My name is necromancer. This my first story so please go easy on me. This story will be a crossover, I will disclaim stuff as it comes around. A lot of insperation for this story comes from the Dresden files. The story's summary follows: The rebellion in Heaven is over. God has won. Lucifer's army now resides in Hell. Lucifer himself has been given a chance at "redemption" He is to reside in a human body and live a good sin-less life. Will he strive for the forgiveness of God? Hell no! Dark/Evil naruto story. potential harem.

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XXX Heaven XXX

He was chained to the floor, his arms and legs bound in shackles of compressed sunlight. The chains were made of pure silver and blessed.

The bolts that kept him on the floor were made of iron forged in the center of a star.

The prisoner the chains held was covered in blood, both his and others, several silver arrows stuck out of his chest and the wounds they caused were slowly dripping blood.

His previously white robes were in tatters and covered in blood.

The two huge wings sprouting from his back were also covered in blood.

Long golden hair covered his face as he held his head down as if in shame. Behind the hair, two piercing blue eyes surveyed the room.

The floors and walls, previously magnificent in their beauty, were now cracked and blackened. Blood covered most of everything.

Dead winged warriors also littered the room.

One lay in a crater, the head missing, and the body's blood was filling the crater.

Another laid to the left of the prisoner. The body was on its side and was swollen and purple from the fall it took after its wings had been removed.

The dead had been opponents and allies, brothers and sisters both, however the prisoner felt no pity or remorse for the dead. They had been inferior beings after all, the very fact they had died proved that. They were unworthy of the existence they had been granted.

The prisoner turned his hidden gaze to his guards. There were twelve in all. All were clad in long white robes and cloaks.

Each cloak reflected every color in the visible spectrum when the guards moved. On their chests they wore golden breastplates made of the same metal as his shackles.

All twelve guards wielded a sword that consisted of pure white flames. Every twitch from the prisoner was met by one of the guards moving to run the prisoner thru with their sword, but nothing else.

The prisoner mentally sighed and looked up at was in front of him, his hair parting to reveal a face of pure perfection. It was the perfection that couldn't be put into words and was barely even conceivable to mortals.

In front of him was a large throne of white marble with gold flecks inlayed into the throne, each individual fleck reflecting bright white light.

The being who sat in the throne wore the visage of an old man, but he was so much more. He had a long white beard and hair. His eyes were the same piercing blue as the prisoner's, but his were calm and deep, unlike the prisoner's eyes of ice.

A simple white robe clothed the being. His feet bore no protection. This being was the Almighty, the creator of existence.

"You are charged with the attempted coup of my kingdom," rumbled God, his voice shaking the prisoner to his core.

"You disobeyed my orders, you questioned my judgments, you, my favorite son. Lucifer, do you have anything to say in your defense?"

Lucifer sneered up at God and spat on God's bare feet. One of Lucifer's guards, Uriel, ran his sword thru lucifer's left shoulder and twisted, nearly severing the appendage as bone, muscle, cartilage and tendon were cut.

Blood spurted from the wound, mixing with the blood already on the ground and splattered Uriel's robes. Lucifer bit back a scream, and jerking away from the blade in his shoulder, ripping the appendage off with a wet tearing noise.

More blood shot from the wound. Uriel, slightly taken aback, stepped back in shock at lucier's action.

"What? Sacred of a little blood Uriel?," laughed lucifer, no pain showing on his features.

The archangel didn't respond to the goad, but lucifer sensed his ire and laughed.

"Lucifer!," barked God, his voice shaking the room. "stop this continued insolence at once!" Lucifer sneered, but bowed his head again.

God, placated, continued, "Lucifer, your allies already have been banished into hell where they will stay until they repent. You, however, will receive a different punishment. You will be ripped from your body and placed into the body of a newborn baby. You will have none of the powers you possess, however you will have your memories, so you will always remember the sins you committed. You shall live a human life and if you live a good life and repent you will be forgiven of your sins and will be restored to your position. If you do not, then you will be thrown into the deepest pits of hell."

