Class Rings


By: Chi~

Disclaimer: I don't own because all I need is my beautiful school ring and that's it. (Still love you two though :hugs Len and Rin plushies tightly:

A/N: So, I was playing around with the plot of "Their Child" and then I remembered I had more ideas written down for Len and Rin. So, I felt inspiration to write this. It's crazy; I don't know why it came to my mind the moment I slipped on my newly created (and absolutely beautiful) class ring. My mom told me about back in the day, when couples would wear each other's (or the girls would wear their boyfriend's) class rings to show they were taken. Then I was like, ":le gasp!: Rin and Len, hiding their relationship but still showing that they were taken by each other by wearing each other's rings – since they have the same birthstone. YOSH!"

So, yeah, that's how this was born.

You'll see why they'd want to hide their relationship.

Anyways, on with this kawaii twoshot, yeah?

(By the way, zomg, I actually wrote this in first person view. I haven't done that in a long time!)

Read in ½ to feel the brilliance of expensive class rings~!

Class Rings


I don't know how it happened.

One moment, my parents were divorcing and I moved in with my Dad (since Mom was some crack whore or something). Then, all of a sudden, I'm being escorted down the aisle by my incredibly hot step-brother Len for my Dad and his mom's wedding. Later, I'm taken by surprise when Len and I are making love to each other's mouths a year later.


Well, I'll have to say that – as corny as it sounds – we fell in love. Something happened during the wedding that just clicked between us and drove us to the point where we just couldn't mask our growing feelings. He was hot, sensitive, incredibly smart (was really good helping me with my homework, hah), and he thought I was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen (though I have to disagree). Sure, we look a lot – and I mean a lot – alike that it's almost creepy, but our personalities connect and our affection for the other was unavoidable.

From a small budded flower to a full bloom rose; we grew to love each other more than anything. Young love, I guess you could call it, and it's so corny and embarrassing that it gives me a blush whenever I think back on it…but oh well.

I guess that's how fate works, right?

Though, I also have to say that fate's a bitch because our relationship has to stay in secrecy. I mean, we're step-siblings and even though we're not related in blood, we are still connected by name and that very well could ruin us since it's incest in other people's mind. Gosh, some people just aren't open-minded enough to realize that sometimes fate has other plans that you can't control.

It's not like no one's read that story in the newspaper where these two orphans became siblings by the same foster parents and fell in love. Wake up, you bastards!

But anyway, Len and I put on this whole façade every day. Especially since we're looked upon as twins at school, no matter how many times we tell them we're not even related, and it could cause a total uproar and high school apocalypse just because they get ahead of their stupid selves and believe we're committing the sin of incest. (Oh, please, someone just run me over with a road-roller or something; it's making me sick.)

Every day, we take different routes to school (since we walk), hang with different friends and take different way around the school so people just think that we're just one of those badass step-siblings who don't like each other and avoid each other at all cost.

They have no idea what happens when we enter our house, however. When the door is closed and the curtains are pulled together, you'd be surprised what's going on.

…Haha, just made a perverted joke.

Ah – uh – get back on track Rin!

Okay, so – that's how it is. Our love is a secret. Even our parents don't even know and we're going to keep it that way. (There's a chance they might see this as incest too, although…I don't fricken know why.)

And it was all working well, really. Our relationship was strong, especially when we were home alone and there was no one to disturb us. We actually almost felt like husband and wife; newly-weds living alone in their own home - happy in our own privacy. There was a few slip ups, where we would be having a heated moment (a.k.a. – making out and perverted touching) and our parents would walk in. But it still worked. (Even though I'm pretty sure Len's Mom is probably suspicious of us now…)

But then, there was a set-back.

You see, it seems that me and Len have something else in common besides other stuff such as our love for fruit, video games, and rode rollers. We…get jealous very easily. Seriously, I mean, I couldn't even help it!

Just one day, I was walking to my last class, minding my own business and thinking about my boyfriend and then all of a sudden, I see him and I see this teal-haired hoe leaning in close to him, whispering to him like she was telling him a secret. And then I saw him blush and turn away, embarrassed.

