Class Rings


By: Chi~

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Class Rings


The next day, as Len and I dazedly ate our breakfast, Kumi-chan slammed down a thin magazine in front of us on the table, startling my father and Len (I was too busy trying to keep my eyes open to actually have a reaction to that).

"This is my plan, you two," Kumi stated, taking a sip of her coffee as she beckoned us to look at the thing she just slammed down in front of us.

Len looked as I leaned my head on his shoulder and stifled a yawn while looking from a far. As I read the contents and looked at the pictures, I heard Kumi-chan whisper to my Dad about how cute we were and him agree with a grunt. (Love yea' too, Daddy!)

Len then questioned, "Class rings, Mom? That's your plan?" He turned his head over to mine, kissed my hair. It was probably his way of trying to wake me up and it was working…

I smiled and asked her, myself, "Care to elaborate, Kumi-chan?"

She beamed, chugging her coffee as my Dad smiled as well. "Back then, the girl's boyfriend gave the girl his ring so others knew they were going steady," Dad explained softly (bless his heart).

Kumi slapped down her empty mug, high from the caffeine now. "Guess what? That's the plan!"

Len and I looked at the magazine – or should I say catalogue – for the class rings as I snuggled him more. (Which I'm absolutely positive Len didn't mind one bit.)

"It's pretty expensive," Len and I said together, which made us all surprised. Whoa…at the same time…creepy…

But we got over it quickly. It was expected. Len and I just clicked like that.

Kumi and Dad waved it off. "No worries," Dad exclaimed.

"Especially considering Len's hands," Kumi added, looking down at Len's yellow bandages (I need to redo those, haha), "It seems things are getting worse so we're helping no matter what."

"I wonder where my credit card is," Dad mumbled, thoughtfully stroking his imaginary beard. Ah…now I feel bad…

Kumi-chan waved it off though and flashed her own, slid it over to him as she turned her attention back to us. "Anyway, decide on rings today and fill out the forms tonight, okay," she asked.

Len muttered in acceptance, snaking an arm around me and warmly squeezed. "Thank you."

He spoke for both of us. We really were. Our parents were the only ones who knew and they were helping us.

We didn't deserve this, not that much…but I guess that doesn't matter, not when we have such great, supportive parents.

We're lucky. We really are…

"I hope it works," I mumbled to Len ten minutes later, after our parents left for work. We were ready for school, slipping on our shoes at the front door. "I mean, they're paying a lot of money for this…"

"If it doesn't work, then, at least we tried," Len stood up after fixing his shoes for his comfort. He smiled then, slinging his bag over his shoulder.

He leaned down, kissed my forehead, and cupped my face with a newly bandaged hand (got them changed, check!). "Plus, we'll get our class rings early," he added.

I sighed and kissed him goodbye, since we split up every morning and didn't see each other until we're back at home. "I suppose so," I mumbled, sounding worried.

He sighed as well, stroked my cheek affectionately before he murmured, "I love you."

I smiled and gave him a quick wink, "Love you too."

After he left, I clutched at the catalogue and thought deeply to myself. I had to pick something nice. Something that wouldn't be so expensive (so my conscience will be spared) but something beautiful and that seemed expensive (so I can make Len's friends friggin' jealous!).

But, deep down, I think it's quite obvious that I was nervous about the whole idea…since this plan might not even work as we'd like it to. I don't know why…it just feels that way. The plan seems too easy; too fragile and shaky.

One wrong move and down it goes.

During school, I flipped through the catalogue and filled out my form for my ring. I sort of fudged stuff a little, but that was necessary and it couldn't be helped. When I got home, Len met me at the door and I almost immediately had him check it over for me. We headed out into the kitchen after I changed and he got to work.

I didn't know it would take so long, though.

Len hummed to himself again as he inspected my choices and forms that I filled out, making sure I got everything right. I was sure I did, but I insisted that he'd better check over them before he made his choice. He's smarter than me and can make a decision within seconds. Him choosing his ring would take five minutes, including him filling out his form to give to our parents, so it's not like I'm burdening him.

Now, I was just sitting there at the dinner table, huffing to myself impatiently as I watched the sun go down from the window behind him. He was just taking so long, seriously. And he kept humming to himself, quizzically or whatever the damn word is – I don't care anymore.


