XXX naruto's apartment complex XXX

The next day naruto and medusa rose early. Naruto changed his outfit to black jeans, his steel toed boots, a dark blue dress shirt, and a black cloak with a large hood. Medusa wore a miniature version of her usual outfit.

Naruto told kyubi to step up some defensive jutsus around the building and after that told him that he was to send someone to New Acre to watch it. Medusa told Stein to continue the experiments they had been doing the previous day. She told crona that she was to focus her soul resonance with ragnarok.

For those who do not know souls have a wavelength, kind of like a heartbeat. Each person's wavelength is unique to them. If you increase the speed of which the soul puts out its wavelength you can temporarily increase your power. Doing this by your self is difficult however, and that is where the Soul Resonance comes in.

A Soul Resonance is where to or more people match there soul wavelengths to empower each other. The power that can come as a result of a successful resonance is usually enough to turn the tide of any battle.

One good example was when medusa resonated her soul with lucifer to battle Death. The outcome of the fight was a leveled Death City, and a beaten, battered and broken shimigami.

As naruto opened the door they were hit with the sight of a downpour of rain. Both naruto and medusa pulled their hoods up with a sigh. Medusa then quickly cast a small spell that made their cloths partially waterproof; they could not make them fully waterproof unless they wanted to attract unwanted attention.

The two stepped out into the downpour and walked towards the hokage tower. "Father is angry" chuckled naruto. "What's got his all pissed off?" asked medusa over the rain and wind.

"Kyubi killed a squad of angels and beat back Michael at New Acre" replied naruto.

"That's rather impressive" said medusa. "Yes it is. Anyway Michael is probably being punished right now. And the weather may be bad for a while too; He has a way of holding grudges."

"Are you not worried he will move to retake New Acre?"

"Not at all, He will no longer touch a city once it has been tainted by sin, remember Sodom and Gomorrah?" "You mean the cities God destroyed for being gay?" asked medusa. "Yes, He did the whole fire and brimstone thing. To be fair I suppose that a fair number of the men in the city wanted to rape the angels sent down to Sodom to meet Lot."

Medusa chuckled at that. "I'll bet Uriel loved hearing that" she said. "He was there when it happened" laughed naruto. Medusa laughed louder.

A ball of mud slammed into the side of her head as she laughed. Medusa whirled to see who threw the ball and saw a middle aged man sitting at one of the covered tabled outside a bar drinking a pint.

"What was that for!" she shouted. "Your with that bastard fox you stupid little cunt!" he shouted back. The man turned back to his drink and started to raise the glass to his lips. He never saw the small stream of energy shaped like a snake slither into his drink as naruto and medusa walked away. He just drained his pint, sighed in pleasure, started coughing, grasped his chest and fell over dead. The same energy slithered out the dead man's open mouth, unseen, and flew towards medusa. The energy flew back into her body as she and naruto smirked. The autopsy of the man would later reveal that his heart exploded from unknown causes.

The pair finally reached the hokage tower. The structure was massive, from a distance it would appear as a large red column in the center of the city. The anbu guards looked at the children and let them pass, but not before bathing them in KI because of naruto's presence. Naruto and medusa responded with annoyingly happy smiles that had a subtle undertone of mocking.

When the pair reached the door that lead to the hokage's office they were met by the hokage's secretary.

"Welcome," she said cheerfully, "Do you have an appointment with Hokage-sama?" Naruto and medusa pulled down their hoods and when the secretary saw naruto's face it turned from an expression of kindness to one of hatred. "What are YOU doing here?" she spat. "Meeting the hokage" was naruto's curt reply. "He doesn't want to see you of all people she" sneered.

Naruto simply flipped her the bird and walked into the hokage's office while the secretary spluttered.

When the old man saw them he smiled and said, "Ah, naruto, medusa, come in I have your passes." Saratobi saw medusa's hood covered in mud and asked in a concerned voice, "Medusa why do you have mud on your hood?"

Medusa put on a brave smile, playing the hurt child to pull at saratobi's heart, and said, "A man threw it at me for laughing at a funny joke naruto told me. When I asked why he threw it at me he said it was because I was with the bastard fox and then he called me a cunt."