I almost lost my cool. Right then and there. I almost stalked over, became a girlier version of the Hulk and was just about to RinHulk Smash! her, but then Len looked up, saw me, and gave me such an apologetic look that I immediately lost my anger. (I remember thinking, 'Well, shit' as I stomped off.)

That night, he explained to me that the teal-haired girl was Miku (who's actually in my class and who I harass through glares now) and she was absolutely flirting with him, which he got embarrassed from because she talked really dirty. He explained he didn't like it at all - that he absolutely thought she was just some slut trying to get in his pants and well, I couldn't just not believe him. Sure, I was so angry that I wanted to become some monster or something, but this is Len and he's more fragile than I am (believe it or not, considering he's the man of the relationship…).

(Haha! Another perverted joke!)

I couldn't just give him the cold shoulder, I mean – I saw him turn away and try to leave. That's telling yea' something when a guy actually leaves a girl who's willing to seduce him.

So, I brushed it off, gave him a hug (a kiss too) and told him I believed him which was the truth and always would be truth.

But then, something similar happened again. Except, it happened to me.

I was walking down the hall, heading to my locker during lunch break, since I usually skipped lunch. I needed a few books for my next class and I figured I'd use that time to go get them. So, I just stepped up to my locker, began to spin my combination when, all of a sudden, I realized someone was behind me.

I turned around a little, noticed something blue, and it didn't take but another second to realize my good friend Kaito was behind me.

So I turn around and greet him, excited that he came to visit. I like to talk sometimes.

"Yo, Kaito-senpai, what's up?" I smiled up at him, considering he's way taller than me and a grade above me.

He smiled down to me, answered, "Oh, nothing. Just noticed you were skipping lunch again and decided to visit you."

"That's nice of you," I complimented. "But why are you also skipping lunch?"

"They don't have any ice-cream today."

Ah, there we go. Just as I had thought.

"Ah, well, I'm sure they'll have some tomorrow," I said softly, beaming up to him before turning around to finally get my books out. He was sort of close, to tell the truth. I sort of felt invaded of my space and just wanted to stop facing him. I was uncomfortable. But I said nothing about it.

He waited until I got my books out and closed my locker before he did something I also didn't like.

"Hey, Rin-chan," he beckoned me, and I turned around, giving him a questioning look. A slight blush came across his face and I knew something weird was about to happen. I didn't know exactly what, and it surprised me when, suddenly, he leaned over me and rested his arm against the lockers behind me, hovering over me like he was caging me in.

I leaned away from him, turned my head away even though I knew my face was red with embarrassment. After all, he was close to me and I didn't like it. Len was the only one allowed to get that close to me.

"Wh-what," I asked, almost chokingly. I was too overwhelmed by his closeness to actually not seem affected.

He actually caged me in by putting his other hand on the locker, blocking my escape. What the hell did he want? Was he doing what I thought he was…?

"…Do you like me, Rin-chan?" He face was close and I could feel his breath against my neck. I didn't stop myself from gulping loudly and squeezing my eyes shut. Gosh, my face was so red!

"We-well, sure," I stammered squeakily. "I like you fine. Why?"

"No, Rin-chan, I mean…like – like," he corrected himself.

My eyes snapped open and hen I turn to look up at him, I jumped because our lips almost touched. "I – I – I – !" Goodness, Rin, spit something out!

He took my stammering as a good thing, apparently, because he suddenly leaned in more to my ear and whispered huskily, "I do. I like you a lot, Rin-chan. I would like…" Suddenly, I felt a hand snake down to my waist and grasp me, making me burst into an even worse blush then I already had.

I had to do something! I don't like it when other guys touch me like that; only Len can. His touch was all I liked; it was the only thing that actually had an extreme effect on me. Kaito's touch almost seemed…disgusting.

My wide eyes looked around me, at my surroundings, trying to see if there was anyone who was watching that I could plead for help to. And then, my eyes met familiar blue ones.

Deep, blue eyes that belonged to the boy I loved.

Len was watching us, right there - right behind Kaito. And he was just staring. And staring. He looked so impassive; I couldn't tell what he was thinking.

