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Lyric is "Plenty" by Sarah McLachlan


I would not let myself believe

that you might stray

and I would stand by you

no matter what they'd say, I would have thought I'd be with you

until my dying day

It could be worse.

I should be glad Adora will be at Easter, glad that this will be the only time of the year where the arguing may cease (at least for an evening) and my father will be content.

Inevitably, he'll end up drunk and yelling hexes at me while Adora hides in her bedroom sending owls to her friends. Father will bang on her door and demand he be allowed entrance, to know who it is she's keeping contact with (by this time too intoxicated to use the wand in his hand) and she'll cry and tell him it's no one, really, no Muggles, no Mudbloods.

Indeed, it could be much worse. How, I am not quite sure.

No, I am sure. I could be going home to a family like Severus'.

The train back to the Platform is always mundane. Normally there would be others with me in my compartment- Severus included- but this seems to be a rather different Easter break. I'll be leaving Hogwarts next year, but that time seems to be stretching out in front of me. It's put me in a poor mood for some reason, and I've been left brooding alone ever since the train took off.

I can't read. I've been given a load of homework for the break (being a prefect and a Malfoy, I'm expected to take such higher classes) and thought that Arithmancy may perhaps take my mind off things, but it appears that idea was futile.

Not that it matters, seeing as the train has slowed to a stop and students are already starting to gush out the red sides of the Express. I sigh and pick up my bags, lazily stashing everything in together at once, and disembark.

I turn about a bit, classmates streaming past me and hitting me in the shoulder. I give them a crooked smile (often mistake for arrogance, I'm afraid) and seek out my father. I can't Apparate quite yet, you see, although Father believes the law should be changed to earlier than seventeen. Not that he knows anything.

Of course he's not here. He never is on time. Everything is always more important- meetings with the Minister, speaking with the heads at Gringotts, "distracted" and grabbing tea and cauldron cakes with a friend. And Adora is Adora- she is too wrapped up in stashing money under her bed so she can leave for..oh, I don't know where. She's my greatest confidante and I am hers, but even she cannot tell me the details of where she wants to run off to.

By now, the train station has largely filtered out and I'm left, standing like an imbecile with my two bags next to me. With a hefty sigh I sit down on the ground and lean my head against the black dragon leather. I've a headache today. Being a stupid prefect isn't all it's cracked up to be, and with the familial and educational, not to mention the damned social, pressures on me- well, let's say I'm partly thankful my Father isn't here.

Scuffling. Like shoes, someone's dragging their feet…I snap my head up and glance around me. Just a moment ago I was alone!

"No need to worry, I've no reason to harm you." Says a bemused voice. I turn around and stand up, reaching for the wand in my pocket. The man I'm facing laughs and turns his palms up in a sort of surrender.

He has dark hair, smooth as- well, as glass. He's very pale, a waxy sort of pale, yet not in a sickly way. Taller than me too- he could easily overpower me if he wanted, yet that doesn't seem to be the case.

"What is your name?"

"Lucius Malfoy," I respond wearily, my wand out and pointing at him. "Don't do anything you'll regret, I-"

He laughs again. "Haven't we discussed this? I have no reason to hurt you." He comes closer, one of his hands adjusting the collar of his suit. "Rather stuffy for such dress, don't you think?" he asks conversationally. I realize that he's quite a bit older than me, perhaps as old as my father.

"Do you know who I am?" he asks curiously. I shake my head- why would I? He's a complete stranger, even I, as a Malfoy, do not know every single individual in Wizarding London.

Here he gives an aggravated sigh. "Well then, you'll have to trust me, whether or not you know my name." His arm is held out, bent at the elbow, while grabbing my other bag with his free hand. When he sees I haven't taken his arm, he becomes impatient. "Don't be such a child, I can take you home."


Lord Voldemort!

I've been accompanied home by Lord Voldemort, who Apparated us inside my home, then proceeded to have afternoon tea with my Father!

I'll admit I'm astonished. I had no idea, ignorant as I am, that my Father holds relations with Lord Voldemort. Of course I know his sentiments on Muggles and their ilk, and of course he's right, but….

I peek around the corner, just as I used to as a little boy, and watch them. This Lord Voldemort is laughing, leg crossed easily over his knee. His wand flicks through the air and creates something I can't see, but for some odd reason I'm enthralled.

Adora comes up behind me and sighs angrily, grabbing me by the collar and dragging me into the kitchen. Our house-elves are working like mad for dinner, and they move quickly out of her way as she throws me against one of the cabinets.

"Damn it, Adora, what are you trying to do?" I snap.

"You're an idiot!" she hisses, unnerved by my pain. I rub the back of my head and bite my lip, glaring at her all the while. "What were you thinking, you should have known that.." She's pacing back and forth, tapping her lower lip with a slim finger. "I guess you wouldn't, seeing as Abraxas so loves brainwashing you."

"Father doesn't brainwash me!" I respond angrily. Adora shakes her head, her blonde hair hanging like ropes around her face.

"Just be more careful, would you? I don't want to see my baby brother associating with such ilk, no matter what that dirty old man forces you to believe." Adora crosses her arms and leans against one of the long tables, where Dory is preparing some meat or another. A little bit of meat splashes up on her clothes, yet she hardly cares. "You're a good boy, Lucius. But I fear for you. If I could, I'd take you along, you know that?" I shake my head furiously and turn away from her.

I kick a house-elf out of my way to spite her as I leave the kitchen. She's gone and angered me now, why does she always do this to me? She has no right to question my actions, it's none of her business and-

"Lucius, I daresay you'll have to be careful and watch where you're going." I've run into him, literally, and he's looking down at me with an eery twist of a grin on his face. Voldemort (how strange it is to think of him as such) places a warm hand on my shoulder and watches me curiously. "You have the most startling eyes."

And with that, he's gone. I'm left gaping, alone, in the hallway, without a notion in my head of what to think or to believe.