After what feels like an eternity shrouded in darkness, Sam slowly opens his eyes, blinking a couple of times to clear his vision. He quickly finds out that he's not at the garden centre anymore, but back at the motel. He's lying on the double bed, and to his left, Dean's asleep on the chair that's situated next to the window, looking ever so peaceful, bringing a smile to Sam's face.

As if by instinct, Dean opens his, blinking a couple of times before setting them on Sam, the trademark smirk forming on those oh-so luscious lips of his. "Hey."

Sam sits up then, a hand placed tenderly on his stomach, "Hey yourself," he utters back, his eyes on Dean as he pushes himself out of the chair and makes his way over towards him, sitting on his side of the bed where he settles his hand on Sam's, his hand soft and warm.

"Are you feeling okay? No headaches? Aches or pains? She didn't hurt you back there, did she?" Dean edges a little closer, grabbing Sam's chin with his thumb and forefinger, and moves it from right to left, searching for any bumps, cuts or bruises, but sees none.

"No…no just tired, that's all. Was Medusa taken care of? And how's Gemma? She's not…?"

Dean immediately shakes his head, "No…no, she's just fine. She resting next door, actually. She should be back to her old self in the morning. Medusa, on the other hand, won't be. After putting you and Gemma in the car, I burnt her corpse, just to make sure. Didn't want her coming back as a vengeful ghost or something. Could you imagine that?" He asks with a smirk, causing Sam to smile as he tries to imagine Medusa in ghost form.

He can't help, but sigh then as he takes his hand away from his slightly swollen stomach as Dean continues to rub it in soft, circular motions, just loving the contact. He then looks him in the eyes, and replies in a soft voice, "I'm sorry…for using my powers when I promised you I wouldn't."

Dean shakes his head again, "Forget about it. You saved Gemma's life, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters." He smirks, leaning in, and taking Sam's lips into a kiss that he pours all his heart and love into, Sam practically feeling it as their kiss continues. When they pull away in order to breathe, Dean gasps, "God, I wish I could show you how much you mean to me right now."

"I know how much I mean to you. I can see it in your eyes whenever you do make love to me, and I'm so lucky to have someone like you in my life, but don't forget you've got another one of us to love. Once he's big enough to want to come out," Sam adds, returning to rubbing his belly which makes Dean smirk again.

"You're absolutely right," Dean utters, leaning forward to gently kiss the taut skin where his baby's growing and then asks, "How do you know it's going to be a he anyway? Is that one of your other abilities?"

Sam shakes his head, still smiling down at him, "No, I just have this feeling, you know? Plus the fact that it's yours so that narrows it down to about 80% of it being a boy."

"Don't be a smartass, Sammy. You know how much it turns me on ," he smiles, leaning in to give him a quick kiss, most of it teeth, as he does so just as Sam smiles. Dean can't get enough of him, and if it isn't for the fact that Gemma's currently recuperating next door, he'd take him right there and then, no questions asked on Sam's behalf, knowing full well that he'd welcome it.

Unfortunately, they're both obviously tired, and Sam needs his rest. The events of today has really taken it out of him, and a few hours of sleep isn't going to do him justice. As though reading his mind, Dean kisses Sam, and caresses his cheek with the back of his hand, "Sleep…ya gonna need it for tomorrow."

This causes Sam's eyebrows to crease in both wonder and confusion.

"While you were asleep, I thought it's about time we saw our baby for the first time so I booked us in for a ultrasound for tomorrow. If you're mad at me for doing this behind your back, you can happily shoot me, but I just thought," but he's disrupted by Sam's sudden need to kiss him. Afterwards, Sam smiles, "I'm not mad, and to be honest, I would've done it if you hadn't."

"That's good to know 'cos I know what it feels like to be shot by you, if you catch my drift." He hints with his eyebrows.


"Bitch. Now get some sleep, I'm gonna check to make sure Gemma's doing okay. She's heck of a good hunter, and it'd be a damn waste if she were to kick the bucket." He then walks over to the door, opens it, before saying, "Sleep tight, Sammy," and then leaves, closing it behind him.