But then, I noticed something red fall from his hand. I noticed that his hands were squeezed into fists at his sides.

That red thing that fell from his fist…it was blood.

He was grasping his fists so hard that his palms were bleeding from his nails.

I could tell now; I understood…

He was pissed.

And then he left.

When he did, I dropped my books on Kaito's feet and pushed him away, absolutely furious. "Kaito-senpai! I don't like you like that!" I yelled at him as I glared at his confused stare.

"Don't ever do that again," I breathlessly told him, before I quickly grabbed my books and rushed off. I had to get to Len, to tell him that nothing was going on between me and that idiot –

But then the bell rang and I was all the way across the school from the class I needed to be at. So, I had no choice.

And when I got home, I had a lot of explaining to do and nursing to attend to, since Len fucked up his hands.

Goodness, I was so pissed. I couldn't even talk without a harsh tone to anyone; I was so angry. I wanted to punch Kaito and kick him where the sun don't shine. I wanted to throw an empty ice-cream box at him and tell him that the world was without ice-cream forever.

And then I wanted to curl up in a ball and bawl my eyes out forever!


When school ended, I power-walked all the way home, wanting to get there as fast as I could because Len would be there already. I could just see him in our bathroom, probably changing the bandages on his hands or something. Gosh, such an idiot, putting his own self in a fit of rage that was destructive to his own damn self.

(Did that even make sense?!)

It only made me wonder how he would've been if he had actually released that anger.

…perhaps it was best he hadn't.

Oh well, whatever, it didn't matter.

As soon as I got through the door, locked it, and threw my bag and shoes off, I ran up the stairs to our bathroom and sure enough, there he was – running water over his palms.

I stood next to him as I watched irony brown and red mix with the water and flow down the drain. Without even saying another word, I bent down into one of the cabinets and grabbed a first-aid kit.

Then, all of a sudden, after I set the kit down, I was pushed against the counter and Len's mouth was on mine, taking my mouth fiercely.

I gasped against him, blinking out of confusion but participated none the less.

When he leaned back so we could breathe, his injured hands grasped at the bottom of my uniform shirt and he tore it open. Buttons went everywhere as I gasped for the second time and I looked up at him. But I couldn't tell anything, his bangs were covering his eyes; I couldn't read him.

I was seated on the counter and he – with his bloody hands – pushed my legs apart and he leaned in between me, lips attacking my neck boldly. His hands stayed on my thighs and I knew I had blood on me, but it didn't matter. I was confused and he was being so raw that it was both frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

When he bit me, I hissed but moaned out his name. I reached up to his hair and grasped at his ponytail.

"L-Len, are – aren't you angry? Wh-what are you doing," I asked softly, shakily, tremendously affected by his actions. No wonder why Kaito's touch felt so gross to me; Len's were just…perfect.

"I'm making you mine," he replied softly, making my heart jump in my chest. He ran his tongue against my pulse point, making me shiver before I could formulate another thought.

I let out a shaky breath, positioned my hands on his shoulders and reluctantly pushed him back. He didn't fight. I reached up, pushed back his bangs so I could see his beautiful eyes.

His tear-filled eyes met mine and I knew that he wasn't alright. He wasn't alright at all.

I grasped his face gently between my hands, looking at him worriedly. "You're doing this out of anger, aren't you? You're upset…you're doing this because you think I'm going to dump you, ne?"

As if on cue, a tear rolled down his cheek and ran over my finger, falling onto my skirt a second later.

It broke my heart.

So, I pinched his cheeks and stretched out his mouth.

He cried harder, probably from the pain, but I didn't care.

"Dumb ass!" I let go of his cheeks, let his face snap back into place before I embraced him in a tight hug. "I wouldn't do that; never! Please, believe me!"

He became stiff as a board and my thighs were squeezed. "B-but - ?"

"But – nothing! You saw wrong! Kaito was making a pass at me and it was just…disgusting! There's nobody else, Len. I swear," I begged softly into his shoulder, feeling hot with hope that he would believe me.

