The next morning when Kagome went to Sesshoumaru's study to start the work that she had recently resumed doing she found nothing there. Where there should have been stacks of scrolls there was only empty desk. Something was up, but before she had time to analyze it too far Sesshoumaru entered.

"They had a reason for coming you know," he stated.

It took Kagome a moment to realize that he was speaking of yesterday's intruders. "Well, of course. Who wouldn't want to rule the west?"

"That was not their purpose," he replied. "But before I reveal their true motive I must ask you something. You now own the east. What do you plan to do with your lands?"

Kagome hesitated she wasn't ready to give him her answer though she already knew what it would be. She loved the east Edo was there as well as her future home. She knew however that he would know if she lied. "Well," she reluctantly replied "I intend to give them to Inuyasha. His forest is there you know and I know that he would protect the lands. I trust him with them."

"You have no interest in them then?" he questioned. When he saw her shake her head he laid three ornate boxes upon his desk. "This is why the rebels came. They followed these packages. Open them." Kagome being curious by nature could not help herself and reached and opened the first box. Inside it was a headpiece much like the one she had destroyed before, but this one was even more feminine than the first had been. "I would like you to wear it again so that I may once again feel the comfort of our connection," Sesshoumaru explained as he motioned to the next box. Kagome reached for it with a trembling hand. When she raised the lid on this one there was a beautiful katana inside. It was simple yet unmistakably crafted with a woman in mind. Sesshoumaru again spoke up "It is made from one of my fangs. It has powerful demonic attacks, but will also allow you to use it to harness your priestess powers." Almost as an after thought he added, "oh and I included the power that you seem to be so fond of. It has the power to revive and grant a second life." Once more he motioned to the final box. With tears in her eyes Kagome took the last box into her hands. When she opened it she lost her breath. Tucked inside was a ring, it was beautiful, elegant, and everything that she had ever dreamed of. "And that is a ring." He said "you were human for years and I want to appeal to both of your sides this time as I ask you not only to become my mate but my wife."

"Sesshoumaru," she said in a voice she didn't trust "you do know what this means. When a human takes a wife they take no other. I know that is not demon nature."

"I am not a typical demon." He replied "I know what it means. I want you and no other. I know that we have very long lives, but when I make this commitment to you I want your promise of the next life too."

Kagome said nothing and Sesshoumaru became alarmed when a purple light suddenly encased her. When it faded he noticed that her scars had vanished. "Your scars," he began.

Kagome cut him off "I do not need them anymore. I trust again. I trust you."

Sesshoumaru gave a genuine smile but again Kagome stopped him in his tracks. "Take me," she ordered "take me now and mark me yours forever." Sesshoumaru did not need her to say it twice as he reached out and caressed her soft body. He laid her there on his desk and marked her the Lady of the west. And in that moment their very souls were entwined forever, and with the roar that he let out the entire west had no doubt that their Lady had been chosen.