Saratobi looked appalled and nervous, hoping naruto would not ask about the fox.

"Miumi!" saratobi called to his secretary. "Yes hokage-sama" she responded. "Bring me a clean rag and a bowl of warm water." "Yes hokage-sama."

Several minutes later the secretary retuned with the items and placed them on saratobi's desk, glaring at naruto the whole time. When she was gone saratobi dipped the rag into the water and said, "Medusa please come here."

Medusa complied and saratobi proceeded to clean off the mud.

"So old man where are our school passes?" asked naruto. Saratobi motioned to the corner of his desk. Naruto saw two slips of paper, picked them up and pocketed them. Naruto looked out the window and saw the rain had increased in intensity and the wind was picking up. The weather reminded naruto of leviathan's domain, a sea of never ending storms.

When saratobi was done cleaning the mud off medusa he looked out the window and said, "Hmmmm maybe you two should say here until the rain stops." The children shook their heads. "We will be fine old man" said naruto. Medusa voiced her agreement and saratobi sighed. "Fine, just be careful."

The pair walked out of his office, down the stairs and out into the pouring rain.

XXX Hidden Rain Village XXX

Itachi was standing in the office of the amekage and leader of Akatsuki, Nagato. Nagato was a tall man, with pale skin and dark-red hair. His eyes were grey, the whole thing not just the pupil, with rings in a ripple like pattern originating from the pupil. He wore the typical akatsuki garb, black ninja pants and sandals with a black robe with red clouds on it. Itachi could tell that nagato was all lean muscle from the way he looked, despite the robe.)

"Itachi, welcome to Akatsuki, I trust madara told you our goals?" he said. Itachi nodded, his mask making a small tapping sound as it touched his cuirass.

"Good, now you will be paired up with another member of akatsuki. Before I continue I will call him in." Nagato pressed a small red button on his desk and a buzzing sound emitted from the other room. The door to the other room open and tall man walked in.

He was very unusual looking, his skin was blue, and he had gills on his face, his dark blue hair was spikey and he had small beady eyes. He also had a massive chakra signature, more than itachi had at the moment.

"Itachi, this is Kisame Hoshigaki. He will be your partner in this organization."

"So you're the infamous Itachi Uchiha huh? I've heard what you did to your clan, very nice" said Kisame with a sadistic grin. Itachi nodded at Kisame. "Silent huh? I can deal with that." Kisame faced nagato. "What is our mission Leader-sama?"

Nagato pulled a map out of a drawer and laid it on his desk. "As you know Akatsuki needs money. To get the money we accept missions from other villages at a lower rate than the other villages. This will cause the other villages to come to us more often for missions, thereby increasing our income.

You two will be going on one of these missions. The mission today is to eliminate a ronin camp that has been harassing a small village in the land of earth.

Nagato pointed to the spot on the map were the camp was, rolled it up and handed it to kisame. "You two are to leave immediately, but before you go." Nagato pulled out a modified akatsuki robe for itachi.

The robe the larger the normal, made to fit comfortably over itachi's armor. On the back of the robe was a seal that would hold itachi's halberd. Itachi took his halberd off his back, placed it on nagato's desk, slipped on the robe and finally put his halberd back onto his back.

Itachi wished he could take off his helmet, but he was in dangerous territory. Itachi and kisame both bowed to nagato and left.

XXX Land of Earth XXX

Five hours later

Itachi and kisame stood in the woods on a hill near the ronin base. There was about a hundred ronin in the camp. They were rather heavily armed. There were about thirty ronin armed with yumi bows, forty armed with yari spears and thirty armed with kanabo clubs. All of the ronin were also armed with a katana. Most of the ronin also had some samurai armor, so all together a well-armed army.

The camp itself was composed of tents and was less impressive then the army. One thing that was in the favor of itachi and kisame was the face that the camp was in a valley.

"Itachi, how skilled do you think those ronin are?" asked kisame. Itachi shook his head. "The majority of the troops are most likely rather unskilled; if they only attack small villages they wouldn't need to be skilled. After all there isn't a small village that wouldn't be terrified of this force. The leaders may be more skilled but they are an unknown at this time."