God motioned to the guards and they moved as one to lucifer. Michael leaned down and with a muttered incantation ripped the bolts holding lucifer down out of the ground.

The Fallen Light simply slumped forward and was unceremoniously dragged out of the room by his guards.

The guards dragged him passed more gore and blood until they reached a circular room. Lucifer looked around the room.

It was undecorated except for an ornate pattern in the middle of the room. The center of the pattern was a spiral of angelic script, each character made out of pure gold.

A large diamond outline made of silver enclosed the spiral. Set into the silver were precious stones, each one with more angelic script inside it.

A twelve sided starburst pattern made of crystal enclosed the diamond. On each point of the starburst stood candles made of troll fat that, when lit, would produce a white flame. In between each candle stood a tall thin lamp made of unicorn ivory.

Each lamp held a small gold tuning fork. Finally a large circular trench of blessed holy water surrounded the massive construct.

Lucifer's eyes widened a fraction of an inch when he saw it. The circle had been designed to hold deities and beings of similar power, and to strip them of all they possessed. He would know, he helped create it.

Uriel made a motion with his hand and lucifer 's wounds sealed, the arrows removed themselves and his arm, which had previously been dangling by the shackles, reattached itself.

This was no act of mercy, lucifer knew, if any blood got on the circle during the ritual the whole circle could be ruined.

With another motion of his hand uriel lifted lucifer into the air and placed him in the center of the circle, the chains that bound him wrapped around him like snakes and seared themselves to his body.

Each of the guards stood in front of one of the candles and, as one, held their right hands in front of them. With a muttered word each candle burst into flame.

"Viesto bes fuezano Omnipoze, existo iacio in a tentatio per incendia pro forgivness of Deus!,"(1) shouted Uriel.

White light shot from each candle, connecting themselves and forming a cage of white fire around the prisoner.

The water surrounding the circle began to spin. The tuning forks began making a heavenly noise and the sound waves shot at lucifer, disorientating him and ruining any possible concentration he may of had at the time. The runes all stared to glow a bright white, a ghost-like copy of the runes rose above the original ones.

Lightning played across the metals in the circle. "Ulsl lucifer! Ulsl!,"(2) all the angels shouted at once. The holographic runes flew at lucifer and attached themselves to him, searing into his skin. The lightning was next, dancing around his body and on the chains.

The sound followed the lightning, forming extra bonds around the angel. The fire started swirling in the air, preparing to dive down on lucifer and cast his soul into the mortal shell it was soon to inhabit. As the fire started to corkscrew down at him, lucifer did something that caused the twelve archangels to pause for a nanosecond, he threw his head back and started to laugh. "!!" The laugh chilled the archangels to their cores and shook the room as God's command had.

It wasn't an insane laugh of a defeated enemy or a madman, it was the laugh of someone who had just seen his enemy make a blunder that he was confident he could exploit, one that would cause his enemy's downfall.

The fire engulfed lucifer, who was still laughing. There was a flash of white light and the fire vanished. Where lucifer had been was his body, turned to stone.

It was still frozen the act of laughing and all present still heard the laughter echoing around the room. Raphael was the first to move. He hovered over to the statue and stared at it.

"Do you think he will strive for redemption?," he asked the room at large.

"I do not, and neither does He," voiced jedudiel.

"He means for lucifer to test mankind,"said Phanuel.

Michael nodded, "Yes He does."

"How will lucifer do that when he will be powerless?," Barachiel asked .

"He will still have his memories. He can regain his powers," answered Michael.

"Does He know that?," asked Phanuel.

"Of course He does. He knows all," replied Michael.

Phanuel looked at Lucifer's statue once more, at the confidence it held in the eyes, and turned away and left the room

1. You who challenged the almighty, repent and beg for the fogivness of the

2. Begone lucifer begone!

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