I'm fairly anxious to see how many people "get" this one and how many people think I'm just a really bad writer.

Electric Sheep

Zoe Graystone woke up to another perfect sunny Caprican morning, feeling happier and more rested than she could ever remember. When she leaned over to check the time on her computer, it became clear why: she was almost three hours late for school.

She quickly dressed and ran down the stairs to find her mother sitting calmly in the living room.

"Mom, why didn't you guys wake me up?" Zoe demanded. "I'm going to be late for school."

Amanda Graystone waved her hands. "Oh, it's okay, your father called in sick for you and Lacy when he called off work for me."

Zoe looked confused. "He called off for Lacy?"

"Yeah," Lacy replied, bounding into the room, "I guess you can do anything you want when you're the Richest Man on Caprica."

"Do either of you know what this is about?" Zoe asked.

"He wanted you all to be here to see his latest invention," Philo explained cheerfully as he wheeled the device into the house.

"Um... hi, Philo," Zoe said shyly.

"Hey," Philo grinned goofily.

"Philo, if you could stop flirting with my teenage daughter long enough to set up the A-Frame," Daniel chided as he strode into the room.

"Yes sir, absolutely, Dr. Graystone," Philo speedily complied.

"Daddy, what's is this thing?" Zoe demanded.

"Just watch," Daniel instructed. He pressed a few buttons on the device and an image of an apple on a black table appeared.

Zoe was confused and decidedly unimpressed; Lacy and her mother mirrored her sentiments.

"It's a window into the V-World," he explained.

Zoe scrunched up her nose. "Honestly, Daddy, that seems a little boring."

Daniel raised an eyebrow. "Does it?"

He then proceeded to reach right into the frame and pull out the apple.

Amanda and Lacy gasped, Philomon chuckled. Daniel brushed the apple off on his shirt, then took a big bite out of it.


"How is that possible?" Amanda asked.

"Anything's possible when you're the Greatest Scientist in the Twelve Worlds," Daniel teased. "Even this..."

Daniel reached back into the A-Frame, going so far that his top half nearly disappeared into it. Zoe could see him pulling something towards him, something much larger than an apple.

When he finally emerged, cradled in his arms was her own Avatar.

"Zoe?" the Avatar asked weakly, blinking her eyes against the foreign, natural light.

Zoe gasped in disbelief and threw her arms around her Avatar. "Daddy! How did you do this?" she asked, happy tears running down her eyes and on to the back of her Avatar.

"I told you," Daniel winked, "anything is possible when you're the World's Greatest Scientist."


Slowly, Zoe opened her eyes.

Since she'd been trapped in the robot, her whole existence had been defined be standing around and waiting; trying desperately not to do anything to attract attention to herself. The only thing she could still do was dream.

And there was always plenty of time to dream.