Kisame grinned, impressed. "I see the rumors about you being in the anbu at thirteen are true. How do you think we should attack the base?" Itachi stared back down at the base and noticed that the ronin were drinking heavily. "Blitzkrieg, I will launch a fireball jutsu down at the camp. Once it hits you run down and start the attack. While you are doing that I will sneak around and attack them from the back."

"Sounds fun" said kisame, "Let's do it."

Itachi and kisame stepped out of the woods. Itachi took off his helmet, handed it to kisame and started the hand-signs for his signature jutsu. "Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" Itachi launched a massive fireball down at the camp and took his helmet from kisame just before the shark man torn down the hill with his sword, a curious weapon wrapped in bandages. Itachi decided he would ask kisame about it later and vanished back into the shadows.

It was pure chaos down in the ronin camp. One minute they had been lounging around, joking and drinking when all of the sudden a huge fireball was seen barreling towards them. Everyone got out of the way of the fireball, but when it hit the ground and exploded the flash of heat and molten earth struck both people and tents, lighting the tents up.

Before the ronin could properly recover a grinning demon ran through the smoke and swung a club-like weapon at the nearest ronin, denting armor and breaking ribs.

Kisame laughed at the ronin. Kisame quickly unleashed a Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave to get so water to work with. Some more ronin screamed, but most of them collected themselves and ran away from the incoming wave. After the wave hit the ground the ronin leapt into the air, above the water and landed on the surface of the water, standing strong.

"So they can use chakra? Well big deal, this is my turf," thought kisame.

From within the ranks of the ronin a voice shouted, "Archers fire!" The samurai with yumi bows launched arrows at kisame, who sunk into the water to dodge the arrows. With a moment to count the army, kisame saw that eighty remained. Kisame feed chakra into the water and shot a Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks jutsu at the army, just to instill fear.

Each shark grabbed a man and violently pulled them under. More ronin screamed, distracted. Itachi, who was hiding under a genjutsu behind the army activated his mangekyō sharingan and whispered, "Amaterasu."

Black flames leapt from itachis eyes and caught a group of the ronin. The screaming of the ronin increased. Itachi canceled the genjutsu as the ronin who were caught in the flames of the amaterasu jumped into the water in an attempt to douse the flames, only to find that water could not douse the flames. Itachi took his halberd in hand as one of the army's leaders turned to face itachi. The man wore a suit of heavily scarred armor and was only armed with a katana. The man looked at itachi with no fear in his eyes.

With a defiant scream the man withdrew his katana and charged itachi. Itachi waited till the ronin was in range and swung his halberd, forcing the man to leap backward. Itachi pressed forward, unbalancing the ronin. The ronin swung at itachi and the blade struck his side, and bounced off his cuirass. Itachi pushed the ronin back again then jumped back himself, needing distance.

The ronin ran forward again. This time itachi stabbed forward, using the spear part of the halberd to keep the ronin back Itachi could tell the ronin was getting frustrated, he was probably use to fighting so up close that you could smell your opponent's breath.

Itachi smiled, the angrier the ronin got the more control he would lose. The ronin roared in challenged and once again charged itachi, his katana held high above his head. Itachi leapt to the side as the ronin brought his katana down and brought the axe head of his halberd down on the ronin's wrists, severing the hands. The ronin screamed in pain and blood spurted from his wrists.

The ronin lost focus of his chakra and fell into the water. He started to panic and instinctively tried to tread water, then remembered he didn't have hands.

Itachi watched as the ronin sank beneath the water as his waterlogged armor dragged him down beneath the surface. Itachi turned to the remaining army and ran into the crowd, putting his halberd away and pulling out his katar.

Itachi ran to the nearest ronin and plunged his katar into the man's throat. A nearby ronin swung at itachi with a katana. Itachi squeezed his katar, making the large dagger pop into three smaller ones, and caught the blade. With a twist he disarmed the ronin and stabbed him in the face. Itachi put his katar away and used a quick Water Dragon jutsu to blast some weaker ronin back.

