Running, that was all that she could think to do anymore. How many days could she keep this up? She really wasn't quite sure. She knew one thing the half breed's nose had a really long range, so stopping wasn't an option. She could think of just one place that she would be safe, well at least she would be safe from Inuyasha. She couldn't really be sure of the reception that she would get until she arrived in what she hoped would be her haven.

You see Kagome had a problem. Through all of her travels she had decided to be kind to demons and half demons, because after all they were people too right, well ok maybe not exactly. Anyways that wasn't her problem. All of her meddling had started to change things in the future. The first thing that she had noticed was the fact that she was able to sense demonic auras where before there had been none. Then she noticed that she could suddenly sense them very, very well. Before recently that hadn't really been her thing, sure she could sense Naraku, but hey who couldn't , anyone who wreaked that much evil it didn't exactly take a physic to sense. The next thing that she noticed was that Inuyasha smelled bad, really bad. Of course he didn't exactly bathe on a regular basis, but she had never been able to smell him before.

Basically Kagome knew that something was happening, and that was before the last time that she went home. Of course she just had to go and screw with the past some more before she went home again, after all she just wouldn't be Kagome if she didn't. For once in her life she wished that she would have listened to Inuyasha. But really the Fox demon Lord and human Lord who were at each other's throat couldn't be allowed to kill one another, and who could have guessed that the human Lord's daughter would have fallen in love with the Fox Lord. Naturally that created a whole land where tolerance was the new rule, oh and the people embraced it. That was what caused the biggest change in the future yet. She should have known that her world would change because of her stupid adventures, but after six years of such minute change she figured that she was pretty much in the clear. That was until her last trip down the well.

When she arrived she knew that her personal world, not just the world as a whole would never be the same. She felt it the second that the magic released her from it's warm embrace. Of course she raced straight to her room to confirm the change, and by the way she ran faster than she ever had in her life. As Soon as she got to her mirror it was confirmed, Kagome was now a demon. She stared hard in the mirror trying to soak in the changes. First she noticed that her eyes had changed where once the were blue, which was weird enough for a Japanese girl they were now an ice blue, they looked so cold, yet they still portrayed a warmth that apparently even demon blood couldn't totally extinguish. Next she looked at the star on her head it was beautiful purple with the faintest of silver outlines, strong yet feminine all at the same time. Then there were the markings on her wrist they were the same color as the one on her head and looked like a fine filigree tattoo.

She stripped and quickly realized that the markings followed the line of her hip and repeated themselves on her ankles. Oh and did she forget to mention that the permanent eye shadow was kind of cool. Her hair had also changed where she always thought that Kikyo's hair was far prettier than hers she now had no doubt that her's was much nicer. It came down past her knees in a straight thick waterfall of blue black hair. After noticing all of the shocking changes that had taken place in her body Kagome did the only reasonable thing that she could think of, she passed right out.

After coming to Kagome went to find her mother who had apparently also had a transformation of her own. While the rest of the world seemed to have forgotten the past that they were living only last week Kagome was relieved to find out that her mother did not suffer from such convenient amnesia. She was able to explain to Kagome that what she always suspected had been true. You see she was smart enough to realize that her daughter's strange eye color and that fact that she had been born with the sacred jewel in her was not a normal thing. She had long suspected that there must be demon blood somewhere in their line. She informed Kagome that once the future had changed her suspicion was confirmed. One thing that the feudal demons were better at than humans was record keeping. Her ancestor who was a demon had been forced to mate with humans during a great demon cleansing that would have taken place just a few years after Kagome's first trip back in time. With the tolerance for demon kind that Kagome had helped to bring about the war would never take place and he would not have to dilute his blood in order for his line to continue, thus Kagome's family was now forever changed, they were now full blooded dog demons.

Kagome decided that wonders would never cease when she managed to stay in the future for three days without Inuyasha coming to drag her back to the past. Which was just as well because Kagome's mother had demanded that she stay in the future long enough to learn control over her new powers, and that happened to be pretty easy with her new ability to retain information. Kagome was actually glad that Inuyasha had not come because truth be told she was a little afraid to see her friend again. After all with one little jump she had managed to do what he had spent a lifetime trying to do. She had become a full demon. So everyday for the next week she spent her time learning to control her new powers which included the ability to manipulate water and ice. She also had a poison which she learned was a trait among all upper level dog demons. Somehow she had also managed to hold on to her priestess powers, which she felt gave her a sort of lifeline to the life that she sometimes wished she could return to. Even those powers had changed though things that were once hard to her now came second nature.

Finally after two weeks in the future she braced herself, unsure of what would happen when she made the leap into the world that she had come to embrace as her own. She decided a few years ago that her life was not going to be here, but five hundred years in the past. But with all of the changes she couldn't help but wonder if she now had a future in the past.