What would happen if Crona had a younger sister? Yes that means Medusa had another child. What would happen if that child also had a demon weapon and black blood inside of them? What would happen if that child betrayed Medusa and went to Shibusen?

Late one night

"I knew I should have killed that child the day she was born! Crona! Go get your sister and bring her here. I need to… Just go get her!" The witch Medusa yelled at the very timid teen.

"H…hai Medusa-Sama" Crona answered respectively. "Hey Crona can't we just kill her!" Suddenly a black human like thing came out of Crona's back. "Ragnarok you know we can't do that" Crona looked down at her feet and shook her head as she walked out of the room. "I don't know how to deal with it".


Death City

"Are you stupid or something if medusa learns that she betrayed her then she will come and get her!"

"We have no choice at the moment if she really wants to stay then let her tell Medusa that herself!"

"Father! Medusa will kill her!"

"Kid, if medusa dose come to get her then we kill her"

"Father why" Kid said more to himself then to his father.

"Go tell Stein what I said Kid" Kid's father said.

"Hai" Kid said turning towards the door and walking out.

Somewhere else in Death City

"Stein Get Out!"A girl yelled.

"No" Stein stated.

"Get. Out. Now.!"

"Why? It's so much fun to annoy you" Stein said laughing.

"It's not a laughing matter Stein Get Out!"

"Oh come on my little snake, please!"


'Knock knock' "hu" Come in!"

Death the Kid walked in to the stitched house. "Stein me Father has answered the problem" Kid said walking up to the stitched Doctor who was standing in a doorway with a girl on the other side. "Kiko my Father said the you can stay and that if your mother dose comes to get you then we will kill her"

"She won't come herself, if I know her she'll send Crona and Ragnarok" the girl, Kiko said looking out from behind Stein.

"Hey Kid, Where's Liz and Patty?" Stein said looking behind at Kiko who was only dressed in an oversized t-shirt, which went to mid thigh. Looking up Kiko saw Stein looking at her. "You! Pervert!" Kiko, bringing her hand up to Stein's face, she slapped him hard.


"With Maka and Soul Shopping" Kid answered look at the two people in front of him, funny.

"What's so funny Brat!"

"Quiet, you are not in this" Kiko stated looking like a fool for talking to herself.

"I'm apart of you, there for I am" a human like black thing came out of Kiko's back, looking very much like Crona's Ragnarok.

One year three month ago

"Joma Joma Dabarasa" 'Note, this is not the same meeting that is in the anime or manga'

"Let's go Crona, Ragnarok; your sister is waiting for you" Medusa said walking down the dimly lit halls that led from the Witch's meeting.

"Hai, Medusa-sama" Crona answered walking behind her.

There waiting outside the entrance, was a girl with short blond hair almost like Medusa's, leaning against the wall. Standing up straight the girl waited for them to get closer. "Medusa-sama, you wanted to see me?" the girl bowed her head slightly.

"I want you to go to Death City and kill the people on this list" Medusa told the two girls, well handing a folded up piece of paper to Kiko.

"Hai, Medusa-sama" the girls said together, slightly bowing their heads.

"You leave tomorrow. Let's go"

The next day

"Hey Crona, let's go" Kiko said well walking down a long hall to a room filled with giant blocks with Crona following her.

"Medusa-sama we're……" Kiko started well rounding the corner into the room. Medusa was talking to a tall man with silver hair and a screw through his head. "Take the girls and leave, now Stein!" Medusa yelled, glaring at him.

Whispering Kiko turned to Crona, "What's going on?" she asked.

"I… I don't know" Crona answered looking at the wall in front of her.

"What's the hurry, or are you scared, Witch Medusa?"

"Did he just say the Medusa-sama is scared?"

"You think that I will tell Shinigami-sama where you are, you're scared to think that your two children will turn against you!"

"Shut up! Stein you know nothing. If you or them betray me then I will kill you all!"

"Mother what are… What's going on?" Kiko stood in the doorway with a mortified Crona behind her.


"Stein take them and go!" with that Medusa disappeared from the room.

"WOW she is mad" Stein stated turning to look at the children.

"W...who are you?" Kiko asked walking forward a bit only to be stopped by Crona. "What?"

"I… I don't trust him" Crona weakly said holding onto the back of Kiko's shirt.

"My name is Doctor Franken Stein. What are your names?" Stein asked walking towards the girls.

M…my name is Kiko and my sister's name is Crona" Kiko answered walking up to Stein. "What did Medusa-sama mean?"