Itachi then turned to face an incoming ronin, stared at the man in the eyes and muttered; "Tsukuyomi" The man stumbled, froze, screamed and fell into the water, foaming at the mouth. He paid the world no mind as he sank to the bottom. Itachi dodged to the left as a ronin stabbed at him with a yari, grabbed the spear and thrust the back end of the spear through the man's gut, blood spurting everywhere.

Taking his katar in hand itachi stabbed two more poorly armored ronin in the stomachs, twisted and pulled, effectively disemboweling the two men. Itachi ran to three ronin as they attempted to run away and stabbed the first two, then lit the third up with amaterasu again.

Kisame was having the time of his life. Every swing of his heavy sword, samehada, was smashing armor and weapons. Another advantage he had was that his sword was draining his opponent's chakra, making fighting on the water harder. Several ronin had already fallen into the water and, if they wore any armor, were drowning.

Kisame had taken out the archers first so they couldn't pepper him with arrows. He then switched his focus to the yari wielders. Kisame was dodging left and right, dancing around the spears, swinging whenever he had an opening.

A bold ronin wearing heavy armor and wielding a kanabo charged him. Kisame met his charge with a monstrous roar and swung his samehada, meeting the kanabo. Instinctively samehada started draining the man's chakra. The man leapt back from the sword.

Before kisame could pursue the man a sharp pain shot through his side, causing kisame to pause. He looked behind him to see that a ronin stabbed him in the side with a yari. The ronin cheered, thinking they finally beat this demon. Kisame elbowed the ronin in the face, making him let go of his yari.

Kisame ripped the yari out of his side and stabbed the ronin that had stabbed him in the face with his own weapon.

The ronin were still sure kisame was finished. Kisame grinned as he absorbed chakra out of samehada. The ronin stopped grinning as the wound healed quickly. Kisame then ran towards the large ronin with the kanabo. The man leapt into the air and brought the kanabo down on kisame, who blocked with his samehada. The force of the blow caused the surface of the water to form waves as shockwaves tore through the surface.

Kisame forced the man off him and swung his samehada again, once again meeting the kanabo. This time a crack was heard. The big ronin froze at the sound. Grinning sadistically kisame pushed harder and the kanabo shattered. Holding the samehada in one hand kisame used his free one to grab the ronin by the neck, hoist him up into the air and crushed the man's windpipe. The man tried to scream but all that came out was a gurgling sound as the man chocked on his own blood. With a grunt kisame threw the man into the crowd, wanting to cause more confusion.

With a laugh kisame sank back into the water. The ronin all made a break for land, not wanting to be anywhere near kisame while he was underwater.

Kisame saw them start to run and decided it was time to take out the big guns. Kisame gathered a massive amount of chakra, made a quick series of hand-signs, and shouted, "Water Release: Thousand Feeding Sharks!"

A massive wall of sharks shot toward the running ronin. When the saw the wall of sharks they tried to run faster, but they were to slow. The wall engulfed the retreating ronin and the sharks proceeded to eat them. The screams quickly ended. Blood, body parts, bits of armor and weapons flew everywhere.

Kisame looked back and saw itachi fighting the remaining twenty ronin with his katar.

Itachi sank his katar into the chest of a ronin, blood spurting out. The remaining ronin were terrified, and they should be. Their whole army of ronin was almost completely decimated; the water was filled with the dead and colored red with the blood of their comrades. Itachi ducked under a katana swing and leapt backward. "Water Release: Water Clone Jutsu!"

Seven water clones rose out of the water and ran at the ronin. When the clones were close enough to the ronin itachi whispered "Boom". The clones exploded violently. The ronin were either blasted to pieces or thrown back. As the survivors got back up itachi whispered, "Amaterasu".

The survivors burst into flames and screamed in pain as they were consumed.

Itachi grabbed the side of his head in pain, his eyes hurt from the use of the mangekyō. Itachi walked back towards land were kisame was. "Well that was fun" commented kisame. Itachi nodded in agreement. "Itachi, are you ok?" asked kisame suddenly. Itachi nodded and said, "Yes, why do you ask?" "Your eyes are bleeding" deadpanned kisame. Itachi put his fingers near his eye holes and looked at his fingers when he removed them. The tips were stained crimson.