Len suddenly looked up and I realized I had been glaring at him quite rudely. Whoops…sorry…

"Gomen," I mumbled, pouting and looked up at the ceiling. His stare was creepy; didn't mean to spite him.

"Rin," he called me though, which made me snap my head back to him.

He smiled softly, slid the forms that I had filled out back over to me and nodded. "Your choice is beautiful. Silver clashes better with our birthstone."

I beamed and got up, skid over the tile of the kitchen floor in my socks and latched myself on his neck, kissing him excitedly. "Yes! Thank you!"

He chuckled, gladly kissed me back and shook his head. "Not a problem. I know my decision for mine now."

I scoffed. "You probably did before you even walked in the door this afternoon."

He blinked and looked away for a moment. "…yeah," he said, seeming far away.

I giggled and kissed his head. Then, I let go to pick up my forms to put on Kumi's desk and get him his own forms to fill out.

After I did that, I went over to the fruit-bowl on the kitchen island, grabbed an orange and leaned against the counter, watching my boyfriend slip on his reading glasses. God…why did he suddenly look even more sexy…?

I just stared at him, admiring his beauty as he bit his lip in deep concentration, filling out the form and alternating from the catalogue to the sheet he was writing on. He had no idea how beautiful he was, seriously…

A stray bang fell in his face, tickled his nose and made him sniff and puff it away from his face. But it was persistent. He blinked to himself, stopped writing and ran his hands over his crazy bangs, pushing them out of his face.

I felt my heart skip as his golden hair fell back in his face and he pushed up his thickly rimmed – but incredibly sexy – glasses back up his nose and began to scribble away again.

Oh, God, when he was done…

The moment he's done, I'm raping his mouth.

Ten minutes later, right when I finished my orange, he finished and neatly pushed it away. He looked over to me as I threw away the orange peelings, feeling refreshed after eating it and still craving his mouth against mine.

He slipped off his glasses, sexily smirked over to me and opened his arms.

Well…he was beckoning me over, wasn't he? How could I resist?

Somewhere along the way, I got on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck as he hugged me against him, keeping me from falling against the table. I let his hair down as I lightly ran my tongue on the ceiling of his mouth, making him moan.

My small, dainty fingers dug in his hair and deepened our passionate kiss, pressing myself harder against him; completely intoxicated by him. As cliché as it sounded – I just couldn't get enough. I wanted more and more and I knew he did as well.

We pulled apart, a small trail of saliva rolling down the side of our mouths as he suddenly got up, gripping onto my hips strongly. It felt amazing...

Suddenly, I was on the table and my legs were spread, and he leaned in between them, taking my lips again after I hastily tried to catch my breath by gasping.

I wound my arms around his back, fisted at his shirt as he took my mouth without mercy, exploring me and igniting such a fire within me that I couldn't help but wrap my legs around his waist and hang on for dear life.

And he tightened his arms around me, squeezing us together and tried his hardest to make us one. Amazing…it really was…I couldn't stop myself from breaking the kiss just to turn away to calm myself down – it was almost overwhelming.

"Ha ha ha," I puffed, my hair falling in my burning face. Len licked the stray saliva still on my cheek and panted in my ear. I fisted harder, tightened my legs. "L-Len…"

He grunted highly in his throat, still catching his breath to calm himself down. He was getting a little excited, if you know what I mean (which I was proud to be the cause but it still made me nervous)...

I looking around the blurry kitchen, breathing heavily before turning back to him and began to kiss his neck, forgetting what I was going to say.

He groaned against my ear, egging me on which I gladly continued with my own personal pleasure. It truly was exhilarating, knowing that you could have such an effect on a beautiful creature such as Len. It made you lose all reason and caused you to –

His breath hitched as I bit him and sucked at his pulse point. "R-Rin, if you – ah – have any – ah – restraint, you need to push me off of y-you right – ah! – n-n-now," he hissed shakily in my ear.

I groaned against him, causing him to have difficulty breathing again and began to pull back, knowing that we were getting too into this. We weren't ready, at least, I don't think we were – although…I wouldn't mind, to be honest –

He attacked my mouth the moment I tried to look up at him, and once again I was taken by surprise. It was rougher, fierce, like how he was yesterday except even more powerful.

I held tighter as he shifted and then I felt his hand grasp at my hip and –

I drew back to gasp, eyes wide and surprised at the sudden shock I felt and Len looked down at me. He was dazed, drunk-looking, red, and panting. A string of saliva slowly broke between our lips as we panted in front of each other, stunned and intrigued.