As Sam lies back down, his hand on his stomach, he's lulled to sleep by the thoughts of finally getting to see their baby after months of speculation.

When Sam wakes up again, he hears both Dean and Gemma's voices, and can see them sitting beside the window, laughing about something or other. His heart flutters when he sees that Gemma's okay, and without any noticeable injuries, on the outside anyway.

Gemma notices him looking, and smiles back at him, "Hello Sam, it's nice to see you're finally awake. I thought for a minute there you were going to sleep for another day."

"I probably would if I could, but that would be sheer laziness. Besides, I've an appointment for an ultrasound later so I want to be good and awake for that."

Gemma laughs at his comment, adding, "You know you have the right to be lazy now that you're expecting. It's one of the benefits, as well as eating whatever the hell you want, and having your brother do all the work," her tone then suddenly turns serious, "I know it's not my place to say this, but I'd quit hunting altogether if I were you. In the years I've been doing this job, which feels like a hell of a long time, I've seen hunters like yourselves trying to do both their jobs and lead a normal, family life, but it just ends up tearing them apart, with or without the monsters or demons coming in the picture, but you two were lucky. You've managed to adapt to this life better than most others, outliving most hunters expectations, but that doesn't mean that it can't end badly."

She then stands up from her chair, wincing a little as her injuries choose this moment to play her up, then stopping just a foot or two in front of Sam, reaching her hand up and caressing his cheek like a mother would do, "I'm very glad that you and your baby are fine, but to ensure its safety, quit now. I can see the look in your eyes that you have something you need to finish, but I implore you, let someone else carry that burden." She then stands upright as her back's beginning to ache in its bent position, "From what I've heard about what you both have been through, you both deserve this chance for normalcy."

She then leans forward again, her hand on the back of his neck, and pulls him forward, kissing his forehead in a motherly fashion before pulling back, "It's been a pleasure working with you," she then turns to face Dean, "And you too Dean, I haven't forgotten about you," she adds with that infectious smile of hers," but I'm afraid that this is goodbye…for now at least."

This perks Dean up a little, that smirk of his forming from those beautiful lips of his, "Oh? So we'll be seeing you again then?"

"Of course," she says as she puts her hands on her hips, "but not for a while. I've got places to go, people to see, and demons to kill. You know, the usual, but don't hesitate to call me. I might be busy, but I'm sure I can spare a few for you two."

She then makes her way over to the door, opening it, but turns to face the Winchesters again instead of leaving straight the way, "I almost forgot to thank you for saving my life last night Sam. I owe you one." She smiles.

"Don't mention it. You would've done the same for either one of us," Sam replies, thumbing to himself and Dean, who's now joined him on the edge of the bed.

"In a heartbeat, darling. I've given Dean my number so don't hesitate to call me, even if it's just for a minute. It'll be nice to hear from you both every now and then. Well, I'll be seeing ya. Bye," Gemma waves goodbye to them, the brothers waving back and saying their goodbyes, promising her that they'll call any chance they get.

Once they hear Gemma's car driving off into the distance, Dean stands up from the bed, and says, "We'd best get ready for the doctor's. We've got just under half an hour before our appointment."

"Yeah, okay. Let me just take a leak, and then I'm ready to go," Sam answers, standing up from the bed, and heading rather quickly into the bathroom. While he's in there, Dean passes the time by loading the Impala with their bags, and making sure that they've got everything and that everything's been left just the way it was before they arrived. He can let the cleaners worry about the salt that's lined underneath the door and windows.

When he's finished, Sam's just closing the door behind him, flashing him the room key, and pointing in the direction of the reception area which Dean interprets means he's just taking the keys back to the desk.

As he's climbing into his car, he finds that his heart's beating a little faster, his hands a little sweaty as realization catches up to him. In about an hour's time, he'd be looking on-screen at what could be their future son or daughter, and to tell you the truth, it scared him a little. Throughout his childhood life, after the untimely murder of their Mom by Yellow Eyes, their dad had become more intent on finding the demon and killing it that he'd become more distant toward his sons so Dean had to take up the role for himself and Sam. In the end, they'd scrubbed up pretty well. Both are as stubborn as their father, but apart from that they both have their own little traits others recognise them by.

