Title: Tell Me
I do not own SVU or these characters (darn it!) nor am I making any money off them (darn it!). No infringement intended.
Law and Order: SVU
Olivia finally makes her move...or was it Alex that made the move?
Someone called me a 'dirty tease' in a comment to one of my stories once. And, well, I found it hard to argue with that. And, well, I think this falls into that category. Also, I've been struggling a bit lately and wrote this as a challenge to myself; you'll notice it's in short sections/blocks and in a slightly different style than usual. You'll also notice I quit just as it was getting, well, interesting. Sorry (see 'dirty tease' warning :-P)


Tell Me

. . .

They'd been circling and dancing around each other for some weeks now. Hell, they'd been circling and dancing around each other from the moment they met, and Olivia had clearly chosen now to quit the games and make a move.

For the detective had been making her intentions fairly clear all night; letting her eyes linger on the swell of Alex's breasts, letting them trail up and down the attorney's thighs, one eyebrow cocking suggestively and appreciatively. She was talking smooth and acting smooth.

And it was about damn time.

So Alex played along, acting the demure and flattered object of Olivia's attentions, shyly averting her eyes, biting her lip almost innocently. She had no problem allowing the detective the illusion of control. In fact, she wanted to give her the illusion of it. At least for now.

. . .

After an hour of light talk, thinly veiled flirting, and one or two drinks, Alex decided it was time to see how serious Olivia was, to force the issue. She inhaled deeply and made indications that she really should be going. And when she rose from their table she'd be lying if she said she wasn't more than a little pleased that Olivia rose with her. Rose with her and brought them face to face, close, so very close.

"I'll see you home," the detective said quietly, looking into the attorney's eyes, the words coming out less as an offer and more as a statement; the confidence behind Olivia's words and tone undeniable.

Alex smiled again shyly, even feigning a blush, "I'd like that, thank you." Ohhh, yeah, this was going to be fun.

. . .

The cab ride was made mostly in silence, though Olivia sat closer than necessary to Alex, their thighs touching, their shoulders touching, their glances meeting occasionally. Their heartbeats, their anticipation, their heat rising.

As the cab swung onto Alex's street and began slowing to a stop in front of the attorney's building, Olivia leaned over and whispered into Alex's ear, the detective's breath warm on Alex's skin, her words seeking permission.

Alex let her eyes close and a slight shiver to course through her, knowing Olivia would believe that shiver was over the prospect of what Olivia's request would bring, of what it really meant. And, well, part of it was over that. And part of it was over the fact that Olivia didn't wait for an invitation, but once again took the initiative.

But mostly it was over the knowledge that, though Olivia didn't know it yet, this certainly wasn't going to be the last time the detective would be asking--even begging--Alex for permission this night.

. . .

Like the cab ride, the elevator ride was made mostly in silence, both women standing on opposite sides of the small enclosure as it traveled upward, their bodies separated but their gazes anything but. Their eyes took in the other, freely roaming over each other's bodies, finally expressing long harbored desires, frequently meeting in an intense stare.

When they arrived at the floor and the doors slid open, there was a moment of hesitation, but just a moment. Then Olivia reach out her hand to take Alex's. Alex smiled in return and took hold, letting Olivia lead her out of the elevator before taking over the lead herself.

When they arrived at the attorney's apartment, Alex let go of Olivia's hand to unlock the door and had to suppress another tremor as Olivia yet again took the initiative, stepping up behind the attorney, bring their bodies flush, letting her hands wander over Alex's hips, letting her lips play at the junction between Alex's neck and shoulder.

With her eyes closed, Alex took a final deep breath, as small smile spread across her face and she turned the key.

. . .

Olivia followed Alex into the apartment and, still with the illusion of control, smoothly and confidently locked the door behind herself. She then stepped up behind the attorney once again and slowly turned her around, wasting no time, gently cupping Alex's face in her hands, leaning in and putting a whisper of a kiss on Alex's lips before moving to her cheek and jaw, and then finally speaking. "I want you," she breathed the quiet statement, the quiet request, into Alex's ear, allowing her lips to lightly brush Alex's jaw line once again, gently nuzzling her temple against Alex's.

Alex leaned into the touch, bringing their bodies even closer, bringing her own lips to Olivia's ear. It was time to start turning things around. "What do you want of me?"