"A side effect of the mangekyō" replied itachi.

Kisame shrugged, "Well whatever. Anyway we need to report back to Leader-sama, watch my body" said kisame. The shark-man went through a series of hand-signs and said, "Ninja Art: Astral Mind Protection." A blue aura enveloped kisame and his eyes became distant.

XXX Nagato's Office XXX

Nagato was sitting behind his desk staring at a balding man, a farmer from the look of his tan and ruddy beard. He was the leader of the village that was being harassed by the ronin. "How much longer will your agents take?" asked the man for the millionth time. Nagato sighed, "I sent two of my best agents, they should not take much longer."

As if on command a ghostly version of kisame appeared in the center of the room, scaring the crap out of the client. "Ahhh kisame, I take it you were successful?" asked nagato. Kisame bowed, "Yes leader-sama, the ronin camp sits at the bottom of a lake filled with the dead."

Nagato grinned, pleased. "Good work kisame. I must ask how our newest recruit worked out." "Better than expected," said kisame, "He was a monster out there. I don't know where he got those weapons, but he slaughtered any who stood in our way."

Nagato nodded approvingly. "Good kisame good. I have one more thing to discuss but first." He turned his head to look at the client. "Our business is concluded; tell my secretary on the ground floor the agreed amount to be wired to our account."

"I will," said the relieved client, "And thank you." The farmed left with a happy spring in his step.

"Kisame, you and itachi can make your return trip at your own pace, all current mission are either completed or being handled."

Kisame bowed, "You are most gracious leader-sama." Nagato nodded and said, "Dismissed." Kisame vanished, leaving nagato to his thoughts.

XXX Remains of Ronin Camp XXX

The glow around kisame faded and his eyes unglazed. "So what are our orders?" asked itachi.

"To head back at our own pace, no rush." Itachi raised an eyebrow. "Is that common, no rush to return?" he asked.

"Well we have plenty agents, it can be common" replied kisame. The pair started their trek back to the base.

"Kisame, what is your weapon?" asked itachi, curious about the strange sword-like thing. "Samehada is a sword that shreds because of its scales. He is actually sentient and has his own chakra system. Using his chakra system he is able to drain others of their chakra."

"Does it have a limit?" asked itachi. "Well it does, but I have never seen any negative effects because I can take the chakra from samehada and replenish my own." "How is that possible?" asked itachi, impressed.

Kisame seemed to mull something over, like he deciding on what to tell itachi. "Finally he said, "I am bonded to samehada, only I can wield him. He is an extension of my body, and not in that poetic sense some swordsmen use when they talk about their swords. I mean he is literally an extension of my body. If you could draw blood from him and test it would be nearly identical to mine in every major way, down to blood type. We even have the same chakra type."

Itachi was burning to tell naruto about this blade, and its wielder. They would be fine additions to naruto's forces. Itachi grasped his head in mock pain, grunting and attracting kisame's attention. "Hey itachi, you sure you are ok?" asked kisame. "I think I over used the mangekyō during the assault. I only just got it." Itachi removed his helmet and kisame gapped at him. "Uh, what is it kisame?" asked itachi. Kisame reached into a pouch at his side and pulled out a mirror and handed it to itachi. Itachi nearly gasped. Bloody tears fell from his eyes in two streams; itachi had just assumed it was sweat or water. Itachi looked at the mask on his helmet and saw blood caked on that as well.

"Damn itachi, how bad does that feel?" asked kisame. Itachi gave kisame back the mirror and sat down under a nearby tree. Kisame pocketed the mirror and reached into another pouch, this time pulling out a couple of blood pills.

Handing them to itachi he said, "We will rest here for a bit, I will take the first watch." Itachi took the pills with a nod of thanks, swallowed them and closed his eyes, feigning sleep. Kisame turned around and sat several feet away, pulling out a bright orange book and giggling.