Len recovered faster than I did, and did it again, making me arch and become shaky.

"Ah," I squealed softly, bringing my hands between us and fisted at the front of his shirt. Our foreheads pressed against each others as Len's hand tightened on my hip and –

I gather a lot of his shirt as I felt the shock again and didn't hold back the loud moan from leaving my mouth the moment it happened. I couldn't control it. And Len was panting so hard, making such nice sounds.

I arched against him again, pressed us even harder together and he groaned. And he did it again

"Ah!" That time we did that together, synchronized. God, it felt so good. And Len making such sounds like these – I wanted to hear them all the time.

But, then…the front door slammed.

Len groaned darkly in my ear, which made me shiver, but I knew we had to stop and act like we weren't basically having sex with our clothes on, while on the fucking kitchen table…where we eat dinner.

…why is it, that that sounded more sexy than it should?

Len gave me a quick little kiss as I reluctantly spread my legs for him to step back and escape. Both of our faces were red and would be for probably the next hour, but that couldn't be helped. As long as it didn't seem that we were doing what we were doing, it's all good.

I got off the table as Len combed his hair with his fingers and brushed it up into its usual cute style. I ran my hands through mine, made it lie down more and look more normal. It was thin and easy, so it wasn't a problem. Len's was thicker, however.

We straightened out our clothes and made ourselves look as presentable as we could after such an experience before my Dad came waltzing in, like he owned the place. (Haha...he did...sigh.)

Thanks Dad, you just ruined something awesome!

He took one look at us, however, and turned right around with a red face. "I'll leave you two alone." Then he hurried off.

Len and I palmed our faces.

Len and I backed off for about a month after that. We didn't want to rush anything…although, there was some sexual tension sometimes. Okay, more times than anyone could count but we somehow controlled ourselves and we remained sex free.

Our admirers didn't want to stop leaving us alone, but that didn't really matter. As long as we didn't see the flirting, we were good. There were times though, sometimes I would just like to punch anything but I controlled myself. I tried not to let it get to me and barely succeeded.

(But, believe me…it's easier said than done.)

Anyway, one day while Len and I were just watching some stupid movie about a lavender haired samurai in love with some pink haired ward of his (who strangely looked like my best friend Miki), Kumi-chan suddenly pops up out of no where.

Len jumped while I only gasped. (I don't know why; I guess I can just take a surprise or something.)

"W-what is it Mom?!" Oh, goodness, you sound funny all high-pitched like that Len!

"Your rings are here!" She cheered, and then she threw these two little jewelry boxes shaped like graduation hats. Len and I blinked at them in our laps.

Then we just roughly opened them with excitement and I couldn't help gasping again (man, I gasp a lot!).

They were beautiful. Both of ours had our birthstone and mine was silver so it clashed beautifully with it. Len's was gold but the blue-topaz worked with it and made it look pretty cool. The designs of our rings were the same; one side had our school's mascot and lingo along with our last names (we lied and said the last names were 'Kagami'), and on the other side has a music note (which signifies for chorus, since we both love to sing) and the year we will graduate.

He turned to me, beaming, and took my left hand. He looked into my eyes deeply, which made me feel warm in the face, as he slid his ring on my ring-finger.

It was as if we were really married.

I slightly gasped (for the third time), surprised that not only was it kind of heavy, but because it fit perfectly on my finger. "We have the same ring size…?"

"Appears so," he said as I took his left hand and slid my ring on his.

I smiled brightly, intertwined our fingers and we compared how the other's ring looked on the other.

"The gold suits you," he exclaimed, staring down at our fingers.

"The silver suits you," I chuckled, loving how my ring looked so good on his finger and it was a feminine ring. Then I slightly paled at the fact that the masculine ring I was wearing worked with me so well.

What the hell?

He squeezed my hand then, shaking his head as he leaned over and kissed me gently. "Let's hope this works then, yeah?"

I kissed back, felt hope bubble in my chest. "Yep…"

We were just about to marvel over our rings some more before we heard something like a sniffle somewhere in the room. And then we realized that Kumi-chan was still in there and she had seen everything that had just happened between us.

And she was crying.

"You guys," she sniffed and stomp over to us, embracing us both by our necks and stuffing our faces in her bust. "Are so beautiful together! It makes my heart wrench~!"

