Falling off a tree means you'll hurt yourself. Falling for someone? What makes the two different? Perhaps, it is a lot easier for Uchiha Sasuke to make Forehead fall off a tree and fall for him.


Operation: Make Forehead Fall


Mission # 1: Make Her Fall off a Tree


She was alone, anxious, and lonely. She didn't even know what she was doing—wandering around the village with only one kunai with her and nothing else. The sun had long set and the streets were deserted.

It was a creepy thing. As she looked up the high trees, she felt something crawl along her, making her shiver from the spine. The trees were dancing.

Okay. So no matter how creepy that night was, she was certain that the night was a splendor. With the stars glimmering above and the moon lightly glaring down at her, what else could make her solitary moment shattered?

Only one, she knew.


She spun around to the other side of the dark street. Along the trees stood Uchiha Sasuke, staring down at an irritating, stuck up, snot-nosed, and annoying slutty girl. Ami.

Her eyes narrowed.

"Kami-sama, Sasuke-kun caught me from falling!" squealed the annoying girl with her annoying giggles.

Sakura pursed her lips together, not wanting to witness anything further. She didn't even witness how the Uchiha Sasuke growled at the lass, let go of the girl with an exasperated sigh, not even thinking whether the girl he had just saved would be hurt or not.

She was a fool to even think that Sasuke was softening up to her. She blamed her downright idiocy for even thinking that her relationship with Sasuke was slowly hiking up.

Damned her. Damned world. Damned it all. See? Sasuke didn't even notice her presence there. He didn't even notice how irked she was to find out that he'd catch some irritating girl in the middle of the night from falling off a tree whereas if she was the one to fall, he'd just evade her and mock her utmost weakness.

The next day was nothing good.

There was no mission handed to her and Team Seven by the Hokage. Being twelve-year-olds proved to be so annoying. Really.

She needed something or someone to remind her why she even chose to be a ninja.

Naruto invited her for some lunch with Kakashi and his so-called-best friend a.k.a. Teme at Ichiraku's. She declined the offer, wanting to be alone—wanting to stay away from this certain stuck up asshole.

"You would not believe what happened to me last night when I was stalking Sasuke-sama!"

Sakura halted from walking towards the training grounds and inclined her head to the direction where the squeal came from.

"Gawwddd, I accidentally slipped on one of these darn trees then—then—then he caught me!" continued the flirty voice. Sakura narrowed her eyes and her hands clenched into a taut ball. "Funny thing, though, was that I sounded like that poor, poor, wide-forehead girl when I screamed—like, eew. Anyway, as I was saying, I fell off that darn tree and he caught me. And guess what? I think that instead of falling off the tree, I fell for him!"

What a clichéd-thinker. That girl. Falling for that stuck up asshole instead of falling off a tree?

Sakura cringed and took off, not wanting to hear any more of the words to be spoken by the annoying slut.

She was in bad mood. Being twelve really wasn't the best thing of all.

. . . or maybe not.

Sakura, irritated, walked up to the tree where Ami had fallen off the night before. She glared at it, cursed at it, reprimanded it about a crime it never did, and confessed to it.

"I loathe Uchiha Sasuke."

She thought her imagination had gotten to a whole new level when the tree spoke to her.

. . . the hell?

"Why?" asked the tree with the voice that greatly resembled Uchiha Sasuke's. It was mellifluous, cold, and . . . too damn sexy. She blushed upon the thought.

She didn't care if she'd sound like she was out of her mind, answering an unanimated material.

"Because. Because I hate him. Because I hate him. Because I hate him. Because I hate him. Because I hate him because he saved that girl from falling while I know he'll never do that to me."

There was silence and the top of the trees started dancing with the cold breeze that blew past. The clouds covered the glaring sun, dark shadows looming over the area.

But setting that aside, Sakura found herself covering her mouth as though she had said something that was completely tabooed. Her verdant eyes widened, disbelief exuded.

"Then . . . does that mean you're jealous?" asked the tree.

Really. This was her imagination she was talking to. Of course, the tree already knew her answer. Besides, all the talking thing with the tree was her pure imagination—hallucination.

"You know the answer. I don't want to throw it in my own face."


She raised an eyebrow at the tree. Even that it could say! Even Uchiha Sasuke's "Hn" language! She thought that was too cool of her.

"Climb the second to the lowest branch of that tree you're staring at," commanded the same tree.

She smirked. "That's totally insane for me to do. But nevertheless, I'd give it a try. It had been long ago since I last stepped on a tree—I think a week ago? In our last mission I guess."

With that, Sakura effortlessly walked up the tree with her chakra controlled beneath her feet. When she reached the second lowest tree branch, she realized how that wasn't really low.

It was quite high.

"Now jump off."

She raised her eyebrows. Somehow, she had this sudden inkling that told her that it wasn't imagination any longer. The tree was indeed talking to her using her crush's voice!

Okay—ex-crush's voice.

Sakura sighed, shaking her head. Perhaps she was just too tired and stressed and everything—she meant . . . asking herself to do such a thing? She had gone insane. Seriously.

If she jumped off, she could still save herself. But then again . . .

"Jump off without using your ninja skills," said the tree which used Sasuke's goddamn handsome voice.

"What the hell? If I don't, I'd certainly end up having broken bones everywhere—God, this is so annoying!"

"Jump off."

Sakura rolled her eyes. This would be the best way to die—she thought. This would be the best way to forget that she ever had liked or crushed on Uchiha Sasuke. Yeah. This could work.

So, without ninja skills and without any concern about her safety, she closed her eyes, inhaled deeply, spread her arms, and let her self fall.

Her closed eyes squeezed all the more when the cold hard wind blew her face—when the ground was slowly pulling her down.

This was the end, she knew.

But then again, maybe not. At all.

Because when she thought she was indeed going to fall down and hit herself and have her bones broken and have her body full with bruises, something—or someone—caught her from falling. She knew it as something—or someone—was placed beneath her head and knees, making her bounce slightly.

Her head wished her eyes to snap open right away but something was holding her back. That familiar scent.

That familiar word.


Those familiar arms that were holding her up.

That familiar person.

Her eyes snapped open hastily and she stared at the deepest pair of black eyes. Oh God. Please send someone who would tell her that this was just a dream. Please give her the strength not to be fooled once again. Please.

"Jealous, much?"

And please give her the strength not to punch him square in the face for his obnoxious tone.

And please give her the strongest strength not to strangle him for that annoying smirk that pulled up in the corner of his lips.

"I thought I would fall because I . . ." she grumbled, staring back at Sasuke's onyx eyes.

Sasuke shrugged and she felt herself shift as he did so. "You did," he said still looking down at her. "Now . . . the only question is . . . would you believe that you didn't really fall off a tree?"

Insane. Of course she didn't fall off a tree! He caught her, for goodness' sake!

"Of cou—"

"Because instead off falling off a tree, you fell for me."

Being twelve-year-olds really wasn't the best thing of all.

Not only for Sakura. But for Sasuke as well.

Because before anything could happen, Sakura's fist met with Sasuke's good-looking and presently almost perfect face.

Almost perfect face if it weren't for the fist-mark and the big red bruise.

And oh, God didn't listen. He didn't give Sakura the strength to actually restrain herself from punching Sasuke square in the face and strangling him later on.


. . . to be continued


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