A Fine Memory

A Sirius Black love story

Chapter 1: Prelude

It had been a year since the final battle at Hogwarts had been fought by Harry Potter and Voldemort. Classes had once again started up at Hogwarts, and once more, young witches and wizards had filled the recently repaired walls of the grand castle.

Outside of the castle, Harry Potter found himself walking beside a middle-aged witch who still had much of her youthful beauty. The woman beside him, who walked with her hands clasped behind her back, was petite with long, raven black hair tied back in a simple white ribbon, and deep blue eyes. She remained silent for a while as they made their way around the castle's grounds.

"Let's take a seat," Harry said, nodding to a tree that gave off shade a few feet away from them. "I'm sure first-years and students taking the O.W.L.s can be tiring."

The woman laughed as she sat against the trunk of the tree and rolled her eyes at Harry. "I'm not that old, Harry. Besides, I've been through much worse than first-years and examinations."

Harry smiled lightly, knowing all to well what she meant. Even now, a year later, daily life almost seemed too easy, especially for those that were close to the battle and had lost loved ones because of Voldemort. It had been three years since Harry had lost his godfather Sirius Black, and it had been three years since he has known the woman sitting beside him: Niccola Reinhart, who now went by Niccola Black, his godmother.

"I'm looking forward to the summer holidays," Niccola said leisurely as she picked a fallen leaf off of her shoulder. "I feel like I haven't spent any time with my daughter and I feel like a bad mum for it. I've been so busy with the school and the ministry, I feel as though I barely see her. I am so thankful for you and Ginny to watch Alexandria for me. Even so, it's not right. I should be with her, she's only a tiny thing, nearly three years old..."

Harry touched Niccola's arm gently. "You are a good mum," he said reassuringly. "Alexandria knows that you love her, and one day when she is older, she will be able to understand all that you have done for the wizarding world. Besides, she's busy helping out with baby Teddy."

"Thanks," Niccola said with a small smile, hoping that the young man beside her was right. "Still, I hope that things will slow down even more. I wish Sirius could see her, she's getting so big. She's like him in so many ways, too. I miss him so much..."

Harry nodded silently as his godmother's blue eyes closed. There was no doubt that she was daydreaming of her daughter and of Sirius, together and happy at last. Harry also missed his godfather very much, there was a dull ache in his heart every time he thought of Sirius Black.

"Niccola," Harry said, when he saw that her eyes were open once more. "What were they like when you were in Hogwarts? My mum, my dad, Sirius, Remus, and you. I've never had the chance to ask you how it was when you were growing up." Still, Harry thirsted for knowledge about his parents and Sirius, a thirst that he doubted would ever be satiated.

Niccola laughed at Harry's question, and Harry smiled to himself, glad to see that the light in her eyes brightened with the memories of her youth. "Well," she started, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "James and Sirius were very arrogant and proud and extremely rude. They were like the Weasley twins, they played pranks on everyone, but all in good fun, never to truly harm others. For a time, I hated Sirius, but he, James, Remus, and even your mother convinced me otherwise. They were smart, they were good at school. They were also very good men, as I'm sure you've heard, Harry. They were extremely brave. To those they loved, they were very loyal and would do anything for them. Your mother was the same way. She was a sweet girl, my very best friend, and she might as well have been my sister, just as Sirius might as well have been James' brother. She was very intelligent and kind to everyone. However, she could be a prick, always following the rules. She still knew how to have fun. From time to time we would play pranks on your father and godfather. Remus was very much like Lily, kind and reserved. He attempted to keep the terrible duo in line, but it never worked. Usually what happened, was whenever they got together, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter, there was always a riot and they always made everyone laugh."

Harry laughed out loud at Niccola's description. Never had he heard someone describe his parents like that. One thing that she said had caught his attention. "If you hated Sirius so much then why--" Harry trailed off, unsure of how to word that.

Niccola smiled. "How did I manage to fall in love with a twit like him?"

Harry nodded.

Niccola grinned again. "It's a long story, it starts a little before I started at Hogwarts..."

Harry leaned against the tree and rested his arms on his knees. "I've got time," he assured her.

Niccola nodded and closed her eyes, thinking of where she should begin her tale of her youth...

Author's Notes:

Okay, so, this is chapter one of my new Sirius story! As the chapter title suggests, this is only a prelude. The rest of the story will be about Niccola's past, a story that pretty much follows her and the Marauders' gang including Lily. Snape will be there too! So, I hope you like my story, and I thank you for taking time to reading it!

If you didn't like this chapter then I suggest reading the next where it will start off when Niccola is eleven and entering Hogwarts for the first time. =]