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It hurt.

Watching her, keeping his distance as a good Avatar should; hell, even as just Aang, he still knew to keep his distance. Katara had never seen him as anything but a little brother. Even though he loved her, was in love with her, he knew that nothing would come of it. It had taken him a long time to resign himself to that fact, but it had helped that she had gently let him down after the Comet.

She hadn't said it then, but he could see it in her eyes. Katara had already fallen in love and it hadn't been with him.

Aang had watched the waterbender closely in the months after her kind but firm rejection and had noticed her unsettling habit of looking at Zuko whenever the recently crowned Fire Lord was in the room. The two of them - Katara and Aang - had stayed to help rebuild the Fire Nation. Sokka had gone back to the Water Tribes and Toph was back in the Earth Kingdom, helping the nations rebuild after the war. Zuko had welcomed them both into the palace and even back then, his eyes had rested solidly on Katara.

It hurt.

For the past few months, Aang had watched Katara watching Zuko. When Katara looked away, Aang had watched Zuko watching Katara. It made a sickening kind of sense, a kind of sense he didn't want to think about since he still loved her. He would do anything for Katara and would always protect her, even though he knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself.

Katara had been his waterbending teacher, after all. Zuko had taught him firebending.

Katara had always had a bit of a fiery temper. Zuko was a bit of a hothead, but he could also cool his temper and think things through if he had to.

Katara had been born to a caring, if not well-off, couple in the Water Tribes. Aang, knew little about Zuko's mother, but Zuko's father had been cruel and horrible. Zuko was a literal prince.

It made a sickening kind of sense, but Aang didn't want to think about it.

Zuko and Katara completed each other, one's weaknesses compensated for by the other's strengths. It may have been cliché, but they were opposites that worked. Yin and yang. Balance.

When Katara came to him exactly one year after they had started rebuilding the Fire Nation with a smile on her face and a glow in her eyes, Aang hid how much it hurt him. He smiled with her and nodded; he even gave her his blessing.

Less than one month later, he officiated the wedding between the Fire Lord and his Lady.


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