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Young Hearts Run Free

It was me on that screen.

"That's Aphrodite" My incredibly slow senses managed to say. We were the only ones left in the room. All the other kids were getting ready for the party, because the parents got here earlier, so the Professor dismissed the rest of the activities we had, to enjoy this day .I wasn't looking at peter .No, I was too engrossed in the painting before me.

It was perfect! Really. The figure didn't have a face, but the shapes, the colors that he used, all in perfect harmony, I only felt myself blush when I realized that this must've taken a lot of his time, to create the livid details.

"Yes" Was all he said.

"But…why?" When I looked at his face, there was something in his eyes, a glint, a playful grin that was new to me. "I mean, this is goddess of beauty and love, why would yo…"

"Because you're the most beautiful girl I've ever known"

He said it. Peter really said this words looking straight into my eyes, and I didn't know how to respond to that. I had no idea.

"I have to tell you something, Alice, I…"

"There you guys are!" Kitty came straight from the wall, literally. "Everything is ready! What are you two doing in here, anyway? Go get change!" As if on cue, a loud music started downstairs, and she didn't wait for my reply, when she took my hand and dragged me to the wall.

I really hate when she does that.

"No wait! Was all I managed to hear from Peter, without looking back.

"Hurry up Rogue, we're gonna be late!" Kitty yelled, for the fourth time. We were all ready for the party; I only changed to a comfy summer dress, nothing too fancy. But, it seems that Rogue wasn't thinking the same as we were.


"You get back here, you little cat!" Rogue, almost ready, started to chase her trough our room that seemed smaller now, due to the amount of clothes lying on the floor. I'd be laughing too, if I wasn't so distracted by what happened earlier.

"See? This is why I don't date" Peter said to me, while we were helping the little ones and saw Rogue and Bobby arguing, again, over nothing. "Saves me from the trouble of headaches".

I threw the soccer ball at his direction "I thought it was heartache" He run for it, and made a goal. Defeated I sat beside him, getting a bottle of water.

"Same thing. I mean, look at them!" At the distance, the lovely couple was being very loud for a couple of teenagers, Man…

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I mean" I mentioned to them again, only this time, Bobby was quieter, while Rogue was still yelling. He get close enough to kiss her gloved hand, and they hugged "look at them, being completely in love with each other. Who wants that?" I made a disgusting face and he soon joined me.

"But let's be realistic, I don't think I'll ever date" The sun was going down, and most of the kids were tired, so it was just me and the giant.

"Why would you say that?" He started picking the grass, to engross in what I was saying, apparently.

"Well, let's face it: I was a disaster before I get my powers. My social skills were the same as a dead fish. The first boy I ever kissed had his braces stuck on mine. How embarrassed was that!" His booming laughter scared the birds away. Yeah, it was bad, but this was Peter! I could tell him anything, and not to feel bad about it. I mean, he's my best friend.

"And now, well…who in their right mind would want to date me?" I was being serious, and he knew it. The Senate was this close to approve a law against human and mutant marriage .So, why bother?

I thought he was going to say something deep and clever, like always, and he sort of did.

"You're right, who would want to date you? Ever took a good look at yourself? Gross!" I jumped right at him, and with my sudden attempt, managed to catch him by surprise and he feel with me on top.

"Well, thank you for the honesty!' I was laughing too when I started to tickle him. This is why I could tell him things, no judgment.

"You're right, though" We stopped and finally lay on the grass, watching the different colors of the sky "If you're going to celibacy, so am I"I snorted, in a very non feminine way, as I put my head on his chest.

"And where will you be then?" We looked at each other, and suddenly all the noises around us, stopped.

"With you, of course" He kissed my forehead "Just you and me, always"

"Are you ok, Alice?" Jubilee appeared beside me, glowing jacket and lip gloss, as always. I only shook my head. Was I?

"I don't know?" Kitty and Rogue apparently were arguing on the closet. How come these two fit on that tiny space, I'll never know.

"What's wrong? You can tell me" Jubilee may be younger than me, but she knew some things better than the rest of us.

"Well, earlier today, at the art class…"

"What about it?"Finally, the girls stopped bickering! Rogue was fantastic, ready for the interrogation.

"Well, Pete and I…"The sudden squeal the girls released, scared me.

"What? Did he finally tell you?" I swear, they could move REALLY fast! And 3 of them were right in front of my face.

"Told me what?" All of them were pale. What?

"We were talking, but then Kitty showed up…"And, just like that, my voice was replaced by more shouting.



Where did all the hostility come from?

"What are you talking about? Kitty didn't do anything" Rogue and Jubilee looked at me with such sorrow, and Kitty wasn't even looking at me.