While kisame was reading his book itachi was searching his mind for a way to contact naruto without kisame knowing. Itachi found one, all he had to do to activate was to concentrate on his Sin and concentrate on naruto, since itachi was connected to him through his Sin. Itachi activated the spell and thought, "Lord Naruto." As soon as itachi said the last syllable of his master's name itachi felt a tunnel open in his mind, leading to another presence. "Lord Naruto" repeated itachi "Itachi reporting, Lord Naruto."

XXX Konoha Academy XXX

Naruto and medusa had made it to the academy. They just ignored the receptionist as she tried to bar access to naruto, who just flipped her the bird. Leaving the sputtering women behind naruto and medusa continued on down the hall and soon found their designated classroom, 2B.

Naruto and medusa entered the room to see that the class was already assembled. A chunin with pineapple style hair and a scar across his nose looked up from his attendance list and said with a smile, "Hello, and are you two the new students?" Naruto and medusa handed the passes to the chunin, who looked over them carefully then said, "These are indeed official. Why don't you two introduce yourselves to the class? I am Iruka by the way, iruka-sensei to you."

Naruto stepped forward first and lowered his hood, revealing his sun kissed hair, blue eyes and whisker marks. "I am Naruto Uzumaki," he said simply.

Whispers broke out from the class; the first new student was the demon boy their parents had told them about.

Naruto used this time to scan the class, looking for potential. He didn't see much. A pink haired girl looked terrified as she looked at him. Naruto knew her hair marked her a member of the haruno clan, a useless clan. Naruto saw other clan members, a brash looking inuzuka boy wearing a hoodie and holding a small dog, a silent and stoic aburame, a sleeping Nara, a loud female yamanaka, a timid looking hyuga female, and an akimichi that was busy gorging himself.

There were others of course but only these, the clan heirs by the looks of them, interested him. The hyuga, aburame and nara were the only ones worth investigating further. The nara for his brains, the aburame for his ability to wait for hell to freeze over before striking, and the hyuga for her eyes.

Granted these were his presumptions of them because of who their clan was, he would need to see them fight.

He was greatly interested in the hyuga though. She appeared timid, but he sensed great power in her and many darker emotions far below the surface. Naruto grinned at the thought of finding out what made her tick, so he could twist her to his own end.

Medusa stepped forward with an innocent smile and said, "Hello, I'm medusa." The boys of the class all suddenly diverted their attention to medusa, hearts in their eyes. "HEHE look out medusa looks like you have a fan club" thought naruto to medusa through their link. Naruto saw a vein tick in medusa's forehead.

"Alright you two go sit down, it's time to start class" said iruka with an amused smile. The two kids each took a desk next to each other.

"Ok class, today's lesson is on chakra usage and theory," said iruka. Naruto zoned out not even three seconds into the lecture, he already knew this. After all he helped design it all. "Lord Naruto itachi reporting, Lord Naruto." "Ahh, itachi good timing. What is your report?"

"Nagato sent me and my new partner to a ronin camp that had been harassing a nearby village. Akatsuki's plan apparently requires a large amount of money so they are taking missions from any village or town at a low price to encourage people to go to them for any mission. We decimated the camp. I also thought you might be interested to hear who I was partnered with."

"A man named Kisame Hoshigaki from Hidden Mist. The man is a beast in every sense of the word. He has chakra levels I have never seen. He is a master of water jutsu. And he has a sword named samehada that…."

"That can shred its targets, drain chakra, and is bonded to its wielder" finished naruto.

"How did you know my lord?" asked itachi.

"Samehada is a sword of demonic origins. It was forged by an ally of mine, the demon lord Leviathan, millennia ago. He used the sword to conquer various coastal regions and their people. Later when God sent him to Hell he used it to conquer his section of the Pitt. That happened about seven thousand years ago. Well after a thousand years leviathan grew bored.

"Like the other Lords of Hell he could see into the mortal world. Well leviathan got an idea, he was going to give his sword to a worthy mortal and watch all the chaos and death they would bring to the mortal world.

"Eventually leviathan found that mortal, a man from a seafaring tribe of warmongers. He was their best warrior, said to be able to rip a man in half with his bare hands with little effort.

