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Chapter 17:


I felt unsettled.

Something wasn't right.

My visions felt off and when this happened I knew something was up. I stood looking out my bedroom window looking into the vast scenery of the forest. Something was out there.

"What's wrong Darling?" I felt Jaspers arms wrap around my waist. I would say nothing's wrong but that would be no use when having a husband who can sense moods and emotions.

"I don't feel right Jasper. My visions aren't clear, I feel like someone's…"

"Someone's what?" he's Asked me impatiently.

"Like someone's trying to trick me."

It was then I got the first clear vision I had in hours.

A group moving. Moving fast. Vampires. All in black cloaks. They were moving through some sort of woods or forest. I recognised that forest. They were in Forks! The cloaked figures stopped in front of the house. The one in front removed his hood.

It was Aro.

They were coming now.


How had I denied myself this?

Bella was the love of my life. And what we were about to do was natural. God wouldn't have denied this himself if it was offered to him.

Her legs where wrapped around my waist, her top discarded on our bedroom floor a while ago. Her skin was so soft and warm. And she was all mine.

"Edward please I need you!" She moaned in my ear.

"You can have me Bella." I whispered in her ear.

Nothing could change my mind. My mind was so wrapped up in Bella it was like the house was empty. It was because of this I had the disadvantage of being snuck up on in over a hundred years.

Bella squealed and jumped under the covers when an intruder entered our bedroom.

I looked up to find a frantic Alice with an even worse looking Jasper behind her.

"Alice what the hell do you think you are doing?" I all but screamed at her. I knew something was wrong buy the fact that Jasper hadn't immediately jumped down my throat for shouting at his wife.

"Edward their coming!" She screamed at me in a pitch that wouldn't reach human ears.

"Who Alice? Who's coming?" I shook her small shoulders.

"The Volturi, Edward! The Volturi's coming!"

I didn't notice it until then but the entire family were all cramped up in mine and Bella's bedroom. I turned round to find Bella looking frantic with Esme's arm wrapped around her as she tried to sooth her daughter.

"What's going on Mom?" She asked but I could hear the tremble in her voice.

"It's going to be fine Bella. Everything is going to be alright." She soothed although her voice expressed an entirely different thing.

"Carlisle what do we do?" I pleaded with him.

"Everyone calm down immediately." His voice held authority. "Everybody get dressed and meet me in the living room now."

Everybody left our room just as instantly as they came. I walked over to Bella to find here trembling on out bed.

"Why are they coming here now Edward? What's going to happen?" She asked me. I pulled her to my chest and wrapped the cover around her.

"Bella nothing is going to happen to you. Do you understand me?" She nodded against my chest.

I wouldn't let anything happen to her. Not if it killed me.

After calming Bella down. I helped her get dressed and we met the rest of the family down stairs. After learning of the legion in Bella does family know the Volturi where coming here it was obviously going to stir things up in our family.

What could they want? Did they know about the legend?

Emmett was stood with a protective stance in front of Rosalie ready to face anything. Esme was the picture of calm but one again her mind told a different story.

Emmett was stood with a protective stance in front of Rosalie ready to face anything. Esme was the picture of calm but one again her mind told a different story.

Try and keep calm Edward. We don't want to freak Bella out to much.

I nodded in her direction to signal that I had heard her and felt the same.

"Alice when do you see them coming?" Carlisle asked her.

"I don't know. It keeps changing, sometimes its next week, next month or tomorrow." You could hear the agitation in her voice. No one had out smarted Alice before and it nerved her to think someone could.

"For all we know this could be just a friendly visit." He reasoned with her.

"Volturi? Friendly visit? I don't think it's possible to use those words in the same sentence Carlisle." Rosalie huffed from behind Emmett.

"Something's not right about this." Emmett said.

"Oh my God!" Alice gasped.

"What? What is it Alice?" Jasper shook her.

"They're here. They arrive in two minutes."

If my heart was beating I knew in that second it would drop. My instinct took over and I rushed to Bella's side. I couldn't think.

After all these years of being alone was it going to end that I had the one thing I loved more than anything tragically taken away from me.

I looked up at that moment through the glass wall in the living room leading to the vast field at the back of the house. I could see them. They had just reached the end of the forest line. By the sound of Bella's heart rate she too had noticed them.

"Come on." Carlisle sighed. "Let's go greet our guests."

As we walked out on the field I couldn't rest. My mind was search everywhere looking for ways to grab my love and run for it. But each was I could reach a safe ending for us.

"Carlisle my friend. It's been years." Aro's voice projected out to us all.

"Yes friend it has. What brings you here today?" Carlisle replied in a friendly tone.

Aro chuckled. "Well Carlisle I came to collect what was mine?"

Bella gulped and several members of the family hissed at his answer.

"And what would that be?" He asked in a calm tone.

However Aro ignored his question.

"Why Bella you look the very same as you did in the vision you're your great grandfather showed me years ago." He smirked.

I growled and spun Bella so she was behind me.

"Aro you can't do this!" I could hear the desperate plea in Carlisle's voice. The desperation in hoping to keep his daughter safe.

"She was promised to me and I am just collecting what I was promised." He sneered.

I lost control and ran towards him.

"NOOOOOO!" I screeched.

"Jane." Instantly there was a girl beside him and I was knocked on my knees buy the sheer pain she inflicted on me.

"Noooo! Stop it! Stop hurting him please!" Bella screamed whilst Alice held her back.

"Come with us willingly Bella and your family will be unhurt." Aro tried to reason with her.

"Bella no don't do it." I screamed at her but it turned to a gasp as more pain erupted through my body.

"Please, please I'll go just stop hurting him." She screamed.

"Alec?" Aro smirked whilst looking at her.

I knew that name. Rumour ran around through Vampire to Vampire of a new addition to the Volturi many years ago. When I met his gaze I knew the rumours to be true. Alec could freeze the senses in your body and hold you like a statue.

I had just pulled myself to my feet when I felt it. It started from my toes and moved up until I couldn't move. The only senses working was my hearing and my vision.

Bella ran until she was in front of me. I knew then my family was in the same state as I was. If I had the ability to cry I knew I would have.

"Edward I love you so much. I know you would have done the same." She was crying and it killed me not to be able to pull her into my arms.

She reached to her arm and pulled of her engagement ring.

My mind was screamed to her to stop.

"I love you Edward." She reached up and kissed my lips before placing the ring in my pocket.

"Felix." Aro requested. I hissed in anger to myself as he picked up my love and carried her away.

That was the moment my life fell apart.

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