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Chapter 6

"LOOK OUT!" Paulina yelped as Sam began drifting off the road, seeing as she was half-asleep.

Sam screamed and swerved back into their lane. "Thanks, sis," Sam said. "Check on Kwan, will you?"

"Kwan is fine," Kwan said in the third person.

Sam swallowed nervously. "Okay, we're here in Salt Lake City."

"How'd we get here in a day and a half?" Paulina asked.

"I went at about a hundred miles per hour whenever you and Kwan fell asleep in the car," Sam explained without any emotion. "We can stay at a hotel until morning, and then we go on foot to find Margret Johnson."

"I don't think we should stay at a hotel," Paulina said. "Remember how well that turned out last time?"

"Good point," Sam said. "We'll just pull over into a parking lot." Sam did as she suggested, and the three quickly fell asleep.

"Get up," Kwan ordered the next day.

"I see you're feeling better," Sam said bitterly. She was not a morning person.

"Yes, and now we're going to find Margret Johnson. I went to the internet cafe, and she lives about three blocks from her," Kwan explained.

"Three blocks?" Paulina complained.

"Yeah, now get up," Sam ordered bitterly.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the coffin," Paulina retorted.

"Great, you don't tell anyone I'm a vampire, and I won't tell anyone you're a moron," Sam hissed back. She knew the rumors at school well enough. Everyone thought she was part vampire or something. Of course if she was, she'd be the real kind, not the idiotic sparkly kind.

Paulina got quiet as they began their walk.

"Okay, here we are," Kwan said.

"A-am I the only one who feels like getting here was too easy?" Paulina asked. "I mean, we're under government surveilance. Don't you think this was a bit lacking in the confrontation department?"

"Matriarch, relax," Kwan said. "Nothing bad's gonna happen." The three walked through the open door and into what appeared to be the living room. Suddenly, about twenty men had guns pointed at them. "I stand corrected."

"Hello," a calm voice said. Alex walked out from behind the guards.

"Alex?" Kwan asked in confusion.

"I knew we shouldn't have trusted you," Sam said bitterly.

"You should've trusted your instincts," Alex informed her. "Too bad you won't get a chance to trust your instincts ever again. Fire at will!"

The three teens gasped and braced for impact, but it never came. Instead, Paulina and Sam saw Kwan with his hand in front of his body, water held in the air, suspending the bullets there. "Whoa," the three said in unison. Kwan jerked his hand forward, soaking the government operatives. Sam reacted quickly as well by creating a ring of fire around the men, and Paulina sent a quick beam of electricity at the water in the circle, electrocuting the men.

"FREEZE!" a new voice said. All three turned around to see another government operative pointing a gun at them, but he put it back in the holster. He chuckled slightly. "Looks like you three have got this all taken care of."

"Who are you?" Sam demanded. "What's going on?"

"You must be the oldest," the man said. "I'm Jake Marslow, and I work for Area 51. Those men that you... delt with are rogue ex-government agents. They used to work at Are 51 before they-"

"Went rogue, got it," Paulina said.

"But why aren't you going all psycho-trying-to-capture-us-and-run-tests-on-us?" Kwan asked.

"Relax," Jake said. "We don't run tests on aliens in Ares 51 or kidnap them, unless of course we have their permission. Area 51 is kind of like a wittness protection program, but for aliens. These men are certain that aliens are trying to start a war, but we won't harm you unless you have hurt people with your powers or because we're human. This is clearly a case of self-defense, so you have no need to worry."

"Okay, so this is really a history of our planet," Sam confirmed at Area 51, quickly flipping through the file.

"Every little bit of information," Jake replied. "Oh, and if you ever need to get together in secret without being too obvious, I suggest sending each other roses. Research shows that the only human flower that growson your planet are roses."

"So that's why you had to get Rekiotho and me out of trouble for stealing roses when we were kids," Paulina laughed to Sam.

"Can we offer you a plane ride home?" Jake asked. "Once again, really sorry for the... inconvienience."

"Um, if you could just get us some economy-class plane tickets to Amity Park, that's be great," Kwan said. When Paulina was about to object, Kwan said, "Remember that getting luxuries is what got the rogues on our tail in the first place."

Paulina couldn't really object to that. "Oh, and, if you could, can you get us seats as far away from each other as possible?" Paulina requested.

"Yeah, I think we've spent more than enough 'quality-time' together these past two days," Sam agreed.

"Okay," Jake agreed. "Just call me if anyone gives you any trouble." He handed Sam a business card. "Good luck to you three."

"Thanks," Sam said with a small smile.

"Okay, I'd say that was, by far, the weirdest roadtrip I've ever taken," Kwan said.

"Yeah, but now we have to go back to normal," Sam said. "It'd be a bit suspicious if we were all suddenly all friends."

"See ya around school, Goth Freak," Paulina said, though the three-quarters-smile, one-quarter-smirk on her face told Sam that she was being friendly.

"See ya, you shallow witch," Sam said, the same partial smile on her face.

"Group hug!" Kwan said.

Sam sighed. "Normally I would object, but I'll make an exception for you two," she said, hugging her siblings. They eventually pulled apart and went their separate ways, a true smile on each of their faces.

"Hey, Sam," Danny said, approaching his best friend. "Did I just see you hugging Kwan and Paulina? And what's with the smile?"

"Well, let's just say I learned not to judge a book by its cover," Sam said. She twirled a strand of hair around her finger. "Who knows, maybe I'll cut my hair to shoulder length."

"Will I ever get you, Sam?" Danny asked.

"Maybe, maybe not," she said. Feeling bold, she gave Danny a quick kiss on the lips before walking into her house, leaving a very confused, yet very happy, Danny standing on the sidewalk.

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