happier" I smiled at her as I sat in my usual spot beside Peter, who was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Morning sunshine, why are so smiling this morning?" I'm proud to say that I know the different smiles of him and this one was unnerving me.

"Have you forgotten what we have today?" Now Bobby was smiling too, and if I wasn't nervous before, I was now.

"The…birthday party?" Seriously, where was our teacher when we need her?


"I…don't know?" That wasn't funny; Pete knows that I don't like surprises.

"We're supposed to present our art project today, remember?" That's why he was so calm about this .I wasn't.



"Does anyone here understand what she's saying?" I could hear their worried voices, but I couldn't care right now. I was the one with reasons to be worried about.

"I think her brain fried"

"Shut up John! What are you doing here anyway; this is not your class!" Were we in class? Oh yes, now I could think a little better. I think Doctor Grey is here, but I'm not sure.

"WhatifIhavetogobackand…OH!"I felt it before I could see them; there they were all green and sharp, coming of my arms and ripping my jacket.

"Alice, are you alright?" Now everyone was starring at me. Great! Just what I needed it.

"She's fine Doctor, just needs a little fresh air. Can I take her outside?" I was too numb with my thorns coming from my skin to refuse Peters aid. It was only when we were out of sight that I managed to breathe.

"Alice, calm down, what is going on?" It wasn't about just the presentation, I knew that. Unfortunately, my body wasn't responding to my mental state.

"I ca-can't do it Pete. What if I fail on this class?" At least I wasn't crying and there wasn't a single soul in the hallways.

"Nothing will happen, Alice. It's not just that, is it?" Damn Peter and his ability to read me so well. I was going to shake it off and go back when he came closer to hug me.

"NO! DON'T TOUCH ME" It was like words to the air, I felt his arms around me and for some great reason above me, my thorns retracted.

"You got hurt" I muffled in his chest, he only kissed the top of my head

"I'm fine; it's you who I'm concerned. What's wrong Alice?" It was true, my thorns, who I've known from experience are very hard little things, didn't pierce his skin.

"It's not just the presentation, and you know that." We didn't move from our embrace, instead we sank into the ground with his arms around me like a warm cocoon.

"I don't want to go back Peter"

"Go back, where? Your parents house? "When I nodded, he took my face in his hands and that familiar warmth in my cheeks came.

"You won't go back there Alice, I promise. Who told you that?" When I explained what Jubilee told me, his understood my point of view.

"We knew this day might come .Everyday hundreds of mutants are discriminated and now the government has found a new way to do it. That's why we need to stay strong Alice, for us and for the little mutants who don't have anyone to protect them" He was right, as always.

His words sank so deep that, I wasn't sure when but I didn't felt so fragile to when I first got here .I had a new goal; to help others to see that we weren't a threat to others, we were just like them.

"You're right Peter, thank you. I don't know what'll I do without you" The bell was our signal to split as a wave of kids emerged in the hallways. Suddenly, I wasn't so afraid of the presentat…

"Pete, wait. What about the presentation? I haven't done a thing!" Why does he have to always laugh at me? I'm being serious.

"And didn't I tell you that its taken care of? Gee Alice, have a little faith on me" Why am I blushing? I don't blush around Peter! What's wrong with me?

"Now, let's get out buts up because this place is starting to enlarge with kids and I need to show my height self to impose respect" As if that ever worked before!

We missed our class and were waiting for the others when my newest friend appeared with a bunch of other kids from his age.

"Hi Alice!" He was friendlier than yesterday, which was the expected.

"Hi Jones, how are you?" there it was, the red cheeks again. Can he be any cuter?

"I'm good. Things turned out just like you said" It felt good to see a child who clearly needed some comfort and a place to stay to be fitting so well like Jones.

"That's great! See, I told you this was going to happen. A little boy little you is always the center of the party" The redness of his cheeks increased, but at least he was still smiling.

"You're right, listen I was thinking…"He stopped dead on his tracks when he diverted his eyes for a second to looking something behind me. What?

"Oh, h-hi" Why was he stuttering? He was doing so well so far!

"Hi" Why was he nervous around Peter? His height?

"Oh, I'm sorry Jones. this is my friend Peter. Pete, this is Jones, he got here yesterday" His face was enough to show me that he was annoyed .To a kid, why?

"And since we're all nice here on the Institute we say…"I pinched his hand, fruitless.