I leaned back a little, gasped for air. I couldn't breathe! "K-Kumi-chan, thank you…could you please let us go now – GACK!"

Len struggled a little, turned his head to me and bellowed, "Rin~! No~! Don't leave me alone with this crazy woman!"

"CACK," was my answer. I think I'm going to die!

But Kumi-chan continued to weep and hold us to her stupidly (but naturally) large boobs of hers. Oh gosh, I'd really like it to be tomorrow right now. Anything was better than this.

Hope I live until tomorrow…

The morning came too soon after such a crazy night.

After Kumi-chan was done suffocating us (Len had to kiss me back to life), Dad came home and inspected how nice our rings looked on each other. They wanted this plan to work as much as we did. I mean, they paid a whole bunch of money, you know?

"Good good," he muttered to himself as he stared down at our outstretched hands, nodding to himself. "This'll work. It was a good idea that you guys put those almost false last names as the display name on these beautiful rings. Be proud."

"I copied off of her," Len answered, looking over to me. I blushed.

"W-well…" I lightly giggled, feeling embarrassed.

My Dad reached down, ruffled my hair like he did when I was a kid. I blushed even more. He smiled.

"Now if you look in each other's rings, there's a surprise Kumi and I have for you," Dad said. "She didn't get around to telling you, since she was crying over how beautiful you guys are together."

Oh, Dad…you're straightforwardness is showing again.

Len and I slipped each other's rings off, turning them over until we noticed something written within the inside of the ring-bands.

It was our names.

In Len's ring, my name was in it. In mine, Len's name was in it.


"Awesome," Len and I couldn't help but whisper in awe. We looked up at my Dad, thanked him and Kumi immensely.

In the morning, I felt so nervous I could only hold down orange juice. All Len could eat was a banana so I guess I wasn't the only one super nervous. Our parents were tense themselves, watching as we were consumed by our nerves and knew there was nothing they could do about it.

After they left, wishing us a stiff yet heart-filled "good luck," Len and I were left alone to wallow in our worry and fear. I mean, Len had scars on his hands, I had scars on my brain – IT WOULD ONLY GET WORSE IF THIS DOESN'T WORK!

Len hesitantly stood in front of the door, his back to me and we were super quiet. We couldn't say anything to each other, just couldn't. I think we had a suspicion that we might jinx ourselves somehow.

This heavy fog hung over us, causing a large weight on our shoulders to where we actually had to walk with our shoulders hunched. Oh gosh…it's horrible. I can't think straight. I'm so nervous!

"Rin," Len murmured all of a sudden, making me slightly jump. I quickly hummed, letting him know he had my attention.

He turned to me, looked down at me affectionately. But I could read his eyes. He was just as nervous as I was. Oh, Len…

He leaned down, kissed my lips quickly before starting for the door slowly. "Whatever happens; we're together. Right…?"

I gulped to myself and nodded. "Yes…Together. Zutto." I bit my lip. "And…nothing will happen."

He clenched his fists at his sides and he just stood there for a moment before murmuring his love to me before he left, leaving me alone until we saw each other back at this house after school.

I whispered after him, telling him I loved him too. I'm sure he heard it in his heart.

That was the only hope we had. Our love and our rings.

The rest of the day went by swiftly. There were a few times when someone would stop what they were doing and just stare at my ring, since it was so large on my finger. Someone even asked, "Who's your boyfriend?" I told them a lie of course, said that he was a total nerd and you wouldn't know him.

's sort of true. Except, Len's looks get him attention.

Oh, burnnnn~!

Sorry Len.

Overall, it worked fine. I soon wondered why the hell I even started bugging over this. It was working, I had a beautiful (yet heavy) ring on my finger that labeled me as 'taken' and finally I was at peace of Kaito. During my last class, which he's in, he looked over and noticed the ring on my finger, the size and the name and he looked sad all of a sudden. I felt bad…but he had to realize someday that I wasn't into him at all. (Don't get me wrong, he's fricken gorgeous. It's just, Len's…amazingly beautiful? Damn, I need a thesaurus!)

Anyway, I went home without looking back at the blue haired dude's puppy-eyes and felt on top of the world.

…and then Chi-chan came along.

You know, for a small girl (she's at least a few inches shorter than me), she's really sharp and loud. You can't pass anything by her; she'll notice. It's like…

She's a ninja…?