"Oh honey" Rogue sat beside me and put he gloved hand on my shoulders.

"Alice, we all love you sweetie, but sometimes, you can be really oblivious" I don't understand.

"What are you…"

"Pete, Alice. We're talking about Pete" When I didn't respond, things started to became obvious.

"Wait, what are you girls saying is…"Realization came upon me as I felt the air come out of my lungs.

It can't be!

"Yes! That's what were trying to tell you. Well, everyone knows that, but you. Obviously" Kitty looked up ashamed "Sorry Alice, but its true .The guy is crazy about you"

"You two hardly spend any time apart…"

"Always talking and looking adorable for everyone to see…"

"And don't think we don't know about your little "night time" in the kitchen. Yeah, Kitty caught you two the other day"

"WE WEREN'T DOING ANYTHING!"I didn't mean to yell. "Sorry, I just…"

"We know" They said in unison. It was scary.

"The question is: What are you going to do about it?"

"There's no one like you. You do know that, right?" The session in the Danger Room was over. This time, Mr. Summers divided us in couples and Peter and I were the firsts. It was the first time I managed to "save" us and I felt amazing.

"What? Not all girls can break a sentinels leg and use against it? I'm shocked!" I was too tired to laugh more than my smile, but Peter's laughter filled the empty space.

"Seriously, though" I caught his hand on mine "I couldn't have done it with you. Thanks Pete" I kissed his cheek as the sleep started to overcome me.

"That's why I'm here for"

"Just so you know, there's no one like you either, Pete"

I knew what I had to do.

I mean, it's Peter! There's no one like him. I never met anyone so caring, smart, funny, comprehensive…

Just go and talk to him girl. Man up!

I can do this. I look good, wearing make up, hair done, and powers in control. I can do…


The house was crowed, like always, and I could always easily spotted the iron giant (our private joke).This time was no different.

I saw him.

With someone else.

A tiny blond, who was more than comfy with her arms around his neck, and face smashed to his.

"Hey Alice, what…"Bobby and the girls stopped behind me, taking the scene as well .I didn't know that tears could fall this fast.

"I have to go" I whispered, and I don't think they heard me trough the blasting noise.

Of course he'd be with one of the blondes! Why wouldn't he be?

And what was I supposed to tell him after that?

How can I even look at him now?

I have to be happy for him, right? Why wouldn't be? Because he's…Pete! My best friend, and if he's happy, than I'm happy.

Who am I kidding?

My legs were aching too much. I was all alone up here, no one would see me. Who cares? Everyone's happy, right?

"Oh God!" It was too much. I just figured out my feelings for my best friend, only to discover that it's too late now. Everyone downstairs is happy, having a great time, and I'm in no mood to do anything than to feel sorry for myself.

"You're so stupid Alice" Why would anything change now? I'm still the same geeky girl as before. Just because I have powers, doesn't mean that would change.

No, I only lost my best friend.

I was all alone, crying, with dirt on my dress, and thorns coming from my arms. Surprisingly they hurt less than the pain I was feeling in my heart right now.

It was then that I heard someone opening the door.

Oh great, probably a couple looking for a place to hook up.

"Sorry, I'm gonna g…"I turned around, to come face to face with a very red eyes Peter. He looked destroyed, and I couldn't tell why.

"Oh, hey!" My cheerful smile and attitude didn't stop the tears that were coming. "I was here for a bit air, a little crowded downstairs" I put my arms around me, and yes to protect myself, because he was coming closer. What was he doing?

"Are you ok?"I flinched when his hand touched my cheek.

"Yeah, I'm great! What are you doing here?" I didn't let him finish, because the panic took over me.

"I just wanna say how happy I am for you and Barbi…Ima! Or one of the sisters. Whatever. I'm really glad for you" Damn it, these tears! I'm leaking!

"No, no, please Alice" But I started to walk in circles, to try to easy my sorrow.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be? You're my best friend, I'm so happy for you" I didn't hear the first crack of the vase of plant behind me.

"She's really pretty, and you're really pretty too, so why wouldn't it be perfect for you two?" CRACK! Again, this time I knew it was me.

"And you're smart, caring, funny, and she could be on the cover of any magazine" CRACK! "And you're my friend, I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!"




"SO HAPPY!"I couldn't see straight, due the waterfall in my eyes, but I felt when he caught me by my shoulders, and I was sobbing by this time.

"YOU'RE MY FRIEND!" in vain, I tried to make him to let me go, but his arms around me became tighter "How could you do this to me?" I stopped sobbing, it was too much, I couldn't speak, I couldn't think, I could…

I only felt his soft and warm lips in mine, on a demanding kiss.

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