Like Sam, for instance. As he exits through the front door of the reception, grinning at him with that infectious smile, Dean can see remnants of their Mom in him, particularly with that smile, and his selfless nature to save others by any means necessary.

As he climbs into the passenger side, Dean turns the key, and the Impala roars into life, "So…are you ready to do this? See the future of the Winchester clan growing in that belly of yours?" He asks with that cheeky smirk he's always flashing from time to time, placing his hand on top of Sam's.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Sam replies, his other hand absentmindedly rubbing his little bump underneath his shirt, "I wonder if it's gonna be a boy or a girl? Also I wonder who they're gonna look like when they're finally born?" He asks, although he sounds more like he's muttering to himself.

"I don't know Sammy," Dean answers as he's pulling out of the motel parking lot, and onto the street in the direction of the hospital where Dean had booked the appointment for their first ultrasound.

The duo simply can't wait.

As they sit anxiously in the waiting room for the receptionist to call them in to see their appointed doctor, they've been discussing what they would like to have, a boy or a girl, even though they'd love it whatever gender it ends up being. Also even though it's still a little early to think about it, they've also been mulling over certain names they'd like to give them.

"Well, if it's gonna be a boy, I'd like to call him James or Chris, David or even Matthew, something that rings well with our surname," Sam replies, smile on his face, continuing to rub his stomach, just loving the feeling it gives him as he does, "And if it's a girl, I'd like to name her Lily or perhaps even Rose."

Dean huffs, "What? Name our daughter after flowers, I don't think so. I would rather have her name actually mean something other than the fact that she's named after a flower."

"Oh? Then what would you suggest, Dean?"

He doesn't answer Sam straight the way, leaning against his elbows to think of the perfect name to call his daughter, and his son for that matter. Then one pops into his head, as though it's meant to, and he smirks, falling in love with it, "Jensen."

"Jensen? You want to call our daughter Jensen?" Sam enquires with a crook of his brow, the questioning in his voice causing Dean to sit up in his chair, and look at him with uncertainty, "What? What's wrong with that? I think it's quite beautiful actually. Jensen Winchester. I like how it rolls off the tongue and it's quite a unique name."

Sam just looks at him, amazed that his brother, whose favourite hobbies are hunting, boozing, eating (especially), watching TV, and let's not forget Sex, can think up a name that's both beautiful as well as fervent.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Nothing. It's just that you can be so smart sometimes, I worry that I'm losing my touch," Sam jokes, leading Dean to slap him playfully on the shoulder, and then uttering, "Bitch," afterwards.


Just then the receptionist's voice appears on the intercom, "Sam Winchester, Dr. Kyle Eastwood would like to see you now. Room no. 9."

"That's us, Sammy," Dean replies, tapping his leg before standing up and leading the way down the corridor, Sam following shortly behind, both now anxious, but mostly excited to finally see what their baby looks like.

Reaching the door and seeing the doctor's name, Dean reaches out and knocks on it, a moment later hearing him instruct them to come in. They do, entering the small room to find Dr. Eastwood behind his desk, writing something down before his attention's fixed fully on the Winchesters.

"Please, take a seat. I'll be just a moment, just finishing my last patient's report and then we can start," he informs them as Sam and Dean take the seats offered to them opposite the good doctor.

A moment passes, which seemed like hours have passed by to the brothers, before Dr. Eastwood's signing off the report and slipping it back into the patient's file, taking a few steps to reach his filing cabinet and puts it in its rightful place in the alphabetically-ordered folders.

Now with his full attention on the brothers, he exchanges his hand, "Sorry, you had to wait there a moment, but we can now get back on schedule. I'm Dr. Eastwood and you must be Sam," he introduces himself whilst shaking his hand, "And you must be his husband, Dean. Am I right?"

"Oh no, he's not my husband. He's my brother. He's here 'cos my other half sadly can't make it so Dean's here to fill his space," Sam explains, Dean can only nod at his clarification. He also smirks at the fact that the good doctor mistook him for his husband, which is probably understandable as they've both got the same surname.

