Victoria Downey walked down Fleet street, noticing the damp atmosphere.

"Tis a pity" She said to herself, smoothing down her plain black maid's dress.

She used to come here as a child and watch the barber at work. He was a nice man, than Benjamin Barker. Pity he was banished.

Holding her basket close, Victoria stepped into the familiar pie shop.

"Good morning Mrs. Lovett" She said, greeting the ghastly baker.

"What may I do for you Miss Downey" Mrs. Lovett said sweetly.

"I have heard that there is a new barber upstairs, how does his business fare?"

"Wonderful" Mrs. Lovett grinned in an odd sort of way.

"Anyways, i'm here to pick up my fruit pie. For Mrs. Applewood"

Mrs. Lovett disappeared into the back room.

"Be right up!" She called over her shoulder.

Victoria sighed and looked around.

The poor shop looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in a while, it's white curtains were fading to a dull gray.

"Here you go Miss Downey" Mrs. Lovett returned, bringing with her a magnificent fruit pie.

"Lovely" Victoria said, setting the pie in her basket and handing Mrs. Lovett her money.

"Can I interest you in a meat pie as well?"

Victoria eyed the meat pies. Something about them seemed odd.

"I think not today" Victoria said, smiling graciously.

She curtsied gracefully to the Baker, then left.

As she walked away, Victoria looked back and saw, silhouetted against the upstairs window, a tall man with black hair.

He was watching her.

She looked down and read the sign just above Mrs. Lovett's door.




Victoria turned away and headed up the street, unsure of what to think.

Try as she might, she couldn't get his pale face out of her mind.

Sweeney Todd.

He held a thrill of danger about him, just by his name.

For first appearances, the new barber of Fleet street certainly was a mystery.

And perhaps not a good one.

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