"Welcome to the Xavier Institute for Gifted" Peter said on the most monotonous tone I ever heard! Even worse when Mr. Summers doesn't have patience in the Danger Room sessions.

For my salvation, one of the boys from Jones group came and told him something in her ear, after roughly push the poor boy towards his group. Don't think I didn't miss the little eye interaction between Jones and Peter when the other kid came to talk to him.

"Bye Jones, see you later!" I shouted, but he was too petrified to answer me back. "Ok, what was that?" I always thought of Peter as the host of the children when they get here. I felt that way, so what's with the attitude?

"I don't know what you're talking about" By the time our friends joined us, my face was a mask of anger and disbelief.

"What's going on here, you guys?" Kitty was the last one. We all agreed that I need as much more support as possible, so they'd watch our presentation on Mrs. Munroe's class.

"Peter just scared the crap of a little boy" They all thought the same; Peter has always been the sweetest guy around newcomers, why should it change now.

"Is that true, Pete?" Bobby was curious

"He wasn't so little" Was his only reply.

"He's 12!"I was shouting now, and I couldn't care less. "Peter, what right did you have to treat a little boy like that?" I wanted to know, now!

"HE WAS HITTING ON YOU!" My brain freeze


"Did he just say what I think he did?"

"Shut up Bobby!"

Wh-what am I going to say now? Peter is j-je-j…

Very protective of me.

"Let's just go to class" I strode in front of the crowd and only stopped when I took my seat in the back.

I need a moment to process things.

When did that happen? I mean it's…just…

"I'm sorry" When he squeezed my hand I knew I couldn't stay mad at him for too long. It's biologically impossible for me to do so.

"It's alright. But no more of this macho stuff, ok? He's a kid" He nodded and I handed him another yellow rose and he kissed my head. So I knew things were ok.

"Good morning class! Shall we start with the presentations?"

I've spoken too soon.

"That was wonderful Tia and Ruben, thank you!" The mockup of the Coliseum was amazing! "There are some really great projects here. I never thought we'd have so many talents in this class. Proud to be your teacher I must say" We laughed. I even started to feel more confident about myself, when…

"Alice and Peter!"

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!

"Good luck guys! I know you'll do great"

"Yeah, break a leg or something"

"That's for actors, Kitty." If I wasn't so tense, I would've laugh. Good thing that Peter squeezed my hand as we marched to the front of the classroom.

"Good morning class, we're here to present an important piece of the Greek mythology…"The words just died in my mouth .What do I say next? We never combine our lines! Oh crap!

"Yes, thank you Alice" God bless Peter and his eloquent gift for speeches "Like my friend said we're here to show you an important figure of the Greek mythology. Until this day she's known as the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus. You all know who I'm talking about, right?" When he winked the whole room irrupts in smiles. But since I was too nervous to even look to my left, I didn't see his painting.

I really should've.

"This is my personal version of Aphrodite" All eyes were in the painting .But not the judging looks that I was hoping. In fact, they were all amazed by the picture, even Mrs. Munroe.

"After her birth, Zeus was afraid that the gods would fight over Aphrodite's hand in marriage so he married her off to the smith god Hephaestus, the steadiest of the gods. He could hardly believe his good luck and used all his skills to make the most lavish jewels for her. He made her a girdle of finely wrought gold and wove magic into the filigree work. That was not very wise of him, for when she wore her magic girdle no one could resist her, and she was all too irresistible already." Peter kept on talking, but I didn't think there were many people listening. They were all entranced by his talent .I guess we got an A then.

"Oh Peter, this is so beautiful. You are truly gifted" Mrs. Munroe was beaming with joy. "And you, of course Alice" Me, why was she talking about me? It was clear that Peter had done everything by himself.

Kitty, Jubilee, Bobby and Rogue were almost bouncing in their seats. It must be a very good painting .I didn't deserve to get the credit for it when it was more than clear who the real author was.

"But Mrs. Munroe, the truth is…"I stopped when I made the mistake and take a quick glance at Peter's Aphrodite.

"We are going to start in our art project. Remember?"

"I'll do the painting and you'll be my model. So, lay on the paper so I can start."

"You'll be perfect for what a have in mind"

The Greek Goddess that everyone was drooling over; the life size shadow of bright pink and purple was truly something to see. Peter had the gift. But there was only one tiny problem.

It was me on that screen.

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