"But – he – you…"

"I'm telling you, baby," I felt gross for saying that, but the nickname just slipped out. I grasped a fist full of his shirt and squeezed, burying my face harder in his shoulder. "I don't like him; I don't like anyone. There's only you. You're all I want! Nothing else, I swear!"

He must've believed me then (thank God!) because his arms suddenly wrapped around me andpressed me tightly to his chest, like I was his life-line.

Wow…he really loves me.

I didn't know I was crying until he pushed me back to kiss my tears away. And I did the same.

I sat cross-legged in front of him in my favorite orange sweat pants and white tank top as I nursed his hands. Each of his palms were deeply cut, little 'U' shaped wounds bleeding more blood then they should. (Man, Len, you're blood is too thin!)

I sighed, feeling exhausted and when I looked up, he looked the same except in a bit of pain. Well, yeah! He's the one who cut his hands up by squeezing his fists so hard.

Damn, when had he gotten so strong?

"Okay, obviously, this is more than we can handle," I said as I positioned some gauze over his palm and began to wrap the bright yellow bandage over it. "There's got to be some way where we can keep our relationship in secret, yet telling everyone that we're taken."

He slowly nodded, looking up at me with a bitter expression on his beautiful face. "Yeah…I've never been so angry in my life."

"Apparently not," I said lowly, glaring down at the wounded hand I was bandaging. "'Can't believe you did this to yourself."

"You saw," he said. "You knew I was trying my damnedest to not kill that fucking bas - !"

I silenced him by laughing, shaking my head. "Man, Len, you sound weird when you curse."

"Hey – but – I was really angry!" He glared at me as I tied the bandage tightly and went to the next hand.

I sighed, watched as my hands wrapped up his other hand. Huh…my hands are small compared to his slightly bigger ones…

"I know. You were extremely angry. I mean, look at your hands," I looked up at him affectionately, calming him down. "Thank you for not blowing up when it happened, though. 'Could've blown our cover."

He nodded as I tied the second bandage securely. He smiled when I gathered both of his hands in mine and kissed his wrapped palms.

"Something has to be done about this," he said, softly as I began to clean up the first-aid supplies next to us on the bed. "It drives us into a rage if some boy – "

" – or girl," I added, grumpily.

"Starts getting too…intimate with the other in the wrong way," he finished, tone hard.

And he was right. We were the jealous type – obviously – and sort of possessive; we'll go berserker if we see the opposite sex too close to the other for our liking. I think that makes a healthy relationship (as long as there's still trust there, haha).

I climbed into his lap after I latched up the first-aid kit and let him wrap his arms around me. Then we sat there in silence, thinking about how we were going to get these crushers off our backs.

" 's got to be something," Len grumbled ten minutes later.

"Yeah, something where we'll show that we're taken but not by each other, hmm," I hummed.

But we got nothing.

I was about to say something, but then we heard the door slam and Len's mom yell up to us, "I'm home!"

Without even thinking twice – since I already knew the routine whenever this would happen (it happened every single day ever since we got together) – I sprang to my feet as Len did the same. But then, somehow, we were on the floor a second later, tangled together by our limbs.

I was on my back, arms out over my head on the carpet and Len was on top of me. Our legs were tangled together, so I couldn't move them.

Then, to top it off, I realized something.

"Oh my GOD," I whispered loudly with a red face. "Len! Get your face out of my boobs!"

He did as I said and dramatically gasped for air. I glared at him.

He blushed. "Uh…Rin?"

"What," I asked, exasperated.

"Have you…grown?"

My fist smashed into his face before I could even control myself. (Whoops.)

He groaned. "You're going to be the death of me." He rubbed his cheek, hovering over me with a pitiful look that just made my heart wrench in my chest.

"Sorry," I mumbled, reaching up and began to rub where I'd punched. I kissed his cheek. "Better, you pervert," I whispered questioningly.

He pecked my lips, smiling. "Mm-hmm."

"Guys? Where are you?"

Oh yeah! His mom's home!

We quickly untangled ourselves and – reluctantly – split up, taking separate ways to get downstairs.

Couldn't be less careful, you know? His mom is already suspicious enough.

After putting the first-aid kit away in our bathroom, I took the back-stairs to meet her in the kitchen.