Leviathan went to the mortal world with samehada and found the man. He told the man he would give him a sword like no other, a sword that would make him truly invincible. All the man had to do was pass a simple test. That test was to kill the sea demon that his tribe feared above all others. The man agreed went by boat with leviathan to the sea where this beast was located. Leviathan, being the Lord of the Seas, called the beast up from the depts. The demon turned out to be a megalodon, a massive shark who could swallow a man whole.

The man withdrew a wickedly serrated dagger and leapt into the ocean to fight the shark. The battle was long, both combatants extremely powerful. The man grabbed the megalodon's dorsal fin and started trying to sever it, despite the fact that the sharks scales were cutting into his palms and torso. The massive beast dove down, trying to drown the man. Man kept stabbing at the shark's fin, then moved forward to the gill sand stabbed them.

Eventually, the great beast died of oxygen loss, because sharks breathe through their gills, which the man destroyed. The man watched in satisfaction as the corpse of the great beast sunk to the depts. The man started to swim back to the surface, his head spinning from lack of oxygen and blood loss. However as he swam his hardest he felt his face itch, strength returned to his battered body and the dizziness went away.

The man soon broke the surface and climbed back into the boat. Leviathan grinned and told the man to look into the water. The man did and was shocked by what he saw. His skin was blue, he had gills on his cheeks, his teeth were pointed and his eyes beady.

Leviathan told the man he had been marked as the fierce warrior who killed the most ferocious predator the sea had ever seen and was bestowed with its power. Handing samehada to the man leviathan told him that the sword was now his and his decedents, telling the man to only give samehada only to those worthy of its power. The man thanked leviathan, who stepped out onto the water and said, before he returned to Hell, "Shed the blood of any who challenge you, and have what you want."

Naruto finished his story and itachi responded, "So kisame is a descendent of this man?" "He has to be, leviathan would not let anyone else use the sword. The fact that kisame looks like a shark is evidence too. Now I am guessing that you told me about kisame because you thought I would be interested in recruiting him?" "Yes lord naruto."

"Well yes I am interested. Having someone so powerful on our side would be a huge advantage." "Should I bring him to the base?" "NO! There would be a chance of you blowing your cover. Since you are a Sin itachi you can turn kisame into one too."

"How do I do that and which Sin will he be?" "Gluttony most likely, sharks are vicious eaters and samehada eats chakra even when it does not need it. As for how you will turn him…" Naruto thought hard about the process, transferring the knowledge to itachi. "Itachi, convert kisame willingly, we can't have a resentful Sin. Dismissed."

Naruto cut the link and smirked, things were definitely getting interesting.

XXX Itachi and Kisame's Resting Spot XXX

Itachi opened his eyes slowly and looked over at kisame. The large man was still in his book, giggling like a pervert. Itachi stood up and activated the mangekyō sharingan. "Kisame," whispered itachi. The shark man looked up and made eye contact with itachi.

Instantly the world became a black and red negative, a bright red moon hung in the sky and kisame was bound to a cross. "What! Itachi what are you doing?" screamed kisame. "Forgive me kisame, but, my master would like you to join our organization," answered itachi.

"You master? Ahhh, I see. You're a spy."

"Yes, I reported to my master about you and he would like you to join." "Why should I join your master, I don't even know his goals."

"To rule all creation."

Kisame chuckled, "How original, a human with a God delusion, just like leader-sama."

"I assure you he is not like leader-sama. He IS a god. He knows the secrets of creation; he chained the nine-tailed fox to his will. He will rule this world. And he wants you to help."

"If he is as powerful as you say, why would he need my help?"

"He is an ally of the one who gave your clan their power."

Kisame froze, stunned. "He is an ally of Lord Leviathan," whispered kisame. "Yes Lord Lucifer is an ally of leviathan.

Kisame's jaw dropped. "Lucifer, your master is lucifer. The lord of Hell?"

Itachi nodded and said, "Yes. My lord is going to war against God. He is assembling an army of mortals and demons. He wants you to be one of his personal…..officers I guess is the proper term. He offers power, wealth, anything you want. Bear in mind that if you refuse I will have to kill you, but I suppose the choice is your own. What do you say kisame?"

Kisame looked down toward the ground, silent. He then looked up to face itachi with a maddening smile and said, "Sure, I'll sign up."