"Oh, I do apologize. It's an easy mistake to make," Dr. Eastwood replies, which Sam nods to, and carries on, "So, please excuse me for asking you this, but is this your first sonogram?"

"Yes, yes it is, Doctor," Sam answers, knowing full well that Dean's not very familiar with the term, "And I don't like to sound rude, but we're kinda on a tight schedule so would it be alright if we skip the introduction and get on with examination? I hope I'm not being to forward it's just we're really on a time limit."

They expect Dr. Eastwood to be somewhat offended with Sam's polite bluntness, but he smiles and wave it off, "Not at all, Sam. To be frankly honest, it gets a little monotonous having to explain to people the simplicity of a sonogram. Now, if you could just lie back on the recliner next to the machine, we can get this show on the road," he replies with a smile, revealing to him his immaculate teeth.

Sam does as he's told, getting up from the chair and lies back onto the examination table situated behind a white curtain and beside a contraption which's obviously used for the ultrasound. Next Dr. Eastwood takes a seat on the stool beside it, and begins the preparations.

Dean, on the other hand, stands beside Sam to his right, hands by his side, both anxious to see the evidence of their baby on the small screen, and slightly peeved because the doctor's taking so bloody long to set the machine up. He looks down at Sam who's got a nervous look on his face, and asks softly, "Are you feeling alright, Sam?"

"I'm good, Dean. A little nervous, but I guess that logical, seeing as it's my first ultrasound and all," he responds, careful not to implicate that Dean's the father of his baby. Dr. Eastwood, thankfully, is completely oblivious to their special bond as he's finished prepping the machine, "Okay, Sam. Are you ready?" He asks, picking up the tube, ready to apply it on Sam's stomach when he's ready.

Sam nods, and replies softly, "Ready as I'll ever be." This causes Dr. Eastwood to smile before asking him again, "Could you pull up your shirt and, if it's more comfortable for you, undo some of the buttons on your jeans, please?"

Sam does as he's told, and braces himself when he hears Dr. Eastwood tell him that the goo he's applying now is cold to the touch so he's been warned. Sam laughs shortly before hissing when the goo connects, which makes Dean snigger at his quick discomfort, followed by the device which will enable them to see, and hopefully hear, the baby inside Sam's stomach.

As Dr. Eastwood turns on the monitor for them to see it, Dean's breath near enough hitches when he hears the baby's heartbeat, fighting the tear that's trying to make itself known by trickling down his cheek, but ends up losing the battle anyhow.

He doesn't look at Sam when he stares up at him after hearing him trying not to cry, but he's too engrossed on the monitor to notice. Dr. Eastwood continues to move the device around until they've got a clear enough view of the baby that's been causing all of Sam's nasty cravings, and waking him up with morning sickness.

But to Dean, there appears to be something…wrong with it. When the doctor manoeuvres the device so that they can get a clearer view of its small head, they find that it's got two, and its heartbeat sounds like it's beating as fast as a hummingbird when it's in flight.

Oh god! It's not a demon, is it? If it is, this guy's going to totally freak! Dean's mind can't help, but question as Dr. Eastwood just smiles, not totally freaked out by this freakish phenomenon, "Well Sam, I'm happy to inform you that you're going to be having twins. Hear their heartbeats? That's definitely a good sign, and you won't need to worry about miscarrying…"

And as the good doctor continues to elucidate them about what they're seeing on the monitor, Sam and, especially, just stare at it in shock, not really taking in what he's telling them about their babies and their stage of development. Without really thinking about it, Sam reaches out, and holds onto Dean's hand, who squeezes it gently in response.

All Dean can say afterwards, which he doesn't really have to because it's written all over his face, is, "…twins?"

Author's Note: I'm so sorry for taking a while to do this chapter, but shit just keeps happening in my life that causes me to lose focus on my stories. Recently, my job had been under threat with redundancies and, thankfully, my position was safe as well as 4 others, but the other 4 sadly had to be made redundant. As we're a tight-knit family, it struck us all hard and it still does to be honest, but it's life, and we all have to move on.

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