A.N: Ok so one finished another starting up. This one can be blamed on Reid and his question from way back in season, "Somebody's watching" when he asked Morgan if he ever fell in love with someone he was protecting. Set just after "Solitary man" in season five Penelope and Derek are barely speaking to one another and yes Lynch and Tamara are still there. I don't know how fast this one will be updated, but hopefully life and school will keep at bay. With that said on with the show.

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They slowed their pace coming up to his black Honda Civic, never seeing the shadows that lurked around the darken corners.

"Penny," Kevin started placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Yea Kev," she returned looking up into his brown eyes, no feeling of longing in her body at his touch.

"I had a wonderful time tonight."

"Yea, so did I," she responded turning away from him.

"Oh how cute a couple in love, makes me sick just thinkin' about it," calm a deep smoky voice.

Penelope spun around terror gripping her heart, to see a five foot ten burly hairy man standing right behind Kevin. "What do you want?" she screeched fearing for her life.

"For you to stop lookin' girly were you shouldn' be pressing your nose," came another gravelly voice from the opposite direction. Black leather jacket surrounding the powerful shoulders, underneath a dark shirt she could see the bulge of a gun at the back of his waist.

"I don't," teeth chattering as she try's to speak, "I don't know what you talking about," she got out lifting her chin hauntingly.

A humorless laugh escaped the two mans lips, "Sure you do blondie you know all too well what I'm talkin' about."

A grunt came from behind her and she turned to see the first man had grabbed Kevin in a loose hold, his arms behind his back, of course to her great astonishment Kevin wasn't even trying to fight him off on the contrary he stood there almost like it was nothing day at work. Her mind all ready playing over every scenario that she could conjure up every case they had worked and only one came to mind.

"Just stay away from me, you jackass," she breathed backing away into the cold vehicle behind her.

The dark sneaky looking man approached her slowly, leaning into her personal space, sharing her air, and body heat, hand resting just above her head, against the cold metal, as the other grabbed her arm fingers biting into her soft flesh, "Now listen here, missy, boss says you quit or life will get a whole lot more complicated before long." A slight nod of his head and a pained groan sounded from just to her right as Kevin captor tighten his hold painfully. "Now little lady don't have your mouth make checks your ass can't cash and be a good little girl and just do as I says."

"And if I don't," Penelope retorted anger replacing fear.

"Then blondie it won't be pretty," he returned moving away as if he'd finished with her only to spin around and land a painful slap across her face her head flying to the side the sound echoing in the almost deserted parking lot.

Tears sprung to her eyes, as she glanced at Kevin who just stood there as passive as ever.

"That's one bitch, now let it go," he replied wiping his hand on his well worn denim jeans.

Big hairy let Kevin go hastily and lumbered after the second throwing a scowling glance back at the couple.

"Penny," Kevin breathed coming up beside her, she filched when he tried to put a hand on her arm.

"Just take me home Kevin," she answered not bothering to look the coward in the eye.

He complied silently and trotted over to the other side and slide into the drives seat, not bothering to help Penelope in the least but. When finally they arrived at her apartment, she turned to face him, and he could seeing, in the street lamp lighted darkness the shape of a hand print forming on her cheek.

"I think it's best if we part here, Kevin I don't feel like you coming up, so good night," she stated, not going to the trouble of waiting for his response.

She was all ready out his car door and up the steps when she heard the tires squeal away, tears flooding her eyes and she grasped her arm close to her the pain still radiating down the limb in throbbing waves, her face still on fire from the slap, blood had dried at the corner. Her mind working over time as to what she should do. She knew there were no options she had a job to do regardless of what risks to her life.

Entering her quiet apartment, she glanced around seeing so many memories that surrounded her, and yet her heart was empty and dark. Her soul grown cold with every day that passed by, missing the connection she once had with him, the one man who use to hold her heart. One fleeting look towards the turned down picture and her pumping main artery clenched in her chest, thankful that tomorrow was Saturday by Monday her lip would be on the mend and the hand print would fade makeup with do it wonders of covering up what was left and long sleeves would handle any bruises to her arm. She just hoped, but then again it's been over a year and a half since he'd come here, he had her now and was happy just like she should be.