Damn, Len won. He was already there, talking to his mom before I even got down all the stairs.

I pouted slightly to myself. He always wins.

"Len, what happened to your hands?" I wiped my pout off my face and stocked over to them, acting like I was slightly interested.

Gotta' act the part, right?

Len lightly flushed, acted like he was embarrassed. Gosh, so cute.

"I tripped in Gym," he mumbled, looking away from his mother just to seem dramatic. Man, he's really good at that, the sexy bastard.

I held back a nosebleed as his adorable cheeks reddened even more.

"You've always been a klutz, that's for sure," his mom sighed, ruffling his hair. Awesome, she bought it!

Man, I still hate how we have to lie all the time, you know?

Len's mom's bright brown eyes shot over to mine and she bit her lip. What?

But she turned away and smiled down at Len again. "Why don't you start dinner, sweetie? Please be careful."

Len blinked and slowly nodded. Huh, I think he noticed that look she sent me.

Oh man…I don't have a good feeling about this…

"Rin," oh no, she's beckoning me over.

As I fought not to twitch and stepped over to her, Len tensed out of the corner of my eye before he wandered off to start cooking. I'm just as confused as you are Len!

"Could you come with me?" she asked lowly to me.

I nodded, honestly showing my confusion. Oh no…I don't have a good feeling about this at all.

When we stepped out into the laundry room, I realized that I had forgotten to get rid the uniform that Len basically destroyed. (Damn you, Len!)

I shunned myself repeatedly as Len's mom went over to the washer where my wrecked uniform was lying on in its torn and bloodied up glory.

As she looked at me expectantly, fingering at the almost button-less top of mine and raising a thin, brunette brow, I gulped.

"Do you have something to tell me, Rin-chan?" She didn't look annoyed or angry, as I thought she would. She looked worried. Which surprised me.

Sure, she's my step-mother, but I'm still surprised she was this compassionate, even for me.

I hesitated, digging in my head for a lie to give. I couldn't just come out and say with an innocent smile on my face, "Oh, your son was in a fit of rage and tried to screw me on our bathroom counter with blood hands!"

She would destroy me! Oh my goodness…she looks so tall of a sudden…

"Well," she asked, pushing me.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," that's all that came out of my mouth.

…shit...I want to throw myself off a cliff, oh my gosh!

She turned to me, looking down at me more concerned. "Come on Rin-chan, you can tell me. We're the only girls here."

I just stared. What?

"Did you…have an accident…?" she asked, red in the face all of a sudden.

Ah, there's your trump card Rin! Take it!!!

"Yes," I said, faking a blush. "It took me b-by surprise, yea' know? S-stupid period, hehehe~!"

She stared at me then. Just…stared.

Kill me! Oh, gosh, why can't the Texas Chainsaw dude come in here and chase us in the house to our doom? Anything is better than this!

…wait…where the hell is Texas?!

"Then…why is your shirt like this?" She picked up my shirt. I secretly mourned for it…the poor thing. Len, you're so cruel…

We watched as one of the last black buttons fell to the ground and rolled away from us.

I want to do that! Argh~!

"It got caught on the door knob in the bathroom, and I didn't notice 'till it was too late," I lied, seeming embarrassed. "I was in a hurry to get in the shower."

She slowly nodded in understanding, looking down at me deeply, trying to read me.

…oh shit…I know that look. She totally didn't buy it…

"…Len's hands are bandaged," she said softly, looking at my shirt again. "Blood is on the hem…"

…Double shit! She's putting the pieces together!

She fingered my skirt. "Blood is on the hem of this, too…like he…"

Triple shit! Ah, Len, we're done!

She looked down at me again. I couldn't help but flinch.

Oh, Len, I'm so sorry! I ruined it for us! Please, forgive me!!!

"I've seen the way my son looks at you and your father has noticed vise versa," she said slowly then, bending down so we were eye level. "We notice more than you two know."

My heart jumped in my throat and I knew my eyes were the size of saucers. Please, please! Just throw me out the house or something! Don't kill me or Len!

I flinched again when…

…she hugged me…?