Olivia ran her hands down from Alex's jaw to her shoulders, then down further to find the attorney's hand and grasped in her own, bringing it up to her mouth she kissed the inside of Alex's wrist, then the pad of Alex's index finger, then she closed her eyes and ran her lips the length of it and back before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. She then slowly pulled it from her mouth and opened heavy lids to gaze into Alex's nearly equally dazed expression and finally answered, her voice husky and low and dangerous "All of you."

. . .

Alex couldn't help but admit to herself that that was pretty fucking sexy. And also couldn't help but admit to herself that part of her was tempted to let Olivia continue with the lead, continue with whatever she had planned for the night, continue to think this was all her idea. For there was little doubt in her mind that Olivia could please her and please her well and please her many times, even.

But no. Not this night.

So she inhaled deeply again and regained her composure. And then really started turning things around, an aura of confidence and strength noticeably settling over her as her gaze cleared and she look directly into Olivia's eyes challengingly this time rather than demurely. "That's lovely," her voice clear and sure as she took a step forward and then another one, backing Olivia up against the front door the detective had just minutes ago locked, "But how about now I tell you want I want?"

. . .

Olivia couldn't keep the various expressions from flying across her face. Surprise over Alex's 180 degree change in demeanor, not to mention the lightening fast quickness of it to confusion as to what brought about this change to curiosity as to where it might lead to frustration at suddenly being at a slight disadvantage to.... to arousal. Good lord the arousal!

Because... because Alex in command, Alex in charge was like Alex times 1000.

Olivia, brain still swimming over the sudden switch in positions, her body clearly reacting far, far faster than her mind, finally managed to blink twice in response to Alex's question. A response which Alex took as an indication to proceed.

. . .

And proceed she did. She smiled slyly, assuredly, a little smugly as she started speaking, all confidence and power, "I want to take this shirt off of you, detective," she ran her hands lightly along the cloth at Olivia's shoulders before moving them down to the top button and then lower, "I've wanted to for a very long time. Yes. I've wanted to undo each of these buttons one by one, slowly, very slowly, savoring each one until there were none left and push this shirt right off you."

Alex kept a close eye on Olivia's face and expressions and body language as she continued speaking, "Then I'd unlatch your bra and let it fall from your body. Your chest, your stomach, your breasts would be revealed to me," Alex ran her hands over each part of Olivia's body and she named it, ending with one hand massaging Olivia's flesh though her shirt as best she could as her voice took on a hypnotic quality. "Revealed to me for my examination, for my pleasure, for my use." The corner of Alex's lip twitched up in what might have been the start of another smile and her eyes sparked as they sought Olivia's, trying to gage the brunette's reaction.

. . .

And in the quick darting of Olivia's eyes, in the dilation of her pupils, in her fast shallow breaths, in the hardening of her nipples beneath her touch, Alex could see, could tell, could feel, that that reaction was exactly the one she had wanted from the detective, exactly the one she had hoped for.

God, this was going to be delicious.

"And that's just for starters," Alex continued as she trailed one finger suggestively down the button line of Olivia's shirt again, watching it the whole way, smiling and reveling in the fact that Olivia seemed to be holding her breath now. Then, when her finger met the metal of Olivia's belt buckle, she turned her hand over and let the heel of her hand rest on that buckle while her fingers pressed into the fabric and flesh below it. At the same time she leaned in and whispered directly in Olivia's ear and asked a question she already knew the answer to, "Would you like me to continue?"

. . .

The breath Olivia had been holding came out in a whoosh and she sucked in a ragged inhale. She looked like she tried to say something but no words would come out and she just looked at Alex with stunned, searching eyes.

Alex chuckled at her soon to be lover's expression and inability to speak. "I'll take that as a 'yes'," the attorney asserted. Then exerting her power, her dominance just a little bit more, Alex pressed her fingers into Olivia's core a little harder, knowing that the pressure was being exerted directly on Olivia's most sensitive nerves, knowing it by the flutter in Olivia's stomach, the slight buckle in her knees, and loving it, god loving it.

Alex's voice then took on a raspy quality as the blonde continued speaking, driving home her point, solidifying her position, saying directly into Olivia's ear and ending her statement by biting down slightly on the sensitive flesh of the detective's lobe, "And, believe me or don't believe me, I don't really care, but by the time this evening's done, it won't be a 'yes', it'll be a 'yes, ma'am'."

Olivia hadn't known she'd been holding her breath again until it all came out in another whoosh.

. . .