Well, I finally got to write a fic for Soul Eater, so I'm happy ^-^. Its extremely short, but cute and fluffy. I was thinking about this song and how it kinda goes with this couple, so enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater, NBC, or "Jack and Sally's Song."

It was a warm, summer night, with darkness enveloping Death City, Nevada like a blanket. A single soul stood on a spiraled hill at the edge of the city. Her sandy blonde hair was tied into two small pigtails and her moss green eyes showed a sign of distance as she gazed into the night sky. After defeating the Kishin, Maka Albarn had escaped the huge crowd of people that was congratulating her and her friends and came to her favorite spot in the city, besides the bookstore.

"I'm glad that everyone's safe," Maka thought to herself, "especially him." The him that she was referring to was Death the Kid. Ever since his first day at Shibusen, Maka had always found the young Shinigami quite attractive. However, she would never admit it to anyone. It wasn't because she was shy or anything, it was because she was to prideful. The person that was going to create the best Death Scythe didn't have time for something as silly as boyfriends.

My dearest friend,
If you don't mind
I'd like to join you by your side

Maka snapped out of her trance surprised, for she thought that she was the only one out here. She turned around and saw him, Death the Kid, at the bottom of the cliff. He was slowly approaching her as he continued to sing.

Where we could gaze into the stars

Maka immediately recognized the song Kid was singing. It was from her favorite scene in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" right before Jack and Sally kissed. "Wait, is this suppose to mean something?" Maka asked herself. She decided to sing with him, as she knew this song by heart.

And sit together now and forever
For it is plain as anyone could see
We're simply meant to be

Kid finally arrived at the edge of the hill. He took his porcelain white hand a gently lifted Maka's chin. He pressed his silky lips to hers as their tongues performed a romantic dance. After what felt like forever (but was actually just a minute or so), the couple pulled apart, breathing hard.

"I love you Maka, I've always had since the first day I saw you."

"I-I-I love you too Kid." Maka replied, speechless. Kid then kissed her ruby lips again, and a shooting star flew across the Nevada sky.

I know, it's kinda corny, but I find shooting stars after a kissing scene to be very cute and romantic (don't know why though *sweatdrop*). Anyway, how was it? Like it? Hate it? Did I epically fail at it? Tell me in a review. Cookie for anyone who can guess the other NBC reference I used in this. See ya.