This is a poem to describe our favorite Fruit Loop! VLAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Here you go!

To Be A Villain

You know it isn't easy

To plot things every day

It's very hard you know

To make the hero pay

It takes a lot of scheming

To rob a man of wealth

And over shadowing a ghost hunter

It takes a lot of stealth

And the hardest part of all

Is hurting a young teen

Who fights his best to save the day

I know you think it's mean

But if I want an evil son

To take over after me

I'll have to force him to do so

It's the way it has to be

Though Daniel doesn't know it yet

He will soon be my son

One day my plans will pull it off

That day I'll know I've won

But for now I'll play with him

Make him think he'll win

I'll continue this sad game of tag

So let the game begin.

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