What the hell?! What the – what's going on?!

And then she began to squeal like a fan girl. "Oh my~! My little boy's first girlfriend!"


"And she's so kawaii, too~!" She rocked us from side to side out of excitement.

What's this? I'm not dead. As far as I know, Len isn't either. What the –

"Rin-chan, it's okay!" She leaned back, resting her hands on my shoulders. "I have no problem with your loving my son and your father is just fine with Len."

I just stared, absorbing all this in, in shock.

Did I just hear what I thought I did?

She blinked. "Rin-chan?"

I blinked back, and blinked again just for the hell of it. I can't believe it. I just can't…

Our parents were okay with it! Our prayers are answered, Len!

"I don't know why you're in so much shock – it's not even incest – " I stopped her as I glomped her in the neck.

"Thank you – thank you!" A weight has just been lifted off my shoulders, I tell you!

Now that I had someone who was eye to eye with me, I explained to her what's happening and how my uniform got messed up. She laughed a bit, shook her head, which I didn't get.

"That son of mine," she sighed. "He has such a temper. Too sensitive for his own good."

Tell me about it!

"Hmm," she continued, however. "A way to show people you guys are taken but not by each other, hmm…"

I bit my lip, thinking hard myself for the second time that day.

Then, all of a sudden, she snapped her fingers and chimed, "I've got it!"

I almost jumped up and down out of excitement. I'm saving us, Len! I'm shining!

"What is it?!"

"I'll tell you some other time."


"E-eh, but…Kumi-chan, please tell me!" (Huh, that was the first time I'd ever addressed her like that…) "We want this problem resolved as soon as possible!"

She wagged a finger and shook her head. "Nope, not right now. I will later though, hehe."

Argh~! Almost Len, almost!

She clapped her hands then and grabbed my disheveled uniform, chucked it in the trash nearby. "Let's go inside before Len has a heart-attack or something. I'm sure he's worried," she chuckled.

I grumbled as I followed her back inside, not feeling very accomplished at all. But, at least Len and I could make out whenever we wanted, even if our parents were home.


I acted like nothing had happened when we reached the kitchen, however. I would tell him about it when Kumi let us alone. It would be better that way, I think.

Len was in the middle of making his special spaghetti sauce when we stocked in like we owned the place. He sent a secret look of confusion to me, which I returned with a bright smile and wink before he smiled up to his mother.

"You guys took a while."

"Mhm," Kumi answered back before she stepped over to the island in the middle of the kitchen, grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and took a bite. I padded over to the fridge, planning on getting a nice cool glass of orange juice.

She leaned against the island, watched as Len added a few ingredients to his sauce and stirred. I made my glass and began to drink with a smile on my face that I was sure would never leave my lips again.

And then she began to leave.

"Oh, and Len, I'll be taking you to the store tomorrow to get some condoms."

I spat my orange juice everywhere without control. It went everywhere! Oh my gosh! Why did she have to do that?! We're not ready for that!!!

I looked over to see how Len was taking that after she left without a look back and there was sauce everywhere! No! Dinner!!!

Oh crap, Len's on the ground and choking on nothing. Len!!!!

He coughed, looked up at me while sauce dripped from his face and hair, glaring. "What did you do?!"

I threw my hands up, feeling like a sticky mess. "Hey, she knew by herself. And my Dad knows too."

"Oh my GOD!" He slipped a little on his sauce, looking shocked and miserable at the same time. I was sure that under the sauce on his face, he was redder than the sauce itself.

"I know." I sauntered over, my shirt dripping from the orange juice I'd spat all over myself and the counter. But I didn't care. He suddenly look so cute...all miserable and on the floor...covered in sauce...

I got down in front of him, even though my favorite sweat pants would get ruined from the sauce, but I still didn't care. I embraced him in his saucy glory and made him fall on his back so I was hovering over him.

I then took his lips, feeling free for the first time even though I knew his mom was probably watching us right now. Watch then! This is the extent of our love!

He kissed back and we embraced on the floor in his awesome sauce, sliding around in red awesomeness. For once, life was good without secrecy.

Part two shall be up momentarily!