"Who's your boyfriend," she bluntly asked me as we walked down the street. I immediately grew tense, realized that my house was about five more blocks away. Damn…stuck…

"U-uh," I stammered, acting embarrassed and shy.

She huffed, grabbed my left hand and examined my hand. "Kagami," she asked, sounding incredulous. "Sounds a lot like your last name."

Well stick a fork in me and I'm done, Chi. What the fuck do you want from me?!

"Believe me, I'm pretty bewildered by that too. But, ah well," I shrugged, took my hand back and continued walking. Just let it slide; let it flow. You can do this Rin. You can!

Chi stared over to me for a long while, probably trying to read my by burning a hole in the side of my face. It was sort of working…but nah, I'm not letting up. Freak me out all you want Chi-chan, I'm not bowing to your tiny ass!

"…Do you love him?"

"Yes," I answered immediately.

"Does he love you?"


"Is he sexy?"

"Oh yeah."

"Is it Len?"

"Yep – wait…FUCK!!!!"


Chi patted my shoulder as I began to actually physically freak out. I mean, I couldn't believe that I had fallen for a trick like that! How did she do it!? Is she a demonnnn~?

"Relax yo. I've known this for months."

I gaped at her. "WHAT? HOW COULD YOU'VE KNOWN?! We've been so careful…"

"I could tell because of the fact that you guys were so careful. You have to be practical when you're trying to cover something up. You have to be secretive and truthful at the same time, get me? You and Len completely avoided each other at school way too much than step-siblings should. That school full of idiots wouldn't notice, of course…but when there's people like me, it's kind of hard not to notice."

No fucking duh. Thank for the news flash, damn midget!

"Plus, I saw Len with the same thing except it was more feminine and silver and I knew he wasn't gay, so - yeah."

Oh, I'm so angry, I could just eat a whole cart of oranges and punch little kids in the face randomly in a blind rage. And then, I want to find a corner, curl up, and cry as softly as I can forever!

"The rings were a good idea by the way. Keep doing that, yeah?" Then she sped up and skipped to her house not too far away, whistling to herself as if she hadn't just scared the shit out of me!

Oh, crap…now I have to tell Len. This is too crucial not to tell!

After hurrying home, I torpedoed into Len's room bowed down to his extremely confused form repeatedly, shouting, "Gomenasai!!!" – over and over again.

I didn't mean to freak him out so much or plain out freak like I was, but I couldn't help it. This was big and it could put our plan into jeopardy and it was all my FAULT!

When I had to stop for breath, Len finally jumped off his bed and got into a threatening stance. He didn't say anything as he stared at me for a moment.

Then, all of a sudden, he just blew up.


Len had never yelled at me before, and it surprised me. And instead of making me bite back just as rudely (and loud) I just traced my foot into a perfect circle in the carpet, blushing and feeling surprising hot.

Len yelling was sort of…sexy…hmm…

"…Well," he sighed, taking off his glasses and pinching his temple.

"What?" I blinked and stared, confused for a moment.

"What. Did you do?"

"Oh – oh. Yeah, about that. Chi – you know her right – well…she knew about our relationship. For. Months. Can you believe that?!" I quickly snapped out of my pervertedness and got down to business.

He raised a brow and fiddled with his glasses. He was thinking, obviously, since he was fiddling with something.

"…can she be trusted?"

I stopped. Thought to myself for a moment.

"…actually, yeah. If she hadn't then she would've already told everyone in school by now."

"Then why were you freaking out?"

I rocked back on the balls of my feet. "…Just shocked, I guess."

"Huh," Len mumbled. "I getcha'."

I beamed, stepped over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled him close until our foreheads were touching and smiled warmly to myself.

"Well…it worked…"

"Yeah, thank God. I have no doubts that this plan will work. At least until we're seniors," Len chuckled. He wrapped his arms around me snuggly, pressed me up against him. "Miku backed off after she noticed the ring."

I sighed deeply, a weight suddenly lifted off my shoulders. "And Kaito's done the same thing!"

He chuckled and shook his head. "I know. I followed him all day."

I blinked, pushed away from him to see if he was serious, but he just smirked down at me.

"Oh~! You asshole! I thought you were serious!" I laughed at him, poking him in the process.

He tightened his arms around me, beckoned me to calm down by nuzzling my forehead. "So…the plan's gonna' work…do you wanna…celebrate?"

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