Itachi thrust his hand into kisame's gut, causing the shark man to gasp in shock and pain. Light shone from kisame's body. Kisame bit back a scream. Itachi withdrew his hand as the light faded and no damage had been done.

"Kisame, you are now the Sin of Gluttony. Welcome to Hell's army."

The tsukuyomi fade and kisame stood up, grinning as power flowed through him.

"Come kisame, we have to get back to Leader-sama," said itachi.

"What about your eyes?" asked kisame.

Itachi pulled out a kunai and stabbed himself in the hand, the kunai tip coming out the other side. As he pulled the kunai out the hole was already in the process of closing. "We Sin's heal at a phenomenal rate, they are already healed, now let us be on our way."

Kisame gapped for a moment and said, "You stupid bastard, you tricked me!"

XXX New Acre XXX

Kyubi stepped out of a portal in the center of New Acre. With him were two men. The first man was shorted then kyubi and morbidly obeast. He wore long emerald and crimson robes with gold chains around his thick neck. His gloves made of the purest white unicorn mane sheathed his hands. Black shoes with pure gold buckles adorned his pudgy feet. His thinning red hair was slicked back.

In his left hand the man held a gold cane adorned with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. In his right he held a big gold watch on a chain. As the man looked back and forth at the city his many fat rolls the sat on his neck jiggled in response.

The man's name was Boris, and despite his appearance he was a powerful member of the Fox clan. His power lay not in battle, but politics.

The second man was younger, with an angular face, pointed ears, red eyes and long white hair. He wore black pants, black shoes, white gloves, and a long black jacket with a white stripe down each sleeve. At his hip was a gleaming silver cutlass and a flintlock pistol.

The second man's name was Kyoyia. He was here to oversee the military operations that boris could not do.

When the townspeople saw kyubi saw the all cheered and crowded around, the guardsmen saluted, and proceeded to break up the crowd. A guardsman walked up to kyubi, saluted and said, "Captain Andrew reporting Lord Kyubi, what brings you to our humble city sir?"

Kyubi returned the salute and said, "Captain, this is Boris and Kyoyia, they shall be overseeing the city while I am away doing business for Master Lucifer. You and all the residents of New Acre will obey them without question. Am I clear?"

"Crystal Sir!" replied Andrew. Kyubi nodded as another portal opened beside kyubi.

Out of the portal walked a squad of automatons. The automatons were creations of Hephaestus, they helped him with large orders. The Automatons were shaped like humans and bronze in color with blue 'veins' at their joints.

The automatons all were carrying several large crates. As they placed them on the ground and opened them kyubi said, "Captain, this is your new armory." Andrew looked in the crates. Weapons of every kind were within. Broadswords, hammers, axes, spears, halberds, daggers, katars, bows and arrows, crossbows, short swords, long swords, and many more. Pieces of armor were held in many other crates too.

Kyoyia stepped forward and said, "Captain, as your new commander I order you to get the men armed with this new equipment ASAP." "Sir Yes Sir!" shouted Andrew and he ran off to assemble his troops. The automatons vanished back into their portal to get back to work and kyubi left through his, a grin on his face.

XXX Heaven XXX

God stood at a podium on a balcony overlooking his forces. The seraphim floated at his side, his personal guards. Michael stood behind him, looking particularly humble.

"My children, as you know the human city of New Acre has fallen to Lucifer, it inhabitants infected with madness. As much as it pains me, the city and its residents are lost to us. None in the city will accept my touch. We must hope for their salvation in the death of Lucifer. My children, we must strengthen the cities that have accepted me and my son. We will protect them from the darkness of Lucifer.

"We will be the bastion of light and hope as lucifer sends his darkness to test humanity. Will you stand with me my children? Will you stand by my side as we fight for humanity?"

A loud chorus of affirmatives rose from the army of angels. God smiled.

"Very well my children. Now report to Uriel or Michael for your assignments, go in piece my children!"

As the angels filed out of the room God turned to Michael and whispered, "Don't fail me again Michael." Michael bowed to God and walked off.

God looked out over the balcony and sighed, "You will pay lucifer, you will."

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